Spider Veins Removal in New Jersey & Staten Island

Spider Vein Removal - Sclerotherapy | Associates in Plastic SurgerySmall spider veins on the leg are removed with a series of injections called sclerotherapy, where fluid is injected into the small veins to occlude them and make them disappear. An excellent result can be achieved over a few sessions in capable hands, and we perform this procedure regularly. A laser may sometimes be used in certain situations, but sclerotherapy remains the gold standard, because it better deals with the presence different sized vessels and the risk of scarring is much lower.

Spider veins around the nose and on the cheeks are also a common problem. These can be treated with a light laser procedure or with a photofacial, also known as intense pulse light (IPL) therapy. An IPL is also effective in treating the small vessels that occur on the cheeks in rosacea patients. The light blanches the vessels over the course of about three treatments and provides a nice result with minimal to no down time.

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