Chin & Cheek Implants Q & A

Q: Cosmetic chin surgery – what are my options?

A: Chin augmentation is an excellent way to balance your facial features. It is an easy procedure that can be done under local anesthesia, while a sliding genioplasty is more involved and slightly more risky.

The chin implant should only minimally change your front view unless you are trying to lengthen the vertical height of the chin, which the genioplasty can do a little more effectively. Neither procedure should affect your facial motion. Most people simply need more projection and the implant is definitely my preferred procedure for that.

It is normal to have concerns about implants, but infection is rare and they essentially become part of the body after they become encased in collagen. The implant is placed over your existing bone structure of your lower jaw to increase dimensions and will produce an excellent result.

If you are still having concerns about the procedure, please speak with your surgeon, and he/she will help you resolve any questions. The experienced physicians at Associates in Plastic Surgery are always ready to assist patients. Please call (732) 548-3200 free today.