Radiesse Q & A

Q: Swelling, bruising and uneven shaped cheeks and chin after Radiesse?

A: It is perfectly normal for some patients to experience swelling and bruising after a Radiesse injection while other patients may have none at all. Most swelling subsides in 24-36 hours after the injection but if a small hematoma was created it may take a week or so.

Unfortunately there is no great way to speed up the healing. If you keep your head elevated and use cold compresses that can improve things quicker. You may also notice some redness, and possibly some tenderness at the injection site. Be sure to stay in contact with your physician for any continued concerns.

Q: What are the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction to Radiesse?

A: An allergic reaction to a Radiesse injection does not occur because it is not a reactive substance and is truly biocompatible. There are, however, possible side effects that can occur. These side effects include swelling, bruising, mild irritation and redness (that may look like an allergic reaction), and tenderness.

Rarely, if the Radiesse is injected into a blood vessel, it can cause significant problems with the skin in that area. However, if the injector is performing the procedure properly, this should occur very rarely. When doing this procedure, make sure to find an experienced physician who injects fillers on a regular basis. If done correctly, the results should be excellent.

Q: Radiesse in the nose?

A: Using Radiesse to adjust the results of a rhinoplasty can be done effectively if performed by a knowledgeable rhinoplasty surgeon. Injecting small amounts of Radiesse into the nasal area to plump up the indented area, is a cost effective and less invasive method to fix the problem area.

The cost of a Radiesse injection to the nose is about $1,000 in comparison to about $7,000 to $10,000 for rhinoplasty. Radiesse is approved by the FDA for injecting into facial wrinkles, and it can be used as an off-label injection for the nose. Silicone may also be used for small indentations. Consult your facial plastic surgeon to see your best options.

Q: Is nasolabial bruising common after Radiesse?

A: While uncommon, swelling and bruising are a perfectly normal reaction when having Radiesse injections. The swelling is usually minimal and subsides within 24-36 hours. Bruising, however can take a few days, depending on how quickly it resolves. If your bruising and swelling does not subside in a week, be sure to make an appointment with your surgeon to discuss your options