Cheeklift and Threadlift Surgery in NJ & Staten Island

Cheeklift NJ | Threadlift Surgery Staten IslandThe cheeks begin to fall as aging occurs and as gravity weighs us down. This produces heavy areas in two main places. First, extra tissue gathers at the line between the nose and lips called the nasolabial crease. Second, bags form near the eyes in the area of the cheekbone. Also, as the facial tissue droops, the bone around the eyes becomes more apparent. All of these things contribute to a less youthful look.

A regular facelift does not address these problems well, and while the cheeks may look better immediately after a facelift, in a few months they look the same as before the procedure. A facelift is done primarily to improve the lower cheek, jawline, and neck.

A cheeklift specifically addresses the areas of the cheek that need improvement, and three different procedures are performed:

Nonsurgical Cheeklift

ThreadLift | Associates in Plastic Surgery - NJSutures are placed under the skin of the face, neck, and eyebrow to lift sagging tissues and produce a fresh appearance without major surgery or anesthesia. We’ve been doing this procedure for several years, and we’ve noted great long-term improvement in that time.

Threadlift can easily be performed with fat injection, upper eyelid surgery, and chemical peels, all under local anesthesia, to provide youthful rejuvenation.

Subperiosteal Cheeklift

A small incision is made in each temporal hairline, so no scar can be seen on the face. Endoscopic cameras and instruments are used to elevate the tissues and raise the cheeks to their natural location. This procedure is best for bags that occur over the cheekbone next to the eyes.

Percutaneous Cheeklift

A small incision is made in the hairline, and two tiny incisions are made in the nasolabial fold. Stitches are then passed through the incisions to grasp the extra cheek tissue and elevate it to a better position. This procedure is best for cheek heaviness at the nasolabial folds.

A cheeklift can be performed with other procedures in our private surgical center. Fat injection further improves the nasolabial folds as well as other areas of the cheeks and face. Our plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure that best suites you.

Recovery After Cheeklift/Threadlift

After surgery, patients will develop some swelling and bruising, but minimal pain. Cold compresses will help the swelling, which will start to improve in a couple days. The swelling for a threadlift or percutaneous cheeklift will typically last 7 days, while the swelling from the subperiosteal cheeklift will last 10-14 days. Regular activity can be resumed in 1-2 weeks. Since the incisions are hidden, it should be difficult for anyone to notice you had surgery performed. You will just look nicely refreshed.

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