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September 25, 2017

While the number of smokers has been decreasing over recent years, there are still quite a few people who simply can’t seem to quit despite knowing all of the health risks. It can be extremely hard to quit smoking, even with the help of smoking-cessation tools such as nicotine gum, patches, behavioral therapy, and more. In addition, many people are able to quit can cosmetic surgery help you quit smokingtemporarily, but resume at a later date.

Recent research has discovered a surprising way that people are...

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August 22, 2017

Facelifts are the second most popular type of facial plastic surgery procedure, second only to rhinoplasty. However, did you know that there are different kinds of facelifts? Facial surgery is highly customizable, and the right type of surgery should be chosen to best meet your goals.what is the best kind of facelift

Here at Associates in Plastic Surgery, we offer many types of facelift procedures in New Jersey and Staten Island. Our mission is to help you look your very best in the most natural manner possible, so...

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August 15, 2017

Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures, especially among post-pregnancy women. It has a very high satisfaction rate, and a 97% "worth it" rating on RealSelf.who is a good abdominoplasty candidate new jersey

A tummy tuck can help you tone and tighten your abdomen, reducing excess skin and fat for a slimmer, more contoured look. Although it is most popular in women wanting to restore their pre-baby body with a "mommy makeover" and people who have lost a...

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July 27, 2017

Mommy makeovers have long been popular among women, but lately dads have started getting plastic surgery procedures as well. The stress of working and raising kids takes a toll on dad as well as mom, and as cosmetic surgery becomes more advanced and requires less recovery time, dads are realizing that they can take advantage and look better.common men's plastic surgery procedures new jersey

Men's Top Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery

Some of the most common reasons dads opt for plastic surgery include:

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July 25, 2017

The number of men seeking plastic surgery procedures has risen dramatically over the past decade, and rhinoplasty tops the list of the most sought after facial procedure for men. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' annual report, over 55,000 men had rhinoplasty surgery in 2016.

Male rhinoplasty differs from female rhinoplasty in that the nose needs to be reshaped with certain considerations in mind, in order to create a strong and masculine final result. When considering a nose job as a man, it's incredibly important to find a plastic surgeon who has performed male nose surgery and knows how to achieve a masculine aesthetic....

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July 20, 2017

Liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are both used to contour the abdomen, but whereas a tummy tuck removes both excess skin and fat, liposuction only removes fat. People sometimes are not sure which procedure is best to get the results they want, so we've put together this infographic highlighting some of the main differences. 

If you are interested in learning more about tummy tuck or liposuction, call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 880-860-1435 to schedule your complimentary consultation. We serve patients across New Jersey and Staten Island, New York. 


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July 18, 2017

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2016 eyelid surgery was the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure, both in America and across the globe. It's easy to see why - the eyes are one of the most important aspects of the face, and rejuvenating the eye area can help brighten and revitalize your entire facial appearance.what is a blepharoplasty new jersey

Eyelid rejuvenation, also called blepharoplasty or eye lift, encompasses two different procedures.

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July 07, 2017

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons annual report, these were the top 4 plastic surgery procedures among men in 2016:

Rhinoplasty Blepharoplasty Male breast reduction Liposuction

Flip through this slideshare to learn more about each procedure. If you're interested in scheduling a consultation, call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 800-860-1435. We serve Staten Island, NY as well as Edison, Marlboro, and Warren, NJ. 


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June 28, 2017

Edison, Warren, Marlboro - Spring is the perfect time to start trimming down and shaping up for beach season. So, who’s ready? Once you reach a certain age, your body starts to slow down its metabolism so that your regular diet and exercise regimen just doesn’t work as well. Everyone has tried the shakes and the 10-minute work outs, but they never really work, so we can be left hopeless and unsure of where to go next. That’s where a little medical boost can help achieve the body that you are working so hard to get by eating healthy and exercising.


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June 19, 2017

Summer is here, and many people are spending more time outdoors. This means more exposure to the sun, and a potentially higher risk of sunburns and skin cancer - not to mention, if you don't properly protect yourself, you're speeding up the process of aging on your skin. Visible signs of age such as wrinkles and dark spots appear much more quickly the more time you spend unprotected in the sun.

Take our quiz to find out how much you know about protecting your skin from the sun!