Juvederm™ Q & A

Q: Severe neurological symptoms after Juvederm: What can I do?

A: Juvederm™ injections would be highly unlikely to result in neurological symptoms. The substance is totally natural and doesn’t affect the nerves. There are possible side effects that can occur such as bruising, and even skin problems such as skin loss in an extreme situation, but not what you are describing. Seeing an additional physician is mandatory, and further testing will be required so a diagnosis can be indentified. Make an appointment immediately to continue your evaluation, but these symptoms would not due to the Juvederm.

Q: Compared to other fillers, what are the pros and cons of Juvederm?

A: Juvederm™ is a great filler, but there are other procedures that can be done. Radiesse is another injectable that is used to fill in the nasolabial folds that typically lasts about 12 months, while Juvederm™ lasts about 8 months. Fat harvest and injection, using your own fat, may give a more permanent result. All of the procedures will give you immediate results. Contact your facial plastic surgeon to discuss these options with him.

Q: Juvederm™ lip injections – 3 days later, barely a difference?

A: Juvederm™ results last anywhere from six to nine months. The results are usually natural, and seen immediately. Your body absorbs the hyaluronic acid over time so the injections must be repeated periodically to maintain the refreshed look.

Your results definitely show enhancement, but it is important to remember that the most important part of the plastic surgery process is communication. Therefore it is vital that you go back to see your plastic surgeon and communicate your desires, and let him see if more filler is needed.

Q: I had a facelift 4 years ago and don’t want another one, What can I do to help sagging?

A: A key thing to understand is that as a person ages, volume is lost in the face. That contributes to things such as jowling or folds around the mouth. So instead of surgery, if you do things to restore the volume then you can look rejuvenated.

Alternative options instead of a facelift to treat the jowl area are injectables such as Juvederm™ and Radiesse. These are an affordable, noninvasive temporary solution. Another possibility is fat injections.

Injecting fat is a minor procedure that is easy to go through under local anesthesia to harvest the fat, usually from the upper thigh area. The fat is then injected into the nasal labial folds, and is built up over a period of a year.

You also might be a great candidate for Sculptra. Sculptra works by a series of injections over time that stimulates your body’s own collagen production.

Consult your board certified facial plastic surgeon to see what option would provide the best results for you. Call Associates in Plastic Surgery at (732) 548-3200 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation in New Jersey or Staten Island.