Body Surgery in New Jersey & Staten Island

Body Contouring Surgery in New JerseyA sleek, toned, tight body is a priority for many of our New Jersey patients. And while diet and exercise are crucial to achieving this goal, plastic surgery can help if these two fundamental steps aren’t getting you all the way there.

If you’re like many of our patients, you live a healthy lifestyle- you eat well and you work out. But genetics and other unfortunate circumstances often conspire to leave you with a body that doesn’t reflect your level of energy and health. Our board-certified plastic surgeons can help.

If you live in or near the state of New Jersey or in Staten Island, NY and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at (732) 548-3200.

Plastic Surgery Procedures for Your Body

We offer a range of procedures, all of which have impressive safety records and proven histories of success. We can perform:

  • Liposuction: A safe, short and simple procedure, liposuction removes stubborn deposits of fat from a range of treatment areas, including the chest, abdomen, legs and arms. There are also variations on the procedure, including SmartLipo™ and ultrasonic liposuction, that reduce recovery time and trauma to surrounding tissue.
  • Tummy tuck: A flabby stomach, often the result of pregnancy or significant weight loss, is a significant cosmetic issue. But with a tummy tuck, our board-certified plastic surgeons can remove excess fat and skin and tighten loose abdominal muscles.
  • Arm lift/Thigh lift: Significant weight loss is great for your health and your appearance. But it can leave you with unsightly flaps of skin on your arms and legs. With an arm lift or thigh lift, we can remove excess, hanging skin, toning the treatment area and tightening the skin.
  • Body lift: Similarly, these issues often affect the abdominal area. Our plastic surgeons can perform a body lift to remove excess skin that circles around the stomach to the back area.
  • Buttock enhancement surgery: Filling out bikini bottoms or a pair of jeans is a significant priority for many of our New Jersey patients. We offer a range of buttock enhancement procedures, including implants and the Brazilian butt lift, to enhance and augment the appearance, size and shape of your buttocks.
  • Body building implants: Through the implantation of safe, well-designed implants, we can enhance the size and appearance of your biceps, calves or pectoral muscles. These implants are grouped under the category of “body building implants.”
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Abdominal Etching
  • Male enhancement surgery
  • Female enhancement surgery

If you’re a New Jersey or Staten Island resident looking for a plastic surgeon who will listen to your goals and help you find the procedure that’s right for you, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at (732) 548-3200 or contact us online.