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Millennials Are Undergoing More Plastic Surgery

We tend to associate plastic surgery with older patients- people of a certain age who are looking to reverse time, or at least slow it down. But as a local CBS News story documents, an increasing percentage of cosmetic surgery patients are in their 20’s.

According to the story, patients in their 20’s now make up 10 percent of the population undergoing plastic surgery, doubled what it was from just a couple years ago. Plastic surgeons quoted in the piece say that Millennials tend to favor:

Millennials are arguably the first generation to grow up in a society where plastic surgery was a normal aspect of day-to-day life, where prominent public figures spoke honestly about undergoing cosmetic procedures. As such, it’s probably not surprising that they’re willing to embrace plastic surgery.

Why are millennials considering plastic surgery at greater rates?

Why are millennials considering plastic surgery at greater rates?

As an Internet-savvy generation, Millennials are uniquely positioned to research potential plastic surgeons and procedures, enabling them to find properly trained, educated and experienced providers who take their health and well-being seriously.

Whatever your age, you always want to look your best. Plastic surgery is now capable of addressing a huge range of common cosmetic concerns, eliminating frequent frustrations and leaving you with an increased sense of confidence and self-esteem.

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The Miracle of Plastic Surgery

We all know the advantages that cosmetic surgery can give us today. Whether you’re trying to reverse your facial aging with a facelift, or if you just want a larger bust or behind, we constantly see the work of plastic surgery on television, in magazines and on social media sites. Changing your look to improve an aspect of yourself is becoming part of the norm. However, an amazing aspect of plastic surgery is the ability to use it as a way to regain a normal life after a traumatic accident.

Plastic surgery can help after a horrific trauma

Plastic surgery can help after a horrific trauma

For eight year old Dunia, a typical day turned into a nightmare when his brother, cousin and him were attacked and mauled by a group of chimpanzees. Unfortunately, Dunia was the only one of the three to survive. Lucky as it may seem, Dunia now suffered from a severe disfigurement to his face due to the traumatic event. His lips had been ripped off and his one cheek torn apart, leaving Dunia with muscle and nerve damage. This made it nearly impossible for him to speak, eat or swallow.

Thanks to the amazing possibilities with plastic and reconstructive surgery today, Dunia is set to undergo an eight-hour operation at a Long Island hospital that will use tissue and muscle from his forearm to recreate both lips.

Dunia has been the target of bullies ever since the incident due to his appearance and is more than happy at a chance to regain a normal life. According to an article on Fox 5 News, the Long Island hospital is covering the cost of the surgery, and the doctors are all donating their time.

“This story is a great example of how plastic surgery can be used to do great things and affect people’s lives during a time that nothing else could fix,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in NJ. “People usually think plastic surgery is just for changing their appearance when in fact it is used for important reconstructive procedures every day.”

Kim Zolciak Discusses Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery

Kim Zolciak, a star of the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta, posted a picture on Instagram in which she opened up about undergoing a tummy tuck.

A story from E! discusses the post and further chronicles Zolciak’s history of openly talking about undergoing plastic surgery. According to E!, Zolciak credits her tummy tuck for her tight, toned look after giving birth to twins.

Zolciak has also undergone multiple breast augmentations and told a news outlet in 2009 that she saw no problem with BOTOX® injections.

It’s good to see prominent public figures openly discussing plastic surgery, as such conversations tend to de-stigmatize cosmetic procedures and allow other people to consider the possibility of undergoing such procedures.

Post-pregnancy plastic surgery in New Jersey, Staten Island and New York.

A beautiful post-pregnancy body is possible.

And Zolciak isn’t alone in desiring cosmetic surgery after pregnancy and child birth. Many women are dissatisfied with the way they look after having children and going through breastfeeding. The right plastic surgery procedure, whether targeted at the body or a specific facial concern, can help more than you might expect.

Of course, you shouldn’t undergo a procedure just because a celebrity has undergone it. Instead, you should engage your plastic surgeon in a thoughtful discussion of your goals and priorities.

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Huffington Post Story Discusses Cosmetic Challenges Faced By Women After Breastfeeding

At Associates in Plastic Surgery, a lot of our patients are new mothers who are looking for solutions to some cosmetic challenges that arose after pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding. These can do a number on a woman’s body, and diet and exercise don’t always represent comprehensive solutions.

Now, a new story in The Huffington Post by Alexis Barad-Cutler discusses these challenges and how her thoughts regarding plastic surgery have changed after two kids.

Breast Surgery in New Jersey and Staten Island

Many women face challenges after breastfeeding

And according to Barad-Cutler, she’s not alone in this. Many of her friends have told her that, after having kids and breast feeding them, they’re re-considering plastic surgery. The breast augmentation is a particularly popular topic of conversation, as pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to a loss of breast volume and an unpleasant, “deflated” look.

Of course, the augmentation isn’t the only procedure that new mothers consider. A number of cosmetic procedures can help you rejuvenate your body or face after pregnancy and breastfeeding, including:

For many women, re-discovering their sense of beauty and sexuality after giving birth is a challenge. The right cosmetic procedure can play a role in this journey, especially when that procedure is performed by a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon.

If you’re a new mother in or around New Jersey or Staten Island and you want to discuss a breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery procedure, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Plastic Surgeons Predict Decrease in Popularity of Breast Procedures

What does 2016 hold for plastic surgery? Which procedures are “hot,” and which will cool down a bit in the New Year?

The New York Daily News offered some predictions in a recent story. The paper talked to many New York-area plastic surgeons to get some insight into what the surgeons were seeing on the ground when it came to what patients wanted from cosmetic surgery.

The verdict? According to the plastic surgeons quoted in the piece, breast surgery procedures are expected to lose some of their popularity in 2016.

Is breast surgery right for you in New Jersey and Staten Island?

Some think breast surgery will decline in popularity next year.

By contrast, the surgeons predicted big things for buttock augmentation procedures, as well as lip enhancement. Both trends are credited to members of the Kardashian family.

Also predicted to hit it big in 2016? Neck and chin procedures, in large part because of the ubiquity of the selfie.

Of course, finding the right procedure isn’t about trends or popularity. Instead, it’s about having a clear understanding of your priorities and goals, then talking with an experienced plastic surgeon about which procedure can safely achieve those goals.

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VIDEO: An Explanation of The Non-Surgical Facelift

You’d like to experience the extraordinary rejuvenation achieved by a facelift, but you’re not interested in undergoing surgery. What are your options?

In this exclusive video, Dr. Miller discusses the non-surgical facelift, which uses fat transfers and other techniques to provide a significant rejuvenation without invasive surgery:

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Lose the turtlenecks

Edison, Marlboro, Warren, and Staten Island – Everyone likes to hide the fact that they are aging, but sometimes it is not possible because certain attributes on the face are easily visible for all to see. The neck and double chin is a prime example of where the aging effect shows and people are not happy about it. A recent study on, states that 68% of doctors are seeing a large increase in neck and chin procedures. One possible reason for this is what some people are calling “tech neck.” This happens when the skin of your neck becomes loose and wrinkled because of the constant bending down of the neck to use devices like computers, iPads, etc. As the use of technology increases so may the rate of neck and chin procedures.

Young beautiful woman with perfect skin, slightly tanned.

A recent article on says, “The ‘tech-neck’ crease is found mostly in people aged 18 to 39 who have an average of three digital devices and peer at their screens up to 150 times a day.” So how do we fix this? Well the easy answer is to get rid of all technology devices, but we know that is never going to happen. Facial plastic surgeons offer a variety of procedures to help reduce the appearance of the saggy neck or double chin. Some are surgical and others are less invasive. For example the new product from Allergan, called Kybella, improves the shape of the double chin by dissolving the fat with a series of injections. Also the Fraxel laser may tighten the neck a bit, and if it is really sagging, a necklift will work wonders.

“While a neck lift remains the best option for a long term result, the improvements we are seeing with non-surgical options like Kybella are encouraging,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey. It is important to see a surgeon that specializes in all these techniques for the neck so that the best procedure can be chosen for you.

VIDEO: What is the minimum age for a rhinoplasty?

In this exclusive video from Associates in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Andrew Miller discusses the minimum age for a

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Plastic Surgery Numbers Rise During Holidays

We all want to look our best during the holidays. Whether you’re bringing a loved one home to the family for the first time, posing in a Christmas photo or looking for that special someone on New Year’s Eve, it’s important that you like the way you look.

This, perhaps, explains the increased demand for plastic surgery during the holidays, as reported in this Las Vegas Review-Journal piece. According to the study, The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery reports a 25-percent increase in demand for cosmetic procedures during the Thanksgiving-to-New-Year’s holiday rush. Some people actually give cosmetic procedures as gifts to loved ones.

Popular procedures during the holidays include:

Many people find that a fresh, revitalized face and body make for a fresh start as the year ends- a new you for a new year.

Happy Holidays from Associates in Plastic Surgery.

Happy Holidays from Associates in Plastic Surgery.

Feeling good about yourself is a crucial component of sound mental health, which lays the foundation for a joyful, productive new year.

If you live in or around New Jersey or Staten Island and you think you might want to end the year with a cosmetic procedure, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

To Age Gracefully or not…

_blog27Recently Cindy Crawford was featured on Yahoo Beauty.  She spoke about how as she approaches 50 there is still some pressure to keep up her appearance and that no matter your age, you should never let yourself go.

The question is how should people keep up their appearance. There is a contingent that say just eat right and exercise, and you will be in great shape. That may work for some people, but not everyone. Certain things like genetics and sun exposure have a lot to do with a person’s appearance as they age. Nowadays we know to wear sun block on a regular basis, but that was not the case many years ago. One school of thought is to let yourself age gracefully and abstain from any cosmetic procedures. While everyone should be happy with who they are, there is nothing wrong with enhancing an area that may need it, as long as a natural result is obtained.

The simplest way to stop the aging process is remove wrinkles of the forehead or crows feet with Botox. Fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse can enhance the cheeks, lips, and facial folds very quickly in the office.

“Doing something to enhance and rejuvenate the eyelids is a great way to appear youthful because that is the first thing a person looks at when they talk to you,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, an eyelid specialist in New Jersey.

It is important to find a specialist in these procedures because it is vital that the results look natural and that no one knows you had surgery. That way, it will appear as though you always look good and are never aging. So it is OK to fight that urge to simply age gracefully.

Non-Invasive Procedures Rise in Popularity

When we think of plastic surgery, we tend to think of…well, surgery- big, invasive surgical procedures that achieve dramatic changes in our faces or bodies. And these procedures are quite common and quite safe.

However, a new trend, reported on by WRAL of New Carolina, is a rise in demand for non-invasive procedures. These treatments are generally administered by injection, come with no side effects, take little time out of your day and require little downtime- most patients return to work immediately after undergoing a procedure.

Common non-surgical treatments include:

Of course, there are times when a traditional surgical procedure is right for you. You should speak with your surgeon to determine if, for example, CoolSculpting really is appropriate, or if liposuction might be a better option.

Is a non-invasive procedure right for you? Speak to our plastic surgeons to find out.

Is a non-invasive procedure right for you? Speak to our plastic surgeons to find out.

Plastic surgery patients often have busy, hectic schedules that contain numerous professional and family commitments. As such, non-invasive procedures, which require much less in the way of an investment of time and money, are quite popular.

The important thing with any cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-, is to ensure that the doctor you choose is adequately trained and experienced. Even a non-invasive procedure can be dangerous if administered by an improperly trained and certified provider.

If you’re considering a non-invasive cosmetic procedure in New York, New Jersey or Staten Island, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

VIDEO: Tummy Tuck Recovery Time

In this exclusive video, plastic surgeon Dr. Shain Cuber discusses the expected recovery time associated with a tummy tuck:

If you’re a New Jersey or Staten Island resident and you’re considering a tummy tuck, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery at 855-960-5525 to arrange a consultation.

Woman Undergoes Restorative Plastic Surgery After Horrific Attack

A woman who was the victim of a terrifying attack in which her boyfriend allegedly bit off her nose is thrilled with the results her restorative plastic surgery, Inside Edition reports.

Michele Messer told the news program that her ex-boyfriend attacked her after she told him she was ending their relationship. Shortly afterward, the two ran into each other at a restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Messer agreed to talk with the man, but as soon as they were alone he attacked her and bit off her nose.

Plastic surgery can help after a horrific trauma

Plastic surgery can help after a horrific trauma

Fortunately, Dr. Andrew Ordon took notice of her case and performed a procedure in which skin from her forehead and cartilage from her ear was used to re-construct her nose. As Messer told Inside Edition, “I feel beautiful again.”

It’s an extraordinary reminder of just how powerful facial plastic surgery can be in the right hands. And it’s a stirring reminder that, even in the face of great evil and pain, there are those who are willing to step up and do the right thing.

Messer’s ex-boyfriend pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted murder and is awaiting trial.

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“Modern Family” Star Discusses Body Dysmorphia and Plastic Surgery Addiction

Reid Ewing is an actor who plays Dylan on the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family. His character, a dopey but endearing and charming young man who frequently dated Haley Dunphy, has become one of the most popular on the show.

However, Ewing recently penned a column for The Huffington Post in which he discussed his struggles with body dysmorphia and plastic surgery addiction. It’s a startling reminder of what many young actors in the public eye struggle with as they try to craft a strong, long-lasting career.

There's help available if you suffer from body dysmorphia.

There’s help available if you suffer from body dysmorphia.

In the piece, which is well-written and worth reading in full, Ewing says he used to spend hours staring at himself in a mirror, at one point saying, “No one should be this ugly.” Tragically, those fears led him to undergo a string of cosmetic surgeries from less-than-reputable plastic surgeons who were only too happy to exploit his insecurities.

Ewing’s brave story is a reminder of the importance of finding an experienced, reputable, compassionate plastic surgeon. Ewing received cheek implants that left him screaming in pain. He got chin implants that he could move under his skin- the doctor later told him he struggled to keep his practice open in the face of multiple lawsuits.

A good plastic surgeon will engage in an open conversation with you about your desired procedure and your reasons for choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery. He or she will listen to your goals and actually help you find the right path, even if that path doesn’t include surgery. A good plastic surgeon cares about you and your health, not just their bottom line.

If you’re considering plastic surgery in the New York, New Jersey or Staten Island areas and you don’t know if a procedure is right for you, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Give Some Real Holiday Cheer with the Gift of Plastic Surgery?

Happy Holidays from Associates in Plastic Surgery.

Happy Holidays from Associates in Plastic Surgery.

It’s well known that gym memberships spike on January 1, but there are other ways to kick off the New Year with a new look. A large amount of cosmetic procedures are performed at this time of year, and the “gifting” of plastic surgery is reportedly a rising holiday season trend. For the person who has everything material, a gift of eyelid surgery to rejuvenate their appearance may be the best holiday present they could get.

Giving the gift of surgery can sometimes be tricky. Will the recipient be happy or offended? If you have heard this person discuss a specific procedure or complain about a specific body area, then giving the gift should be fine. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, if someone expressly asks for a surgery, then the gift can be considered extremely generous and thoughtful.

“The holiday season is a great time for people to have surgery because there is usually a nice two week block that can be devoted to healing,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a rhinoplasty specialist in New Jersey. This way, the patient will not have to worry about missing work or school, and they are still able to participate in holiday activities.

A qualified plastic surgeon should be able to give some good suggestions as to what makes a good gift and how much time is needed for recovery, so make this holiday season a great one for the one you love.

The “Dash Effect” Might Explain New Interest in Plastic Surgery

Every patient has their own unique, individual reasons for considering a cosmetic procedure. But the broader societal dynamics behind interest in a specific procedure can often be studied and broken down.

And according to a plastic surgery group in the UK, as discussed in this People story, one explanation is often “The Dash Effect.” This term describes a dynamic wherein celebrities publicly discuss a procedure and patients “dash” to discuss the procedure with a plastic surgery.

We'll discuss your plastic surgery preferences in New Jersey, Staten Island or New York.

Know what you hope to achieve with plastic surgery.

Today, the celebrities in questions are the Kardashians, and the procedures in question are lip enhancement and butt augmentation. Plastic surgeons have reported a tremendous surge of interest in those procedures after seeing news reports linking them to Kim, Kylie and Kourtney and Kardashian.

Of course, it’s important to keep your expectations reasonable. There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from the looks of public figures, but no surgery can ever make you look exactly like a celebrity.

And you shouldn’t want to. Plastic surgery is about you and your looks- a skillfully performed cosmetic procedure can augment and enhance your existing features, which is always the goal. Plastic surgery is not designed to make you look like anyone else or to render your face unrecognizable.

If you live in or around New Jersey or Staten Island and you have questions about plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.


Associates In Plastic Surgery: Edison, Warren, Marlboro, Staten Island

Most men like to brag about going to the gym and how much they can bench, but now more men are talking about something that is not as common. The “bro” culture has fostered recent trends such as the Hipster beard transplant and now “brotox, which is just a more manly way of saying Botox. According to, in the last few years there has been an increase in the amount of men seeking Botox and facial fillers and it is not just to look younger. They are aiming to look more attractive and physically fit.

Read more about the history of the rhinoplasty procedure      Women like to hide the fact that they had something done, but men are apparently a lot more open about it.  The TV star Simon Cowell openly announced that he gets Botox and other facial fillers, which makes it seem OK for other men to have the treatments done. Surprisingly, it is not just men that are in their forties and fifties seeking treatment, but college students are also sometimes undergoing treatment to make themselves look more rested and less stressed. “Plastic surgery has always seemed to be more of woman’s domain, but over the last few years I have seen more and more men come in for Botox and fillers,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a botox specialist in New Jersey. Considering we are a generation obsessed with selfies, Instagram and Facebook, this increase does not come as much of a surprise.

Plastic Surgery or simple injections can be very beneficial no matter your gender or age because there is always some room for improvement. So whether you are male or female you should consider stopping in for a consultation to explore your options.

Organization Provides Free Plastic Surgery to Domestic Violence Victims

One of the most insidious aspects of domestic violence is the way the abuse can linger. A domestic violence victim has to live with the consequences of their abuser’s acts for the rest of their lives. Sadly, these consequences often include physical scars and damage that don’t heal naturally.

Fortunately, some have stepped forward to help. Founded in 2007, the organization Face Forward, established by Deborah and Dr. David Alessi of Los Angeles, provides free plastic surgery to victims of domestic violence.

Plastic Surgery Provided Free of Charge to Domestic Violence Victims.

Plastic surgery can heal the scars suffered by domestic violence victims.

In order to qualify for the procedures, a patient must commit to leaving the abusive relationship, pass psychological tests and commit to helping other domestic violence victims. Mrs. Alessi, the CEO of the organization and a past victim of domestic violence, emphasized that, “There is no point in fixing somebody’s face and having them go back the next week to the bruiser.”

Dr. Alessi is a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialties in facial reconstructive procedures and head and neck procedures.

It’s always inspiring to see committed individuals step up and contribute something truly meaningful to an important cause. Plastic surgery can dramatically improve the self-confidence and self-esteem of a victim in desperate need of both.

To learn more about our practice and the potential of plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525. We help patients from New Jersey and Staten Island and all nearby communities.

No Turkey Neck for Thanksgiving

Edison, NJ and Staten Island, NY – Nobody likes to see the “turkey neck” that begins to appear under the chin, especially during Thanksgiving. People work out and eat right, but the heavy neck still seems to get bigger, year after year. However, those problems can come to end. The FDA has just approved the newest member of the CoolSculpting family – the CoolMini, which is used to target smaller areas of fat found in the neck and chin.

_blog27CoolSculpting is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that has been available since 2010 and has been performed more than 2 million times. It is a highly effective procedure that freezes fat and subsequently causes the fat cells to die and permanently vanish. Patients love it because there is no surgery or downtime.

According to FDA news, the clinical trial involved 60 male and 60 female patients between the ages of 22 and 65. Patients received one to two treatments in the area under the chin, resulting in an average of 20% fat reduction. This is a significant result for this area of the body. No adverse events were observed and patients experienced little to no discomfort or downtime.

“It is important to identify the right patient for CoolSculpting because if the neck skin is too loose, then surgery may have a better result ,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

If the skin is too loose, a necklift will do a great job of further tightening the neck. That way, when the sweaters and scarves are put away, you can be proud of that nice sleek neckline. So this holiday season treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of a younger, more youthful neck with the new CoolMini procedure.

Jane Fonda Discusses Plastic Surgery

The actress Jane Fonda has been on America’s screens for decades. And she’s still a successful actress, working most recently as one of the stars of the well-regarded Netflix drama Grace and Frankie after finishing a run on the Aaron Sorkin-penned HBO show The Newsroom.

At the age of 77, she’s still a stunningly beautiful woman. She explained in an interview that much of her physical health could be attributed to her diet and exercise routine, as well as ample meditation.

Jane Fonda Discusses plastic surgery

Plastic surgery can augment a healthy lifestyle as you age.

But Fonda also openly discussed the role plastic surgery has played in her life. She’s undergone two facelifts, the most recent in 2010, and received breast implants when she was younger.

She’s also openly discussed a recent chin lift and some procedures to address bags under her eyes.

The procedures Fonda has undergone are quite common and safe, and they’re not just the province of the rich and famous. We all struggle with the signs of age, wear and fatigue, and a youthful, energetic appearance is important for everyone. Cosmetic surgery can help you achive those goals.

If you have questions about plastic surgery in the New Jersey or Staten Island areas, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

Combining a Rhinoplasty With Sinus Surgery

Many patients who undergo a rhinoplasty do so for something more than simple cosmetic reasons. While a rhinoplasty can re-shape and re-size your nose, in some circumstances it can also have a tremendous effect on your ability to breathe through your nose, greatly improving your quality of life.

Often, we are asked to combine a rhinoplasty with a septoplasty, which is more commonly referred to as “sinus surgery.” When combined, these procedures accomplish a remarkable transformation: you get relief from the pain and discomfort of chronic sinus problems, while also greatly improving the appearance of your nose.

Combining rhinoplasty with sinus surgery can be a miracle for NJ and Staten Island residents.

Love the way your nose looks and works.

This combination does wonders for your self-confidence and health. You can breathe easier, both literally and figuratively. Chronic sinus problems can be debilitating, and surgery is often the only long-term solution.

Furthermore, insurance often covers the internal septoplasty element of the procedure, which can be a tremendous relief.

Dr. Miller is an acknowledged expert on these procedures and can help you look better and breathe easier.

If you live in New Jersey or Staten Island and you want to learn more about your rhinoplasty options, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

You Don’t Have to Have a #RBF (Resting Bitch Face) to Reduce Wrinkles

With cameras and social media at an all time high, people are always trying to think of new ways to look fresh and young. Sometimes, in this quest to look more youthful, people do things that might not be in their best interest. To keep wrinkles from forming in their face, some people have begun to simply not move their face. Because this causes them to appear in a bad mood, the term Resting Bitch Face (RBF) has been coined. According to Today the concept of RBF started off as a joke on Social Media, but now many women have come forward and admitted that they do the same thing.

Is BOTOX Right For You?

While not moving your face may seem like a good idea to keep lines from forming, it can actually dissuade people from wanting to associate with you. People may think you are a snob, and while some people may enjoy that feeling, the average person will not want to give up their social life just for a few lines on the face. “There are many ways to get the same results and to not be classified as a female who constantly looks angry,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, who specializes in facial plastic surgery in New Jersey.

The best way to fix this problem, and still allow plenty of facial movement and smiling is to use Botox and fillers. Botox can eliminate the wrinkles that form between the eyes, on the forehead, or in the crow’s feet while giving the brow a refreshed and slightly rejuvenated appearance. The fillers include Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse. They work by filling the folds between the nose and mouth, the marionette lines between the lips and chin, and basically anywhere else on the face that needs volume. Together these two techniques can give excellent results without surgery.

So there is no need to have a RBF to avoid lines on the face. Go ahead and be social and smile as much as you want, knowing that a few small injection treatments can keep you looking wrinkle free.

South Korean Plastic Surgeons Help North Korean Defectors Heal Wounds

A New York Times story on the efforts of some South Korean plastic surgeons to help North Korean defectors is a stirring reminder of what plastic surgery can achieve in the right hands.

According to the story, many of those who flee from the oppressive North Korean regime do so still bearing the scars of their forced labor. One woman profiled in the piece lost most of her left eyebrow and eyelid in an accident involving melting plastic at the factory where she worked the night shift.

Plastic surgery can help victims heal from trauma.

Plastic surgery can help victims heal from trauma.

Fortunately, many South Korean plastic surgeons have stepped up and offered free plastic surgery to those defectors who are struggling with the scars of their past. The program is part of a larger effort in South Korea to improve the lot of North Korean defectors, many of whom struggle with the transition.

Facial procedures are, of course, quite commonly requested. But one man required laser tattoo removal to eliminate a tattoo he had received in the 80’s pledging loyalty to the North Korean dictator, while another woman is undergoing a breast procedure to re-construct a breast she lost as a result of cancer.

To learn more about what plastic surgery can achieve, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525. We help patients from New Jersey and Staten Island and all nearby communities.

Yoga Pants Can Sometimes Reveal Too Much

Edison, Warren and Marlboro N.J. – There is a growing trend involving women and their workout clothes. The term “Athleisure wear” refers to a fashion statement of looking like you are hitting the gym, even if you are not. The look consists of wearing trendy name brands such as Lululemon that make form fitting yoga pants. This is becoming more and more popular especially within the tri-state area. However, some women are noticing an issue with these tight fitting clothes, and this is the appearance of an overly sized private area.

Plastic surgery overseas?

According to a recently published article in The New York Post, a growing number of women are signing up for labiaplasty to reduce the size and enhance the appearance of their private parts, especially when they are wearing tight-fitting clothes such as workout gear.

On New York’s Upper East Side, it is reported that a large number of women are motivated to undergo the procedure to look sleeker in their athleisure wear, which often compresses and emphasizes the area.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, there has been a significant increase in the number of these tissue removal and restructuring procedures, including a 48 percent rise in 2014 from 2013.

“More women are pursuing labiaplasty to correct labia-related issues that are interfering with their ability to perform sexually, to perform daily tasks such as exercise, or are merely causing discomfort,” says Dr. Michael Edwards of ASAPS.

“A labiaplasty involves the reshaping of the labia (lips) of the vagina,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey. The surgery can be performed in the office under local anesthesia or mild IV sedation. After the repair, the dissolvable sutures disappear in a week or two. The result is a smaller, more youthful appearing labia with less discomfort (panty irritation) and increased erotic satisfaction in many patients.

“It is all about making a woman feel more secure and confident in their look, and to be comfortable in their appearance with whatever they are wearing,” says Dr. Heller, who also specializes in liposuction. So go ahead and wear those yoga pants and be proud that you are a woman on the go who is confident in her appearance.

How To Handle Post-Surgery Disappointment

Modern plastic surgery is exceptionally safe and effective. When performed by a properly trained and certified plastic surgeon, common cosmetic procedures almost always achieve their goals.

However, it’s not uncommon for a patient to be somewhat disappointed with the results of a procedure. Recently, the renowned Cleveland Clinic wrote a brief story discussing how patients should handle such disappointment.

Disappointment after plastic surgery is often about expectation management.

These two clearly aren’t disappointed. How would you handle disappointing surgical results?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, patients in this situation should:

  • Re-evaluate their expectations
  • Talk about the situation with their plastic surgeon
  • Give the results some more time to develop

That last point is particularly important. It can take a little bit of time for the full results of a procedure to become clear. A breast augmentation, for example, requires a few months for the final results to crystallize.

We understand patience can be difficult in these situations, especially if you underwent a facial procedure and you find yourself looking in the mirror every day. That’s why our plastic surgeons maintain clear and open communication throughout the process, and it’s why we discuss expectation management before you undergo any procedure.

If you live in or around New Jersey or Staten Island and you want a plastic surgeon you can trust to clearly communicate with you, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

Every Two Minutes a Brazilian Man Undergoes Plastic Surgery

Brazil has established itself in recent years as a popular plastic surgery destination- we’ve written about the practice of plastic surgery tourism on this very blog. Now, a new report quantifies the popularity of cosmetic procedures in that country by pointing out that, on average, a Brazilian man undergoes plastic surgery every two minutes.

According to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, men underwent 276,000 procedures in 2014. That’s a dramatic increase from the 72,000 procedures performed for men in 2009.

Plastic surgery should only be performed by a trained, certified surgeon

Every two minutes a Brazilian man undergoes plastic surgery.

Brazilian experts quoted in the report attribute the increase to cultural changes, especially the end of a previous stigma associated with male plastic surgery.

The most popular procedures among Brazilian men include:

Overall, Brazilians underwent more than 712,000 cosmetic procedures in 2014.

The growing global popularity of plastic surgery is an intriguing development, one that we can hope is accompanied by a rise in the number of skilled, properly trained plastic surgeries in these countries. It’s absolutely crucial that plastic surgery is only performed by properly educated and experienced doctors.

If you live in New Jersey or Staten Island and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

No More Lotions or Ridiculous Potions

Edison, Marlboro, Warren, NJ – Most women have  experienced or probably will experience the unfortunate trait known as cellulite, which cannot be treated with just diet and exercise alone. So doctors are always trying to think of new ways to reduce its appearance, and many devices have come on the market. However, none have really done the trick. A new device called Cellfina is available to try and help patients with their cellulite.

body plastic surgery in NJIt treats the cellulite on the buttocks and upper outer thighs by using small needles that release the tethering bands that cause the dimpling appearance. The device is the size of an iPhone and works mechanically. First, each dimple is marked with a circle the size of a silver dollar. Next, the circular patch of skin is numbed with an automatic injection of lidocaine. Then the device grabs the skin with the aid of suction and slides a miniature blade about six millimeters below the skin to cut the attachment, allowing your skin to bounce back into place. Once the procedure is complete you can go about your normal routine after about a day or so with only a minimal chance of complications and minimal discomfort. The results are estimated to last a year or longer.

Even though this procedure sounds wonderful, it is important to understand the resistant nature of cellulite.

“Many companies have tried to come out with the cure for cellulite and have failed,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top liposuction surgeon in New Jersey. “It is great to see continued research into this issue because many of my patients would like a reliable treatment.”

According to, it’s estimated that 8 out of 10 woman suffer from cellulite, and plastic surgeons have ranked cellulite as one of the biggest issues among their women patients. Cellfina can range in price from $2500 to $6000 a session, depending on what has to be done. Time will tell if Cellfina is a procedure that will be long lasting and worthwhile.

Changing Your Fate

Edison, Marlboro, and Warren, NJ – It is no secret that young job seekers will try almost anything to increase their chance of landing a job. These changes range from simple things like a haircut and new clothes to more involved changes such as plastic surgery. Sometimes the trends can get a bit outlandish.  However, in Korea, the new trend is to make the palm lines more distinct to increase their luck of landing a job.

NY Plastic SurgeryAccording to an article in the Korea Times, patients are seeking advice from fortune tellers and then proceeding to give their plastic surgeon a design of their desired palm lines, believing it will change their fate and land them a job.

Palm lines are believed to portray one’s destiny through shape, thickness and depth. There are four major lines: the life, head, heart and fate lines. Those who feel down on their luck when it comes to landing a job believe that if their fate lines become more defined, it will help steer them in the right path to finding a career.

“It may seem a bit outlandish that changing your palm lines will increase your chance of getting a job, but there are several other things you can do to improve your appearance before that big interview,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Younger patients may be interested in a rhinoplasty or lip fillers to help give them a more mature, adult looking appearance. Older patients getting back into the work field may be more interested in botox or eyelid surgery to give them a fresher look.

The best place to start is with a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon that will help steer you through the latest trends and come up a procedure that will improve your appearance while keeping you looking natural for that big job.

Cindy Crawford Discusses Plastic Surgery

Cindy Crawford has long been one of America’s most recognizable models. For a generation of Americans who came of age during the 80’s and 90’s, Crawford’s undeniably beautiful face is one they will always remember.

Now, InStyle is reporting that the 49-year-old Crawford is openly discussing her use of cosmetic procedures to look young and vibrant while on tour to promote her new book, Becoming.


Is BOTOX Right For You?

BOTOX and other injectables have helped many people keep a youthful appearance.

According to Crawford, she has been seeing the same cosmetic surgeon since she was 29. She says she eats a healthy diet and exercises regularly, but credits BOTOX® and collagen injections for some of her youthful appearance, saying, “…I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon.”

Non-surgical procedures are, in fact, quite popular with many patients who want to achieve significant facial rejuvenation but aren’t interested in undergoing major surgery. Crawford was quoted as saying that she had to find her own “lines” when it comes to cosmetic procedures, and that’s an important point- you should know what’s important to you and what you’re comfortable with before undergoing any procedure.

If you live in or around New York or New Jersey and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

Check Out The Atlantic’s “A History of the Nose Job”

It’s always interesting when journalistic publications take an interest in plastic surgery. Recently, the respected publication The Atlantic published “Sculpting Identity: A History of the Nose Job,” which takes a look at the background of the rhinoplasty procedure.

The story, which can be found here, is definitely worth reading in full. In it, author Tiffany Hearsey traces the history of evolving societal views on the proper size and shape of the nose. This has long been a significant concern- in fact, the first recorded rhinoplasty was performed in India in the sixth century, BC.

Read more about the history of the rhinoplasty procedure

The rhinoplasty has a surprisingly extensive history

But it was only with the introduction of syphilis into Europe in the 16th century that the rhinoplasty truly grew into its popularity, Hearsey reports. Syphilis can damage the soft tissue of the nose, leaving a significant disfigurement in the middle of the face. This spurred doctors to find new cosmetic treatments that could restore the appearance of the nose.

The history of plastic surgery is truly fascinating, if only so we can truly understand how good modern patients have it. With the advent of sophisticated surgical tools and techniques, modern plastic surgeons are able to achieve extraordinary results. The rhinoplasty procedure is just one example of this dynamic.

If you live in New York, New Jersey or Staten Island and you’re considering a rhinoplasty, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

What is a Vampire Breast Lift?

Edison, Marlboro, Warren, NJ – A few years ago a procedure was developed called the Vampire Facelift that promised younger, firmer looking skin, and Kim Kardashian made this procedure famous when she posted her blood splattered face on Instagram a few years back. Now the same doctor is doing the procedure on the breasts and calling it the Vampire Breast Lift. It may sound ideal – a lift without surgery – and it may be safe in the sense that he is using your own blood, but is it really worth it?


According to the article that was recently released on Inquisitr, the cosmetic dermatologist claims that he can lift saggy breasts, fix inverted nipples and make breasts rounder and fuller without surgery or downtime. The results however are not typically permanent. The procedure is performed by taking out some blood and centrifuging it down to get a concentrated part of the blood with many growth factors. This is then reinjected back into the area of concern to stimulate collagen production. The cost for this procedure is estimated to be around $1,800, and over time, repeating these costs again and again can ultimately total much more than a permanent procedure like breast lift or augmentation.

“It is always important to see an experienced breast surgeon for consultation so he/she can go over the pros and cons of any procedure in a professional setting,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, who specializes in breast implant surgery in New Jersey.

A patient who is not a ready for surgery may in fact be a reasonable candidate for this procedure, but there are not many studies showing any long term benefit from the Vampire Lifts. Also, the procedure does not increase breast size, but it is really targeted to increase firmness.

It is always important not to read too much into the latest fad. Your reputable plastic surgeon should be happy to discuss any of these things with you.

Cosmo’s Six Plastic Surgery Tips Provide Useful Information

The website for Cosmopolitan magazine has published a listicle with six tips for readers considering plastic surgery. You can find the complete list at the link above, but we commend the magazine for a solid set of tips that serves its readers well.

Make sure your plastic surgeon is board-certified and other tips.

Cosmo has six tips to think over when considering plastic surgery.

You should pay special attention to tips 1, 2, 5 and 6, which are:

  • Make sure your doctor is accredited or certified
  • Ask plenty of questions
  • Check with your doctor before booking vacations or other post-surgical activities
  • Ask yourself why you’re considering plastic surgery

These are all excellent pieces of advice, and in fact we’ve written many posts on those themes on this very blog. Whether you’re considering a body procedure, a facial procedure or even a non-surgical procedure, it’s a good idea to keep these tips in mind.

It’s always rewarding to see popular media get plastic surgery right and steer consumers in the right direction. We all have an interest in ensuring that plastic surgery in the US is performed with skill and care by properly trained doctors.

If you’re a resident of New Jersey, Staten Island or anywhere nearby and you want to learn more about our plastic surgery practice, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

Plastic Surgery Tourism Growing in Popularity

A new story in Paste Magazine chronicles a growing trend: the increasing popularity of so-called “plastic surgery tourism,” where people travel overseas in order to find cheaper plastic surgery or a less stringent regulatory environment.

Plastic surgery overseas?

Learn about your plastic surgeon, even if you’re going overseas.

According to the story, popular destinations for such tourism include:

There are, of course, many, many skilled and well-trained plastic surgeons in these countries and in just about every other country outside the US. It’s eminently possible to undergo a safe, effective procedure overseas.

But it’s absolutely crucial you ensure that your plastic surgeon is credible. Plastic surgery is serious surgery, and you can be in danger if the person performing your procedure is not appropriately trained and educated.

This is just as true in the US as it is overseas. Do extensive research on potential plastic surgeons and don’t trust your health to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

If you live in New York, New Jersey, Staten Island or any of the nearby communities and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

Screening for breast cancer when you have breast implants

Edison, Marlboro, Warren, NJ – October marks the beginning of breast cancer awareness month, which is an annual campaign that aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the disease. The American Cancer Society estimates that the 231,840 new cases of invasive cancer diagnosed each year have influenced the need for early detection and screening. According to the Food and Drug Administration, more than 39 million mammograms are performed each year in the United States.

_blog96This raises questions for women who have had breast augmentation or are contemplating having the surgery. Breast implants top the list of most popular procedures followed by liposuction and tummy tuck. The concern is that having implants would make detection of breast cancer harder.

According to The Mayo Clinic, the answer is yes. Breast implants, either saline or silicone, can obscure mammogram images, decreasing the ability of mammograms to reveal breast cancer. Still, studies show that mammograms are an effective way to screen for breast cancer in women with breast implants.

If you have breast implants, you can take steps to make your mammogram more successful, such as:

Find a facility that sees many women with breast implants. Ask your doctor for a referral to a clinic where radiologists have experience performing and reading mammograms of women with breast implants. It is important to know that the facility has obtained special mammogram views, in addition to the standard mammogram images, to better evaluate the breast tissue around the breast implants.

Speak up about your breast implants at your appointment. When you make your appointment and again when you arrive at your appointment, tell the staff that you have breast implants.

If you have noted changes in your breast or if you have concerns, tell your doctor promptly. Your doctor will talk with the radiologist to decide whether you need additional imaging.

“If you have dense breast tissue and/or the radiologist is having difficulty performing the mammogram with the implants in place, then an MRI can be done to evaluate things more completely,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top breast surgeon in New Jersey. You don’t have to be afraid of breast augmentation, but stay knowledgeable about the risks and take adequate precautions to ensure your health is the number one priority.

Shave Your Wrinkles Away?

Staten Island, NY – As the aging process occurs, women will try many different things to slow the process. Some things are well established and make sense while others may be a little far fetched without scientific validation. With all the information on the internet, trends often arise that supposedly document significant results. One idea that is currently trending is shaving the face to reduce wrinkles.

_blog36According to ABC News, there is a belief that many men have smooth skin because each time they shave an exfoliation of the skin takes place. Therefore, some women are taking a razor to their skin in hopes of obtaining a younger, more rejuvenated look while also hoping to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, there is no real scientific evidence behind this trend. The primary pitfall to this method is the irritation that it can cause to the skin. Why bring a sharp blade over the face when there are several products on the market that can exfoliate your skin nicely? The possibility also exists that shaving the face will cause any hair you already have on the skin, including peach fuzz, to grow back thicker and darker.

Two well documented treatments that can reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin include the Fraxel laser and skin peels. Fraxel is FDA-approved and uses a non-ablative laser to restore your skin’s tone and texture, reduce pores, and lighten brown spots and wrinkles. Skin peels can do the same thing but by using a liquid applied to the face. Not only are these treatments safer, but they have a much better history of excellent results than shaving of your face.

“When a patient comes for consultation and discusses a hot trend they’ve seen online, I try to educate the patient about scientific pros and cons associated with the procedure,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in New York. Oftentimes a well documented solution to their problem already exists, and it is the surgeon’s duty to dissuade patients from making a decision that could potentially harm them. Not all internet trends are bad – you just have to find a surgeon that you trust to help determine if the trend is any good.

Six-Year-Old Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Reduce Size of Ears

A six-year-old boy named Gabe Berger underwent a procedure known as an “ear pinback” in order to dramatically the size of his large, prominent ears. The story was initially reported by the television program Inside Edition, then discussed further by Yahoo! Parenting, whose story you can read here.

The parents’ decision to allow Gabe to undergo the procedure has sparked a conversation about the appropriate age to undergo a plastic surgery. Generally speaking, surgeons don’t perform cosmetic procedures on patients under the age of 18- it’s important to allow your body to fully develop and mature before undergoing a procedure.

Plastic Surgery Can Dramatically Reduce the Size Of Your Ears?

When is plastic surgery right for a young child?

However, a surgeon quoted in the Yahoo! piece explained that the ear is fully mature by the age of 6, and there were more than 9,000 ear pinback procedures performed on children under the age of 18 in 2014, according to statistics quoted by Yahoo!.

Gabe was subjected to intense bullying at school as the result of his large ears, which is deeply unfortunate. Ultimately, parents have to make a difficult decision about their child’s long-term wellbeing when considering a cosmetic procedure. Facial plastic surgery is particularly sensitive.

If you’re a New York, New Jersey or Staten Island resident and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Say Bye Bye to Back Rolls

Ever hear of the awful “bread back?” They are unsightly rolls of back fat that make a woman’s bra fit uncomfortably. Years ago the only real surgical option was to liposuction this fat away, sometimes leaving the patient with loose skin and making it very difficult for woman to wear a form fitting top. However, some plastic surgeons may have found the answer to correct this.

_blog29An article in Cosmetic Surgery Today, talks about how some doctors find that even the most physically fit patients have trouble with back fat, so they have come up with a way to reduce the appearance of rolls and give you that smooth back you’ve been wanting. It’s called the Bra Line Back Lift. The incision is made along the patient’s bra line across the back, so that it can be hidden within the clothing.  The excess skin and fat are removed, and the remaining skin is stretched and sutured into place. It’s sort of like a tummy tuck but for your back.

The downside to this procedure is the scar, which is permanent, but usually not visible because it lies underneath the bra line. “The consultation is very important because the procedure is not for everyone,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey. “This procedure is designed for patients with saggy skin caused by aging, sun exposure or massive weight loss, not for patients that simply need to remove fat, which is done with liposuction.” Typically the thin scar is worth the result of having a much flatter back that will make you feel better about your appearance.

Alexa Ray Joel Discusses Rhinoplasty

As plastic surgery grows in popularity, the stigma attached to is slowly fading. With more people than ever undergoing cosmetic procedures, we’ve begun to respect the desire to permanently eliminate a troubling cosmetic concern.

Open discussion of plastic surgery is welcome

Plastic surgery is about acknowledging your flaws and moving safely to address them.

An undeniable element of this growing acceptance is the willingness of some celebrities to openly discuss their cosmetic procedures. That group now includes Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of the singer Billy Joel, who recently talked about her decision to undergo a rhinoplasty.

In the interview, highlights of which you can read here, Joel explains that she felt it was important to embrace her “flaws,” while explaining that she underwent a rhinoplasty in 2010 to repair a deviated septum and increase her self-confidence.

Ultimately, the decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is profoundly personal. It should be made with a strong consideration for your own goals and priorities. If the procedure is right for you and you can safely undergo it, you shouldn’t allow any outside pressures to stop you.

We understand how important a decision this is. Our plastic surgeons will discuss your goals and ensure that you only undergo the procedures that are right for you.

If you live in New Jersey and you’re considering a rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic procedure, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Plastic Surgeons Help Veterans

When we think about plastic surgery, we understandably tend to think about cosmetic procedures. We think about patients who undergo an elective operation to address some cosmetic flaw that’s bothering them.

Plastic surgery is quite helpful

Plastic surgeons have helped veterans with reconstructive surgery.

This is undeniably a significant aspect of the plastic surgery experience. However, plastic surgery does not have to be cosmetic. In fact, plastic surgeons have helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from disfiguring accidents that have left them unwilling to show their forces.

This TODAY segment spotlights a particularly poignant example of this dynamic. In the segment, Specialist Shealynn Cassidy discusses the 30 plastic surgery procedures she underwent after the explosion of a roadside bomb overseas left her with scars and other wounds from her heads to her toes.

The story also quotes plastic surgeons from around the country who explain the work they do to help innocent victims return to normalcy and put together their shattered self-confidence.

Our practice has seen many cases of patients who left our care feeling better about themselves. They were more willing to apply for work, pursue romantic relationships and explore the world around them knowing that they liked the way they looked.

If you’re a resident of New Jersey or any of the surrounding states and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Modern Family Star Discusses Breast Reduction Surgery

Fans of the hit ABC series Modern Family know Ariel Winter as Alex, the Dunphy family’s brilliant but high-strung younger daughter. But for the last few years, after going through puberty (largely in the public eye), Winter has been struggling with back pain caused by her size 32F breasts.

Breast Reduction- New Jersey

The decision to undergo a breast reduction is a deeply personal one.

Winter recently spoke with Glamour magazine about her June decision to undergo a breast reduction. Now a size 34 D, Winter explained that she was infinitely more comfortable and  confident than she was before undergoing the procedure.

It was so painful. I had a lot of back problems. I really couldn’t stand up straight for a long period of time. It started to hurt so bad that I couldn’t take the pain. My neck was hurting so bad and I actually had some problems with my spine,” Winter told Glamour.

Winter also expressed frustration with the way in which websites would sensationalize her appearance at awards shows and other formal events.

These concerns are far from uncommon. Many women with large breasts struggle with back and neck pain, not to mention unwanted attention from complete strangers. For these women, a breast reduction is something more than a cosmetic procedure- it represents a welcome escape from what they’ve been dealing with for years.

If you live in or around New Jersey and you’re considering a breast reduction, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

How Plastic Surgeons Evaluate Patients For Surgery

At Associates in Plastic Surgery, we always thoroughly discuss your goals and priorities before recommending any procedure. We want you to fully understand what the experience will be like, and above all we want to ensure that you can safely undergo the procedure.

Is plastic surgery right for me?

Evaluating you for plastic surgery is all about understanding your health and priorities.

Recently, the morning show TODAY aired a segment discussing which procedures are generally appropriate for which age range. You can watch the segment and read the accompanying story here.

The story also discusses some of the considerations that surgeons keep in mind when deciding whether or not you are a good candidate for a procedure. These include:

  • Your health and wellbeing
  • Whether the procedure will help you achieve your specific goals
  • Allergies
  • Your mindset and expectations

Your safety is always our number one priority, and safety starts with ensuring that you only undergo the right procedures. Whether you’re considering a body procedure, a facial procedure or something else entirely, it’s absolutely crucial that we determine the procedure fits with your goals and your level of wellbeing.

We will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine if you’re healthy enough to undergo a procedure, then have a frank and transparent discussion about your goals and expectations.

If you live in or around New Jersey and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Revenge Body: Feeling Better About Yourself and Maybe Getting Back at your ex in the Process

Edison, Marlboro, Warren – What is a Revenge body? In general it is a healthy way to reclaim your self-confidence. We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t get mad, get even,” but a better way to think about it is “Don’t get mad, get hot!”

Recently Khloe Kardashian was featured on the cover of Woman’s Health Magazine for kicking off the Revenge Body trend. After going through a rough divorce from NBA star Lamar Odom she started on an intense fitness and diet regime in which she lost 25lbs and is no longer known as the “fat” sister. She has taken the saying “Looking good is the best revenge” to whole new level according to the recent article on Yahoo Beauty. _blog33

Everyone wants to look their best after a breakup, which can be distracting from the bad feelings of a breakup. After seeing Khloe’s sexy pictures, Lamar is probably thinking, “I messed up,” which gives Khloe some satisfaction. But the most satisfaction comes from feeling good about herself again.

“I see women every day whose main goal is to look better for themselves,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey. “If wanting to get back at their ex is extra incentive then that is fine because getting back in shape is not easy.” It starts with eating right, going to the gym, getting some new clothes, and then, possibly some liposuction to get rid of those stubborn areas.

We live in an era that is obsessed with Social Media and how many “Likes” you can get. It is part of our psyche to care what other people think, even random strangers. Further motivation is acquired by knowing that you have people who repeatedly view your Instagram or Facebook pages including your ex and his friends.  If you ex’s friends are constantly telling him how good you look, that will start to bother him after a while.

The most important thing to remember through all of this is to make self improvement the main goal. If you are doing a breast augmentation to get back at your ex, then that is the wrong reason. Do the procedure because it will help feel better about yourself and will improve your self confidence.

Some Patients Use Plastic Surgery To Delay Retirement

Appearing youthful and energetic has always been vital in the workplace. Companies and co-workers like to be around vigorous and vital employees who make clear they’re capable of working hard.

Learn more about this dynamic

Many people find cosmetic surgery can delay early retirement.

According to, it appears that many older patients are using plastic surgery to maintain a youthful and energetic appearance and delay the day of their retirement. The piece quotes a municipal prosecutor in the Philadelphia area who received an injection of JuvedermⓇ (a dermal filler) in order to combat the appearance of stern severity between her eyebrows.

It’s a sad reality that many employees are subtly (or not-so-subtly) encouraged to leave the workforce once they’ve reached a certain age and begin to show the signs of wear and fatigue on their faces.

Plastic surgery cannot make you look like a fresh-faced 25-year-old again, and it’s important to have reasonable expectations. But the right procedure can absolutely rejuvenate and reinvigorate your appearance, and we’re committed to finding the procedure that’s right for you.

If you’re a resident of New Jersey or any of the surrounding states and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Plastic Surgery Growing in Popularity with Teens

People has an article this month discussing the apparent surge in the popularity of high school-age teenagers, especially during the back-to-school period. The story cites statistics from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons which show that 64,000 teens aged 13-to-19 underwent plastic surgery in 2014.

The story speculates on possible reasons behind this development, focusing particularly on young reality stars openly undergoing procedures, though there’s no way of really knowing what the causes are.

There’s no hard and fast rule about when it’s appropriate to undergo plastic surgery, though there are age limits for breast augmentation and other procedures. It’s important to remember that plastic surgery is best performed when the treatment area in question is mature and fully formed.

For example, many teenagers dislike their noses and consider undergoing rhinoplasty. But this is often inappropriate, since a teenage nose is not developed and could naturally change its shape.

You should only undergo surgery for the right reasons.

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity with teens- what does it mean?

At Associates in Plastic Surgery, we help potential patients carefully consider their options and urge them to think about their priorities and the deeper concerns that might be underlying the desire for plastic surgery. This is particularly important with younger patients.




If you live in or around New Jersey and you or a family member are considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Facebook your New Face

Warren, Edison and Marlboro, NJ – Marketing for plastic surgery has changed significantly through the years. Years ago, the yellow pages were the primary advertising method. Then the internet became popular and people started basing their decisions on the doctor’s website and where it was ranked. Now, through changing technology, social media has proven to be a very useful tool for active communication between a surgeon and prospective patient before they even meet.

According to a study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, iStock_000013002992_Large_zpskuocpjy0in recent years, digital platforms have given patients and doctors a level of accessibility that they didn’t have previously. Half of U.S. plastic surgeons are regularly using social media for their professional practices.  Doctors can have a Facebook page or Twitter handle with interactive chat options.  A blog can also be a great source of information to a patient on many procedures such as a facelift or tummy tuck.  Social media can be a very useful forum for patient education, which is vital to the entire plastic surgery process. A patient can read or ask questions through social media and get a variety of answers which can better prepare them for the consultation or surgery. About one-third of the surgeons in the study reported positive outcomes from using social media.

“I enjoy patients that are active participants in their care and ask a lot of questions,” says Dr. Andrew Miller a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.  Social Media is a fantastic way to gain knowledge and be an informed patient, but be sure you are corresponding with a reputable and experienced surgeon.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your Fat

Most of us understand the desire to remove our excess fat, but what if you could take it from one area and move it to another? This is a process known as fat grafting or fat transfer. This is becoming a more popular trend in plastic surgery because of the excellent and long lasting results that can be achieved. There are multiple areas that are common for fat transfer, such as the eyelids, cheeks, lips, breasts and buttocks. According to , the procedure is easy to go through and produce results that are semi permanent in nature.Plastic Surgery

When undergoing fat grafting, the fat is usually taken from the hips, thighs, and abdomen. It is processed and placed in multiple syringes, and then injected back into the body. The most common place to inject the fat is the face. As we all age, facial volume is lost in areas like the cheeks, laugh lines, lips, and under the eyes. “One of the most important things you can do to rejuvenate your face is to add volume that has been lost, and fat injection is a great way to do it,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Fat injection to the buttocks is another area that is increasing significantly in popularity.  As gravity takes its effect, the butt seems to get droopy. Since women are often having liposuction to contour their waist already, why not inject some of it back into the butt. Termed a Brazilian butt lift, this procedure complements the liposuction by leaving women with a nice, shapely behind.

Fat may also be injected into the breasts; often times a full cup size can be achieved. It is very important to find a surgeon that is very experienced with this option because the fat has to be injected the proper way to ensure the best survival of the cells carefully.

Consequently, if you have ever looked in the mirror and wondered if you could just take some of this fat and put it back in this different spot, well you can! Take the first step today and call to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to get the look you have always wanted.

New School, New Job, New You

Sadly the summer is coming to an end, so that means it is time to go shopping for books, binders and pencils. But some of your classmates are shopping for something else. The summer is the perfect time to make an adjustment in your appearance so that the natural improvement is not really evident to your classmates.

Combining rhinoplasty with sinus surgery can be a miracle for NJ and Staten Island residents.

According to statistics provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 15% of all procedures in the U.S. were performed on patients under the age of 21 last year. As school is ending, the summer is also for getting ready to enter the workplace. However, when one is just starting out in life the expense of plastic surgery can be considerable and the question may be if it is really worth it.

Some of the most popular procedures are being given as a graduation gift instead of a traditional present. The critics may ask if it is really necessary to undergo plastic surgery such as a nose job or ear reshaping before finishing college. Could it really help with your dating prospects or career opportunities?

An article on suggests that the better looking applicants for a job are more likely to get hired. And everyone knows that a more attractive person will have a greater number of dating prospects. The key is to have plastic surgery done for the right reasons and by a qualified person.

Plastic surgery at a young age can be very rewarding, but don’t have it done just to please someone else.

“Plastic surgery can never make all of someone’s life problems vanish, but as long as the patient has realistic expectations and is emotionally stable, the rewards far outweigh the risks,” say Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

So make yourself competitive for that job your want or erase certain insecurities that you have with a simple visit to an experienced plastic surgeon.

Todd Chrisley Discusses Plastic Surgery

Todd Chrisley, the star of the USA reality show Chrisley Knows Best, is about to turn 47 and is openly discussing plastic surgery, an exclusive video on OK! reveals.

In the video, Chrisley discusses his options with his wife and two children. One of the important points Chrisley makes in the video is the strength of his relationship with his plastic surgeon, who, Chrisley, makes him “happy.”

This is a valuable insight. Many doctors perform plastic surgery these days- it’s seen as a quick and easy money maker, largely because the procedures are quite commonly performed and boast impressive safety records.

_blog111However, a safe surgery is still surgery, which means it poses a risk. It’s absolutely crucial you find the right plastic surgeon- this means someone with ample experience and board certification, someone you know you can trust. This is especially true with facial procedures, though it certainly applies to body procedures as well.

Your relationship with your plastic surgeon will go a long way toward defining your cosmetic surgery experience. A productive, pleasant relationship with your surgeon is invaluable, and can only be developed through ample experience and conversation.

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Plastic Surgery Rising in Popularity With Seniors

The desire to look your best is not a dynamic restricted to younger patients. Indeed, many older Americans remain interested in revitalizing and rejuvenating their faces and bodies, and plastic surgery can accomplish this.

A new story in NH Magazine discusses this reality, exploring the apparent trend of senior citizens deciding to undergo plastic surgery at their advanced ages. The story, which can be found here, is worth a read.

_blog3According to American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery statistics quoted in the piece, patients aged between 51 and 64 years accounted for 24.6 percent of surgical procedures and 32.9 percent of non-surgical procedures in 2014. And patients over the age of 65 accounted for 7.9 and 10.9 percent of these procedures, respectively.

Popular procedures in this demographic include:

With Americans living longer than ever, and the increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles among seniors, it’s not surprising that many senior citizens are opting to undergo safe, effective cosmetic procedures.

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