Fat Transfer Q & A

Q: What exactly is the solution they inject under the skin in mesotherapy?

A: Mesotherapy solutions can vary widely from practice to practice and there are no set components. Some of the most commonly used solutions are hylauronic acid, phosphatidyl choline, other enzymes, and amino acids. There is not a large amount of research delineating the safety of Mesotherapy, but in general, all of these solutions are natural and safe.

Mesotherapy is intended to dissolve and reduce unwanted areas of fat. It is only useful for small areas, however, and liposuction would be needed to create a nice effect when large fatty areas are present. Usually several sessions are recommended to achieve the desired outcome. Injections are relatively painless, and the potential side effects are limited to minor swelling and soreness, burning, minor skin discoloration and a slight risk of infection.

Q: Does freezeing fat for a second fat transfer work, or are all the cells usually dead?

A: Having fat injections is a great non-invasive procedure to smooth out that the nasolabial folds. Your doctor will take out your fat and then process it for your first injection and then freezer storage. Fat stays “fresh” in the freezer for one year so enough is taken out to use throughout the year.

Subsequent injections are normally done every 8-10 weeks. After each injection your fat will build up more and more to create a long lasting result, smoothing out the folds over the year. Make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to see if you are a candidate for this procedure.

Q: Are there any safe temporary fillers for the butt?

A: Unfortunately there are no FDA approved fillers designed for the buttock. Usually, more volume is needed than most injectables will give. If you don’t have enough fat to fill out your buttocks nicely, you would need a surgical procedure which may include buttock implants and possibly a lift.

Q: Should I consider fat injection?

A: The procedure of liposuctioning fat from an area and harvesting for injections into the face is a simple procedure with little down time, that gives you beautiful results. After having the first procedure, your thigh will be slightly swollen and possibly bruised. Your doctor will also inject the fat into your face at the same time and you may have minimal swelling.

Some patients may get a little bruising especially around the eyes that will diminish within a few days. Without bruising, by the next day no one should notice you had anything done. Additional injections should be done around 8-10 weeks later, with similar reactions.

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