Laser Resurfacing - Laser Wrinkle Removal in New Jersey & Staten Island

NJ Laser Wrinkle Removal | Staten Island Laser Resurfacing As the skin ages, there is a loss of elasticity and jumbling of the collagen that results in wrinkles and loose skin. Also, sun exposure, hormones, and genetic factors can cause dark spots and other irregularites.

The physics of the laser is such that it is fine tuned to the skin. Therefore it is able to vaporize the outer layer of the skin while reorganizing the collagen fibers, after which the fresh new skin is able to heal.

Laser Resurfacing

We use the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser which can smooth facial wrinkle irregularities and blotchiness. It is especially effective for frown lines around the mouth and lips and the “crow’s feet” around the eyes. The procedure can be done under IV sedation for your comfort and recovery is about 10 days, after which make-up can be applied.

This is the heaviest procedure which can produce excellent results.

Fraxel Laser

The Fraxel laser is a revolutionary treatment used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes resulting in smoother, fresher looking skin with improved tone and texture. Also great for treating acne scars and skin resurfacing.

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