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Strange as the name sounds, a Vampire Facial is one of the most exciting new developments in aesthetics. The treatment produces significant improvements in skin quality.

During a Vampire Facial, microneedling is combined with the healing powers of PRP, or platelet rich plasma. The treatment works to smooth and firm your facial skin naturally – without the need for a facelift or other more invasive treatments.

Best Candidates for a Vampire Facial

The non-surgical nature of a Vampire Facial means that it is highly beneficial for all skin types and colors. You may consider microneedling with PRP if you experience:

  • Fine lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Enlarged pores
  • Scarring from injuries or acne
  • Sagging skin on face or neck
  • Rough texture or dull facial skin

Virtually any adult who wants to improve the look and feel of their skin is a candidate. Multiple treatments may be required to achieve optimum results. You should be committed to a healthy skin regimen to maintain the results of a Vampire Facial.

The procedure is not recommended for those who take certain medications or live with some serious health conditions. Your medical history will be reviewed during your initial consultation to ensure the treatment is safe for you.

What is PRP?

Quite simply, platelet rich plasma (PRP) harnesses the healing powers of your own body. Your blood contains healing compounds and growth factors that trigger cell growth and health, and regenerate tissue. For many years PRP has been utilized to speed the healing of sports injuries and a wide range of other medical applications. More recently, PRP has begun to make waves in the world of aesthetics, and at Associates in Plastic Surgery, we offer this groundbreaking facial treatment.

How the Procedure Works

Once you arrive for your Vampire Facial, a small sample of your blood will be drawn, similar to a standard blood test. The PRP is extracted from this small blood sample with a centrifuge. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes of processing in the centrifuge to create the concentration of PRP needed for the Vampire Facial.

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A small handheld device with a grouping of tiny needles is used for the microneedling treatment. The device will be passed over your skin, focusing on the areas that need improvement. The needles in the device make tiny channels in the skin, or micro-injuries, that serve to jumpstart the body’s natural healing process. Microneedling works to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production in your skin for a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Once the microneedling treatment is complete, the PRP is applied to the treated areas. The substance is absorbed through the channels into the deeper layers of skin. The concentrated growth factors in PRP work to further encourage tissue regeneration.

What will recovery be like after a Vampire Facial?

Recovery is very minimal after a Vampire Facial. You will likely be able to return to your everyday activities, including exercise and make-up, after one or two days. You may have some redness or tenderness during the first day of recovery with a sensation similar to a sunburn.

Any redness subsides quickly, and many patients see immediate results in a restored glow – but the results don’t stop there. The new collagen production continues to firm, lift, and tighten your skin as the natural regeneration process continues, typically for up to three months after your treatment.

Expected Results

Collagen and elastin will give your skin a supple and soft feel and a firmer texture. Many people notice an overall evening of skin tone, smaller pores, and a smoothing and firming of fine lines. The generation of new tissue leaves your skin looking uncommonly refreshed and can take years off your appearance.

A brighter, smoother complexion will help you feel confident and look younger. A Vampire Facial can also be easily paired with other cosmetic procedures or skin treatments to further improve facial skin quality and appearance.

  • No incisions
  • Quick recovery
  • Minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Highly customizable
  • Short treatment time
  • Few side effects

Benefits of a Vampire Facial

A Vampire Facial is completely autologous, which means it comes from your own body. The all-natural treatment has a very low risk of infection or complications as it utilizes your body’s own growth factors without the use of any other products or chemicals. Other benefits include:

  • No incisions
  • Quick recovery
  • Minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Highly customizable
  • Short treatment time
  • Few side effects

The procedure is a non-surgical alternative to a facelift for those who do not want to undergo a surgical procedure or more aggressive treatment and want to keep the facial skin supple and healthy in the most natural way. The procedure can also be repeated as needed so you can enjoy smoother, rejuvenated, healthy facial skin with a natural, minimally-invasive Vampire Facial.


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