Eyelid Surgery Q & A

Q: What brow lift options are just as effective as a face lift to get rid of droopy eyelids?

A: When evaluating droopy eyelids, it is important to determine if the problem is excess skin on the upper eyelids, a droopy brow, or both. If the problem is simply lines on your forehead, I would suggest BOTOX® to give a smooth appearance. For excess skin on the upper lid, a blepharoplasty would freshen the lids nicely, while a browlift would be performed for a droopy brow. They can both be performed at the same time if necessary.

BOTOX® can give a little lift of the eyebrows, but the surgery gives a better result. A facelift will do nothing for the brow or upper lids. Be sure to discuss your concerns with a board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon.

Q: For how long do I have to use a sunscreen on my upper eyelid surgery scars?

A: Care is needed with your blepharoplasty incision because it is a very sensitive area. Following a blepharoplasty, sunscreen is very important because the sun can make the incision more red or dark in color, which can take several months to resolve. You should apply it frequently on your upper eye lids for a period of 6 months after surgery.