Skin Peels in New Jersey & Staten Island

Medium Depth Chemical Peels

Our medium depth peels include TCA and/or Jessner’s peels. These procedures involve placing a chemical on the face using Q-tips. The outer layer of old skin is removed, leaving a clean refreshed layer to heal in about 5 days.

This procedure in done in an office setting with no anesthesia and be very effective for light wrinkles and spots.

Light Peels

Light peels can be performed with either a glycolic acid formulation or with Power Peel (microdermabrasion), which utilizes tiny crystals to gently smooth the skin. These peels require no downtime and provide a cumulative effect, so a nice improvement in the skin tone and pores should be seen after 8-10 treatments. Then a light peel can be performed on an as-needed basis to maintain the result.

The plastic surgeons at Associates in Plastic Surgery will determine the best procedure for your needs and give you a nice, natural improvement. For a free consultation please call (732) 548-3200 or contact our Staten Island or New Jersey offices online.