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Cosmetic Infidelity – is this the new form of cheating in relationships?

Edison, Warren & Marlboro, New Jersey – We all know someone who is completely open about flaunting their cosmetic surgery results, but the majority of the population try to hide the fact that they have had any work done. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic surgery, nobody has to know that you have had something done unless you want them to. Most surgeons strive for that natural result nowadays.


Not so long ago, when a person went in for a facelift or breast implants, the entire procedure was kept under wraps as much as possible. Though people speculated about whether or not someone they knew had “work done”, rarely were such things discussed openly in public, or even in private with friends because there was somewhat of a stigma associated with it. Why would someone pay money and go through all that healing time just to look a little better?

But the cosmetic procedures have changed a lot over the years. There are more technologically advanced procedures available today that require much less of a financial commitment and significantly less recovery time. “Injectables such as Botox and Juvederm, which help replace or delay more invasive procedures, give patients a fresher look in a few minutes,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey. Also, non-invasive procedures such as CoolSculpting for fat reduction or Fraxel laser for skin rejuvenation have made cosmetic procedures much more accessible and appealing to a wider range of people. As a result, more and more people are having cosmetic procedures performed.

According to an article for CNN, cosmetic surgery has become a new form of “infidelity” for both men and women. A recent study conducted by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group in the UK confirmed that people are using these non-surgical or minimally invasive versions of plastic surgery to keep their enhancements a secret. Seventy two percent of women hide non-surgical procedures like Botox and Lip Fillers from their family and friends and more than half have hidden them from their significant others. The study also found that eighty one percent of men admitted to keeping their treatments a secret. Most men are way to “manly” to own up to Botox or any other male body enhancements.

Botox or fillers are one thing, but the study also showed that one-third of patients hide bigger procedures like breast augmentation or rhinoplasty. This may seem difficult to do, but some type of excuse can usually be made, such as fixing a nasal fracture instead of rhinoplasty. As physicians, we generally feel like honesty is the best policy. Often times, some support is needed after plastic surgery, and a significant other or family member can really help during the post operative period. Plastic surgery is so popular now, that there really isn’t a stigma associated with it unless it is done poorly. A strong relationship will easily endure the desire to improve one’s appearance in a natural way, so we generally don’t recommend doing these bigger procedures on your own.

That being said, it is perfectly fine if you wish to hide the smaller procedures such as Botox or Juvederm that have no recovery. Often times the money is the issue between husbands and wives and a lot of women pay in cash for procedures like Botox & Juvederm so that they will not have to explain anything to their husbands. “I don’t look at it as infidelity; every person has the right to try and improve themselves free from criticism by others,” says Dr. Miller, who specializes in rhinoplasty in New Jersey. “As long as the result is natural, everyone can feel good about the procedure.”

Breast surgery and psychology

Edison, Warren, & Marlboro, NJ – People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Even within the same person, there may be variances from side to side. For example, the face is often slightly different from one side to the other. One cheek can be larger, or a fold can be deeper. The same can be said for breasts. All women have different breast sizes, and it is very common for them to have uneven breasts as well. Breast asymmetry can possibly affect a young woman’s mental health and social functioning, due to the pressures of trying to look good and to fit in. A woman wants to feel as sexy and confident as she can when wearing a bikini or changing in front of someone. “Having to worry about what other people might think or say is a very uncomfortable situation for anyone, especially a woman who may be lacking some confidence to start with,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, an experienced breast surgeon.


An article from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons talks about how much breast asymmetry can impact a women’s mental and emotional health. Breast augmentation can significantly improve asymmetry between the two breasts which may help a woman with her self esteem. The authors discuss the facts from studies that have been performed that focus on the impact of breast asymmetry. They found that the general public does not really understand how uncomfortable this issue is for the women it affects. When the breast augmentation was performed, the patients, in general, felt much better about her situation once the healing was complete. Even though a psychologist could counsel someone to be happy with herself through therapy, a surgical procedure can often times do the job for them in a much quicker time frame.

In addition to the improved confidence breast augmentation can provide, there are other benefits. “Many women tell me they can now wear the specific clothes or bathing suits that they have always wanted after breast augmentation,” says Dr. Cuber, who also specializes in performing smart liposuction. Also studies have shown that women may feel more attractive and desirable to the opposite sex after breast augmentation. Basically, if your mind believes it, then it is true. also shows more statistics on the relationship between breast augmentation and one’s mental health. The positive relationship between the two is hard to ignore, but it is always important to have a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon to go over the procedure and determine if you are doing it for the right reasons.

In general, plastic surgery is done to enhance what a person has naturally. The goal should always be improvement, and not a total change in one’s appearance. If these things are kept in mind when undergoing plastic surgery, then any procedure, whether it be breast augmentation or rhinoplasty should help you feel better about your appearance.

The Gift of Rejuvenation

smaller carrot

Edison, Warren & Marlboro, New Jersey – What do you get the person that has everything? A gift certificate to an excellent Plastic Surgeon that’s what! Christmas is swiftly approaching; and some say the best gifts are cosmetic! “The holiday season may sometimes leave some people feeling depressed, so why not give them the gift of beauty this year”, says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey. When someone loves the way they look, there is a certain glow about them. Thankfully, plastic surgery may be able to help give men and women the push they need to get into the Christmas spirit!

You may be thinking, “How do I get the gift of plastic surgery for the one I love without insulting them?” Well, most of the time when it is discussed with people, it ends up that they were already thinking about it. Plastic surgery is not taboo any more, and millions of people have improvements made with surgery or injections every year. “It’s not about changing one’s appearance, but instead just turning the clock back in a way that looks totally natural,” says Dr. Miller who specializes in mini facelift surgery. The topic of plastic surgery can easily be brought up by discussing something going on in the media or with a celebrity, and then the waters can be tested at home. People that love each other can usually talk openly about plastic surgery without a problem because it is so commonplace now.

There are several procedures that are popular during the holiday times because people often have time off from work or school. Rhinoplasty is commonly performed around this time of year for school and college age students. Parents are usually OK with this their child’s recovery period occurs while they are out for Christmas vacation, they can still participate in holiday activities, and will be able to go back to school when its time, as stated by ABC News. The same can be said for eyelid surgery.  Patient have time to recover while they are off of work, and the recovery time is not too difficult.

Gift giving can get harder over the years, especially when shopping for your mom or your wife. Mothers are usually the number one recipient of the plastic surgery gift certificates. Usually the spouse or children, who may draw a blank when shopping for the perfect present, recall their loved one going on about looking older and not being happy with it. That makes a Gift certificate a perfect gift because it can go towards anything; most patients simply want some Botox injections. A Botox injection can quickly and easily enhance one’s look, or a filler can make those deep creases softer. This can make taking holiday photos with family much more exciting!

Gift certificates are good because sometimes you don’t know what your loved one will want. Often times a free consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon will help work out some of the questions and determine what can be done. This can be easily be set up for your loved one or even yourself if you are the recipient of the gift. The holiday season seems to be a very busy time of year for plastic surgeons. Not only are patrons buying gifts for others, they are also looking to retune their own appearance. Skininc states when searching for a plastic surgeon to perform these procedures you should educate yourself first. Do your homework on different procedures you are interested in, write those questions down, so that when you are in the consultation you can ensure that it goes smoothly.

Can I Combine Surgical Procedures?

Edison, NJ – Have you been considering plastic surgery and are looking into more than one procedure? If they are related, it might actually save you in both fees and recovery time to have them performed together.

NJ Plastic surgeon“With better technology and anesthesia techniques, it’s possible to combine a few different procedures into one longer surgery,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “Patients love this idea, because it allows for them to recover all at once, and they can see their desired results sooner. But the ability to combine surgeries depends on each individual patient.”

At your consultation, you will discuss with your surgeon the surgical procedures you wish to have. At that time, he or she can determine if you are a proper candidate for combining surgeries.

If you’re visiting Dr. Miller’s office for a facelift, it might also benefit you to discuss having eyelid surgery or laser skin resurfacing at the same time. This can help add to your refreshed look. By combining a couple of procedures, you can target all of the areas of the face that are adding to your aged appearance.

Mommy makeovers are becoming increasingly popular. This term refers to a combination of procedures aimed at helping a mother get her body back after having children. Breast augmentation, including a breast lift, is a common post-baby procedure. But consider combining it with an abdominoplasty or liposuction and you can target those areas that pregnancy took its toll on. And best of all, your recovery can be combined so you can get back to your busy lifestyle quicker.

An abdominoplasty can require patients to take up to 10 days off of work, while a breast augmentation can add an additional week off. If you were to have these procedures individually, it might be necessary to take close to a month off of work in order to fully recuperate. By combining them, you can minimize the amount of time spent in recovery.

Combining procedures may also lower your overall cost of surgery, as well. Typically, there will be added costs for anesthesia, surgical facility, prescriptions and any post-surgery garments needed. Each individual surgery will have these fees, but combined procedures will only have these fees one time, meaning you will see some cost savings.

To learn if you are a proper candidate to combine the procedures you’re interested in, schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon today. After an exam, including a complete medical history, you can be on your way to a new you.

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Can a Nose Job Make You Look Younger?

Edison, NJ – There are many benefits to getting a nose job, such as improved confidence and self-esteem. But there’s also one you might not realize. According to a study released in 2012, rhinoplasty procedures actually make patients look on average one and a half years younger.

Pastic surgery - noseWhile this may not be a reason to move forward with plastic surgery for those who are currently on the fence, it is a nice perk.

The patients who were deemed to look the youngest in their after photos were those who previously had a hump or a droopy tip. These seem to be signs of an “aging” nose.

How can your nose age you? The nose helps the rest of the features of the face mesh together. It creates symmetry, and shouldn’t distract from other features, but should instead enhance those other features.

An aged nose will droop – noses that point up slightly are associated with youth. Additionally, the bridge of the nose should be straight with no bumps or ridges. It should also be the proper width, so as not to detract from the rest of the face.

While most plastic surgeons won’t be advertising that a nose job can make you look younger, they do often note the increased confidence they see in their patients after surgery.

“It really is amazing, seeing someone transform before your eyes,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon. “Certainly, telling someone who is 50 that a nose job can make them look 49 isn’t really much of a selling point. But, telling them that they’ll see an increase in confidence level that will make them feel younger again certainly is.”

While the age difference found in the study might not be significant, the changes Dr. Miller and other surgeons see in their patients are. Patients who previously disliked their noses now have a new outlook on life, are rejuvenated and feel better about themselves.

And that might have an effect on how they are perceived by those around them. The size and shape of a nose can have a great impact on someone’s self-esteem. The correct improvement by a trained surgeon can greatly improve a person’s appearance and confidence.

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Plastic Surgery is the New Retirement Splurge

Edison, NJ – Those over the age of 55 account for around a quarter of all plastic surgery patients. Is cosmetic surgery the new retirement splurge?

“We’ve seen a growing number of baby boomers in our offices,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in NJ. “While we’ve seen many who are trying to stay competitive in the job market, many are opting for procedures once they’ve retired. And why not? They’ve dedicated their lives to their work, and now it’s time to enjoy life – and looking and feeling your best should be a part of that.”

businesswoman   in officeAccording to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of retirement aged patients having procedures performed rose four percent from 2012 to 2013. Nearly 3.8 million procedures were performed.

What are the most popular procedures for this age group?

“The facelift is the most sought after surgical procedure,” says Dr. Miller. “Patients feel young, and want their faces to reflect that. A facelift or mini facelift can help them enter retirement with confidence.”

Additionally, patients seek out eyelid surgery, hair transplants and nose jobs, along with minimally invasive procedures, such as Botox.

“While younger patients tend to be more concerned with their bodies, seeking out procedures such as breast augmentations or tummy tucks, older patients are concerned with their faces,” says Dr. Miller. “And that makes sense. Your face can sometimes make you appear much older than you feel, and there are multiple options to help patients get back more of a youthful glow.”

Botox and other fillers accounted for more than one million procedures. It’s a quick and easy way to smooth out lines and wrinkles and present a more youthful and well-rested looking face to the world.

For those who want a little more, eyelid surgery is another great option. The eyes are the window to our face, but as we age, the skin can start to sag, becoming heavy and forming bags. A heavy eyebrow can make us look tired, and sometimes even angry. Eyelid surgery or a brow lift can easily correct this, allowing patients to look as refreshed as they feel.

A facelift or mini facelift can correct the damage the years have done to the face. Aging can cause the loss of fullness in the face, making the cheeks and eyes appear hollow. It can also cause the downward pull of gravity, causing jowls and sagging in the jawline.

Dr. Miller is one of the best plastic surgeons in the country, and helps his patients determine the best procedures to rejuvenate their faces, and their lives. Using computer imaging, he helps patients understand what their desired procedure can accomplish.

“It’s important for older patients to remember that while plastic surgery can make them look refreshed, it does have its limits,” says Dr. Miller. “You’ll never look 25 again. But a facelift can help make you look 10 years younger, in a natural way.”

But no matter what procedure patients choose, there does seem to be one common thread – the desire to put some focus back on themselves. After dedicated their lives to their careers and families, baby boomers are realizing that retirement gives them the chance to do the things they’ve always wanted to do.

There are a few things retirees should consider before surgery, however. First, if there are any underlying health conditions, those should be discussed completely with their physician prior to surgery. Certain conditions may impede a patient’s ability to properly recover from surgery.

Additionally, retirees living on fixed incomes should carefully consider the cost of any plastic surgery procedure, and weigh the benefits of each procedure against one another. For instance, if you’re looking to smooth lines and wrinkles on your face, would it be more economical to choose Botox injections, or a facelift. While the initial cost of a facelift may seem steep, consider the ongoing cost of Botox injections. In the long run, a facelift may actually make more fiscal sense.

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing such a large increase in the number of baby boomers opting for surgery. According the Pew Research Council, the average baby boomer actually feels nine years younger than their actual age. And they want what they see in the mirror to reflect that.

Since 2005, elective cosmetic surgery has increased 65 percent in those over the age of 55. Non-invasive procedures jumped 87 percent in the same time period. Americans are now living longer, with the life expectancy for women jumping nearly 34 years over the course of the last 50 years. So why not reinvent yourself in your golden years?

As we age, we pay closer attention to our health, focusing on diet and exercise. We want to stay active and engaged in life, and we want our appearances to reflect that.

If you’re a baby boomer interested in having your appearance reflect how you feel, schedule a consultation with Associates in Plastic Surgery today.

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Men No Longer Hiding Plastic Surgery

man SurgeryEdison, NJ – According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of men seeking plastic surgery has increased 106 percent since 1997. Not only are more men visiting the plastic surgeon, but they’re no longer hiding it anymore, either.

“Plastic surgery used to be looked at as something only women did,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “But that’s no longer the case. Men have seen the amazing results cosmetic procedures can provide and are no longer shying away from them.”

Men are turning to plastic surgery to look good, but also to stay competitive in the job market. Many surgeons reported they began to see an uptick in male patients when the recession hit. Men were concerned about keeping their jobs and looking fit and young is thought to be a way to compete in the marketplace.

But not only are men going to the surgeon, they’re not afraid to admit it, either.

“We’re seeing that men are so pleased with their results, that they aren’t ashamed to admit where they came from,” says Dr. Miller.

Once, men did everything they could to be associated with plastic surgery. It was thought to be unmanly, so men did all they could to hide their visits to their surgeon. Cowboy movie legend John Wayne is thought to have had surgery, including a necklift, but never admitted it, thinking it would interfere with his tough guy image.

But now, men are realizing that surgery isn’t just for women, and they aren’t afraid to admit it.

Blepharoplasty and browlifts are popular procedures to remove the lines around the eyes.

“The eyes are the focal point of the face,” says Dr. Miller. “If you feel young and vigorous, but your eyes look tired, what image are you actually portraying to the world?”

Removing the lines and bags around the eyes can take years off of the appearance. Men love the effect it provides.

Another common procedure, with more than 20,000 performed in 2012, is gynecomastia. This procedure removes extra fatty tissue in the chest area, and the procedure is so advanced, it provides a completely natural looking result.

As we age, sometimes what we see in the mirror tells a different story than what we feel on the inside. And plastic surgery can help men look the way they feel, just as it has done for women for years. And as technology advances, surgeons can provide results that look as natural as can be.

If you’re a man who wonders where the years have gone, and would like to once again look as young as you feel, consider scheduling a consultation with Associates in Plastic Surgery today.


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Making Plastic Surgery Natural

Edison, Marlboro and Warren, N.J. – Recently the internet has been exploding with news on Renee Zelweger’s new face.  The tabloids are saying that she is almost unrecognizable due to a possible brow, face and eyelift.  This can potentially have a negative effect on people who are contemplating plastic surgery because for the most part, people want to look the same, just refreshed.  “In Hollywood, you will find many examples of excellent plastic surgery, but unfortunately, that is not always the case,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, an eyelid specialist in New Jerseyreneerenee

renee-zellweger-before-after -lips-surgery


We do not know all the details of Ms. Zelweger’s face, but many people have made guesses as to what is going on. The first thing to remember is that she is older than she was back in the early Bridget Jones Diary days so her face will naturally change. As we all age, we lose fat in the face, and some people go overboard when trying to correct this – as evidenced when a celebrity’s cheeks become very swollen. At least Ms. Zelweger has not overinjected herself. It looks like she may have had some Botox because the brows are a bit lower than her younger pictures, and she may have had upper eyelid surgery because her eyelids are not as full.

If you had never seen Renee Zelweger before and you saw her now, there would probably be no discussion about possible plastic surgery, because in general, she looks natural. However, she is constantly photographed which puts her at a disadvantage.

Plastic surgeons strive to improve patient’s appearance, self-image, and confidence through both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.  Sometimes, patients can get carried away and undergo too many procedures or procedures that make them appear unnatural. Some examples could be Daryl Hannah, who has been rumored to have gotten a facelift, or Carrot Top, who may have had too many facial fillers and a possible browlift.  Unfortunately, celebrities are placed under a microscope in order to point out all possible flaws, and we as a society feed on all the gossip available. That is why it is vital that plastic surgery look natural.

“If patients want something done that is unnatural, then I generally will not do it,” says Dr. Miller, who also specializes in Botox and Juvederm injections. In general, everyone’s face ages differently. Some people need more injections while others need more lifting. A good plastic surgeon will develop a plan with the patient to enhance his/her natural features and turn back the clock. A good surgeon will not try to make the patient look like someone else or try to make a 50 year old look like a 20 year old. Be sure to go on consultations with several reputable plastic surgeons before deciding to undergo a procedure.

Why Does Frances McDormand Hate Plastic Surgery?

Staten Island, NY – In Hollywood, it seems like every day, a different actress is going under the knife. Plastic surgery is common, but it’s not embraced by all.

Plastic Surgery NYActress Frances McDormand, famous for her role in movies such as “Fargo,” actually feels anger towards those who opt for a rhinoplasty or other procedure. In fact, she recently was quoted as saying “I’m so full of fear and rage about what they’ve done.”

But New York plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller says McDormand’s anger is misplaced.

“Plastic surgery is not something that should be villainized,” says Dr. Miller. “Are there people who take it to the extreme, or who use it to hold on to their youth? Of course. But the majority of patients I see are simply looking for some renewed confidence. And if a small procedure can help them gain back that self-esteem they thought was lost, then that should be celebrated.”

McDormand was also quoted as saying “Looking old should be a boast about experiences accrued and insights acquired, a triumphant signal that you are someone who, beneath that white hair, has a card catalog of valuable information.”

We agree, but aging gracefully can and should occur however a person is most comfortable. Some people choose to dye their hair to cover up their first signs of grey. Others choose Botox or other injectables to disguise lines and wrinkles.

The reasons behind choosing plastic surgery are very personal and different for everyone. We feel strongly that patients should not feel as if they need to justify their actions to anyone, or that they should be vilified for their desire to freshen their look.

“The demand for plastic surgery continues to rise as the stigmas associated with it begin to disappear,” says Dr. Miller. “Statements like McDormand’s don’t do anything but hurt the people who choose plastic surgery. While plastic surgery may not be a decision everyone makes, those who do choose it o so thoughtfully and for reasons very personal to them.”

If McDormand is worried that plastic surgery drives women to attempt to look like teenagers once again, Dr. Miller assures that there are experienced surgeons throughout the country to offer procedures that can help women embrace the beauty that comes along with age, just with a few less lines and wrinkles, or with less sagging skin.

While McDormand is happy with the way her body and face are aging, not everyone might feel the same way. And there are so many procedures today that can help patients feel more confident and optimistic about what the future holds for them.

No matter what your reasons for opting for plastic surgery, you should feel confident in your decision. While we can’t make a 60 year old look 20 again, we can help women and men of all ages gain back the confidence that they may have lost over time. And that’s not a bad thing.

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The Kardashian Bottom – The famous curves are all the rage.

Edison, Warren & Marlboro, New Jersey – If there’s one thing that made the internet buzz on Wednesday it was most definitely Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous behind. The controversy over Paper Magazine’s winter 2014 issue, where she posed completely nude baring her famous derriere has stirred up a lot of feedback from celebrities and people all over the world. Everyone was wondering whether it was photo-shopped and if in fact she has undergone any procedures, like butt implants or fat injections. Well, according to the magazine, the picture was photo-shopped from an original picture of her real butt.


Kim Kardashian has gone to great lengths to prove to the world that she does not have butt implants. This may be true, but is it possible that she had buttock injections? Sources say that she has had the fat from her tummy and thighs taken out by liposuction and injected into her bottom.

It is well accepted nowadays that curves are a desirable trait. The majority of men these days do not want someone that could be confused with a young boy. Curves are what make women sexy. “The days of starving yourself and exercising three times a day to look as thin as possible to attract the opposite sex may be over.” states Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey. Research shows that when deciding whether a woman is attractive, the number one factor men consider is her waist-to-hip ratio.

Women can sometimes go to extreme lengths to get a figure like Kim’s and many other celebrities with vivacious curves, so that they are satisfied with their own bodies and to hopefully attract a man. Some women are able to achieve this body with a clean diet and spending 6 days a week in the gym doing never-ending squats. Unfortunately if you do not have that kind of time and dedication, then there are always other options available such as the Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Implants.

In the most recent years Butt Augmentation has been on the rise thanks to curvaceous celebrities like J.LO, Beyonce and Kim K. There are different ways to achieve the results you want. Depending on your body type and the amount of fat you have in your midsection, Brazilian butt lift may be an excellent option for you.

Women beyond childbearing years often loose their ‘curves’ to an expanding waistline. The Brazilian butt lift is an innovative procedure that begins with liposuction to remove fat from your “problem areas” and then transfers the fat into your buttocks. “This is a wonderful alternative to buttock implants as the result is created with your own fat, extracted from unwanted areas.” states Dr. Cuber, who specializes in the BBL.

If you are one of the lucky women who do not have any fat to liposuction, you can always opt for Buttock implants. Implants will create those gorgeous curves and give you a shapelier backside. They can turn a flat butt into a shapely, perkier one with a single surgical procedure. No matter what procedure is done, just know that it is definitely possible to achieve that hourglass figure you have always wanted.

Do We Live in an Ageist Society?

Edison, NJ – Do you think we live in an ageist society that discriminates, especially against women, as we age? If so, you aren’t alone. Some, such as this New York Times contributor, think that an increase in plastic surgery is a symptom of our ageist culture.

Surgery We’ve written about this topic before, like in this article on Botox potentially helping candidates win elections. And we hear about it in Hollywood all the time – older stars feeling as if they need to have a facelift or other procedure to keep up with the younger starlets and land great roles.

But is this a reality, or is this something we have simply done to ourselves?

“How we age is all about perception,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “Do we really think younger people have more worth in our society? Or have we allowed outside forces to have more influence on us? When you’re in the checkout line of the grocery store, surrounded by magazine covers with young, perfect looking models gracing the cover, it’s hard not to think about how you looked in your prime.”

It’s not really a surprise that the entertainment industry might thrive on images of youthful, beautiful stars. We turn to movies, television and music as an outlet from our own normal lives. But the entertainment industry isn’t the only place where people feel a need to look younger.

Even the tech world has fallen prey to this concept.

When you think of the next big thing in the technology world, you might think of a fresh face barely out of high school. And you wouldn’t be alone – Silicon Valley is quickly becoming Silicone Valley as more people over the age of 30 are trying to compete with younger innovators.

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg was actually quoted in 2007 as saying “Young people are just smarter.”

And that sentiment seems to be pervading the tech world, with patients as young as their mid to late 20s visiting plastic surgeons for everything from Botox to hair transplants.

Techies are looking for quick fixes to take a few years off, without being completely obvious about what they’re doing. Male patients seek laser treatments to clear up age spots, and ultherapy – an ultrasound that can tighten the skin. They also turn to Botox to remove lines on their face, and seek out treatments to tighten the skin in their necks.

This poses an interesting idea, because we typically associate the idea of ageism, and turning to plastic surgery to combat it, with women. But it seems more and more men are trying to fight off ageism, and aren’t afraid to sit in a plastic surgeon’s office to do it.

“The number of middle aged patients coming to our offices continues to rise,” says Dr. Miller. “And a frequent reason we hear is that they are trying to continue to compete in the workforce.”

Some feel that their wrinkles and grey hair might be impeding their ability to compete with a workforce that just gets younger. Both men and women are turning to facelifts. Women opt for breast and brow lifts and Botox, while men opt to zone in on a certain are with which they are unhappy, such as their nose.

Studies are showing that more Americans feel discriminated against in some way in the workplace because of their age. Some feel it has hindered their ability for promotions or other opportunities. And that is leading them right to the plastic surgeon’s office.

But shockingly, a new study is showing that perceived discrimination because of age actually has negative health benefits. The study, performed by the Florida State University College of Medicine, found that people who had experienced age discrimination suffered worse both physically and emotionally than those who had not.

“I think the results of this study are interesting,” says Dr. Miller. “It discusses people’s perception of discrimination, which could lead one to wonder if ageism is alive and well, or simply something we’ve created out of our own insecurities.”

Dr. Miller explains that sometimes, we feel young, but what our bodies and faces are showing the world instead is a sagging or wrinkled appearance that leads us to feel less confident about ourselves.

“One of the things I love so much about my work is the ability to give patients back their confidence,” says Dr. Miller. “No, I can’t make a 65 year old look 25 again, but I can help them feel as confident as they did when they were 25.”

And wanting to feel young again shouldn’t be condemned. Sometimes, patients who undergo surgery just want to recapture the way they felt when they were in the prime of their lives.

Excellent plastic surgery should never leave someone looking radically different, but instead, should leave a person looking and feeling refreshed. And that means no matter your age, it’s important to choose a good plastic surgeon to do your work. A skilled surgeon will leave people wondering if you actually had surgery, or if you’re just getting more rest, eating better and exercising.

At the end of the day, a person’s decision to undergo plastic surgery is an entirely personal decision. Some may think it’s necessary to compete in today’s marketplace. Some may embrace it as a way to regain some youthful confidence. But one thing is for certain, rather than feeling the need to discuss people’s looks and berate them for choices they have made, we can best combat ageism in our culture by attempting to welcome and appreciate people of all ages, and those who choose to visit a surgeon to freshen up their look, as well as those who choose to age more naturally.


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Can Plastic Surgery Save Your Marriage?


Edison, Warren & Marlboro, New Jersey – Can plastic surgery really save a marriage?  Some women think so, and more are opting to undergo plastic surgery because they think it will keep their spouses interested. “While plastic surgery can improve one’s appearance significantly, it is important to have it done for the right reasons,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, one of the best facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey. A marriage can have stress for a lot of different reasons, and simply having plastic surgery is not always the answer. However, after sacrificing for childbirth, a woman’s body may not be the same, and superficial as it may sound, the man may not be as attracted to her as he used to be. Therefore, a woman can undergo mommy makeover procedures such as tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction to feel better about their appearance, and in some cases, renew the husband’s attraction to her. There is evidence that this is true.

A relationship therapist in central London named Louise Van Der Velde is one of those women who believe that plastic surgery is the answer to a lot of marital issues. Louise not only advocates plastic surgery for women, but she has had numerous surgeries herself. She states that her 40th year will be the fittest she has ever been in her life. She believes that it is nobody’s fault but your own if your husband begins to stray, and has a pro plastic surgery approach to healing marriages. Her client’s ages used to range from 50 to 60 years old, but currently she is seeing patients as young as 40 years old with marriage problems. Some people may not agree with her therapy approach, but she feels like she has had a lot of success in helping marriages with her theories.

“Rekindling a relationship could be a by-product of plastic surgery, but it should not be the goal,” says Dr. Miller who specializes in facelift surgery. “First and foremost, a woman should ensure that they are having a procedure done for themselves.” It is important to have the husband’s support because some help may be needed during the postoperative period to ensure proper healing. In an article in a plastic surgeon speaks about the increase in women having plastic surgery to somehow better their relationship with their husbands. He also states that the patient should always be in the right mindset to undergo any procedure.

The goal of plastic surgery is to improve an area of the body that you may not be happy with. Sometimes the motives may seem strange, but if that basic goal is intact, then the patient is usually happy. Can plastic surgery make a marriage happier? It may be possible, but usually if a marriage is in trouble, there are other reasons involved. Just be sure that the plastic surgery is done to make you happy first, then hopefully everyone else will enjoy it as well.


Is Plastic Surgery Obscuring Ethnicity?

Staten Island, NY – Plastic surgery has become more popular than ever, and more minorities than ever are having procedures performed. The years 2005-2013 saw a drastic increase among minorities seeking cosmetic surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that there was a 126 percent increase in Asian Americans, 56 percent in African Americans and 84 percent increase among Hispanics seeking out procedures.

Beautiful chinese girlSome are wondering if this dramatic increase is leading to ethnicity becoming obscured.

“Skilled plastic surgeons should have experience in performing plastic surgery on a variety of races and ethnicities in order to keep that patient’s heritage intact,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “There are unique characteristics that come with every person’s background. Good plastic surgery shouldn’t detract from that, but should rather embrace that. We want to offer our patients a more beautiful outlook on life, not try to hide who they are.”

But some patients may seek out surgery to alter their ethnic look. Remember when Julie Chen made the astonishing on-air confession that she had undergone blepharoplasty to downplay her Asian looks? She’s not the only one. More people are turning to the procedure to Westernize their look.

“When patients and potential patients open magazines, what do they see looking back at them?” says Dr. Miller. “Beauty is often perceived by how it is presented in the media, so we see women trying to achieve those looks. If a majority of the faces they see tend toward Caucasian features, women may think they need to alter their appearance to achieve that ideal beauty.”

Altering their eyelids isn’t the only “ethnic surgery” patients seek out, either. Rhinoplasty is another common procedure patients seek out.

In the earlier days of cosmetic surgery, many surgeons were only skilled in one type of nose, which was generally a more Westernized look. But as technology has gotten better, and surgeons have become more skilled, they can provide an updated look that embraces the ethnicity of their patient.

But more patients continue to seek out surgeries that will make them look more Caucasian. One study reports that as of 2009, one in five Asian women ages 19 to 49 have undergone some sort of cosmetic procedure, and that number continues to rise.

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Youthful Decisions Could Lead to Future Plastic Surgery

Staten Island, NY – Have you ever seen someone with stretched or “gauged” earlobes and wondered what happens when they decide they don’t want those giant holes in their ears anymore?

Body modification is getting trendier these days, with people from all walks of life getting tattoos and piercings. But unlike tattoos that can be covered up with clothing or standard piercings that can be removed when you don’t want to show them off, earlobes that have been stretched with gauges can’t be easily hidden. And that leaves many heading to their local plastic surgery office.

What exactly is a gauged ear? It’s an earlobe that has been left with a significant sized hole due to stretching overtime. It has been around for centuries, but young people have recently adopted it as a way to set themselves apart. Over the course of time, bigger plugs or pieces of jewelry are placed in the earlobe to make the hole larger. It can take several years for someone to get their ears to the size they desire.

woman earBut after all that work, they may realize that the look is no longer what they want. A decision they made as a teenager may come back to haunt them as they are looking into future careers. Earlobe repair can correct the gauged ears and bring them back to a normal look.

How does the reconstructive surgery work? First, your doctor will suggest you remove your gauges to allow your earlobe to shrink as much as it can naturally. If the hole is still relatively small, it may shrink completely on its own.

However, for large gauged ears, surgery will be required to correct the hole.

The surgery is relatively quick, taking around 30 minutes per earlobe. The process is performed under local anesthesia. Surgeons will begin by cutting the earlobe in two before sewing the skin back together. The surgeon will attempt to recreate a natural shape for the earlobe.

A scar will remain on the earlobe, but will fade over time. It’s important that people who undergo the surgery don’t change their minds after and attempt to gauge their ears again. After the initial stretching and the repair from the surgery, the ear tissue will be delicate and attempting to re-gauge the ear could result in the earlobe tearing in half.

If you thought gauged ears were the look you wanted when you were a teenager, and now regret your decision, a plastic surgeon can easily help you get back the original look of your earlobes. Schedule a consultation today.

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Dubai is Becoming a Plastic Surgery Hub

Edison, NJ – When you think of Dubai, you might think of opulent hotels and luxurious lifestyles. And now, the Middle Eastern country wants to add another title – plastic surgery hub of the Middle East.

For many years, Beirut was known as the place to go under the knife in the Middle East, but Dubai is quickly taking over. And for good reason.

plastic surgeryWho wouldn’t want to recover from a facelift amid the most luxurious hotels and spas around?

Dubai has heavily invested in their medical infrastructure in recent years to rank among the top destinations for medical tourism. And it’s paying off. The emirate hopes to attract half a million medical tourists in the next six years.

The Dubai Health Authority reports that nearly 120,000 medical tourists visited last year, bringing in a total of $200 million dollars. The half a million they want to attract should bring in just over $700 million.

Globally, medical tourism is a booming business, racking up $50 billion a year in revenue. That number is expected to climb closer to $100 billion over the next decade.

So why is Dubai becoming the place to go for a face lift or other surgical procedure? For starters, it’s much safer than other Middle East locations. But more than that, patients can relax and recover in the lap of luxury.

Dubai is home to some of the world’s greatest restaurants and hotels, and sees a large number of tourists each year. Plastic surgeons around the world have recognized this, and some have packed up shop and moved to Dubai to capitalize in the trend. American is home to 20 plastic surgeons for every one million people. In Dubai, there are 52 plastic surgeons per one million people.

It may seem like the market may be saturated, but Dubai continues to see a steady increase in the number of people seeking out cosmetic procedures. And people are coming from all over. One plastic surgeon who practices in Dubai reported performing surgery on people from 73 different nationalities last year.

While it is predominantly women receiving these procedures, the number of men is increasing, as is the number of patients under the age of 23. It’s estimated that nearly 15 percent of all patients having a cosmetic procedure in the UAE was under the age of 23.

In 2012, medical tourists made up about 8.7 percent of Dubai’s total health sector revenue, and that number is expected to continue to rise.

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Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss Surgery

Edison, Warren, &  Marlboro, NJ – According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention there has been a large increase in obesity in the last 20 years in the U.S.  Records show that more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults and approximately 17% (or 12.7 million) of children and adolescents between 2-19 suffer from obesity.  This obesity epidemic can create a significant health problem, as well as not being happy with the appearance of one’s body.  “I feel that each person deserves to feel happy about the way they look, and that confidence can also improve one’s health,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.  For most, diet and exercise is the best therapy because it encourages a healthy lifestyle. However, for those who are extremely overweight, the most popular and beneficial option for them would be bariatric surgery.  This is weight loss surgery in which comes in a variety of different procedures and can produce significant long term loss of weight.


Although bariatric surgery can be a life changing experience for many, some patients are left with extra, loose or hanging skin.  The reason for this is that the skin is stretched from the weight gain, and the skin’s elasticity is lost and cannot be restored. This can be a very unpleasant situation for patients, especially after going through such a significant experience like weight loss surgery. However, there are several plastic surgery procedures such liposuction or tummy tuck which can remove the extra skin and fatty tissue. 

Patients seem to have more success maintaining a substantial weight loss when they opt to have liposuction or tummy tuck.  “A tummy tuck is such a rewarding surgery because it reshapes the body, and gives patients that have gone through all this surgery a gratifying endpoint that they will want to maintain,” says Dr. Cuber, who also specializes in surgeries such as breast augmentation.  An article on discusses the benefits of cosmetic surgery after an excessive amount of weight loss from bariatric surgery.

An armlift or thighlift are other rewarding surgeries to have after weight loss surgery.  As discussed earlier, after bariatric surgery, patients can be stuck with an annoying extra flap of skin on the arms or thighs.  An armlift or thighlift simply excises the extra skin and recontours the area. The result of these surgeries are not only to reshape the body giving it a more attractive profile, but to give patient’s back their self confidence as well. 

All of these cosmetic procedures can be excellent options for patients after bariatric surgery. Also, a facelift can be performed to remove the extra neck skin. Many of these procedures can be performed together or separately, so be sure to see a surgeon who highly experienced in this type of surgery. Bariatric surgery, combined with removal of extra skin, along with diet and exercize can create a permanent result that you will be very happy with.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons Planning a News Show

Cosmetic SurgeryEdison, NJ – When you want to know what’s happening in the world, you turn to your favorite news program. And soon, when you want to know the latest in the world of breast enhancements and other cosmetic procedures, you’ll be able to do the same.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons ITN television network and ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions for a news show dedicated to the field.

The program premiered earlier this month in Chicago and plans to feature stories on standard cosmetic procedures as well as reconstructive surgery.

So what types of stories can you expect to see if you tune in?

  • How surgeons are working hard to ensure patient safety
  • How plastic surgeons are collaborating with other healthcare professionals
  • What we can expect from the future of plastic surgery
  • The stigmas attached to surgery
  • How plastic surgery has a positive effect on patient’s lives, including how it can help after illness or injury

Just as with any news program, there will be an anchor featured in the studio. Page Hopkins will share the latest news, as well as introduce interviews and segments on the latest happenings in the plastic surgery world.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is looking to use the program as a vehicle to promote the unique impact plastic surgery can have on patient’s lives, as well as have the leading voices of the surgical world share their stories.

Viewers should expect more than just fluff pieces on why you should have a blepharoplasty, and rather more pieces that help viewers understand the scope of plastic surgery and the impact it can have.

To find out how you can view the show, visit the ASPS website.

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Body Contouring after Major Weight Loss

Edison, NJ – If you’ve recently had a major weight loss, either through bariatric surgery or through diet and exercise, you’ve probably noticed quite a bit of excess, sagging skin. You worked hard to lose the weight, so don’t let that extra skin hold you back.

“Plastic surgery can help you gain back the confidence you might have left slip away when you were overweight,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller. “Diet and exercise, or bariatric surgery, can help you lose weight. But it can’t do anything about the excess skin that is left over after a dramatic weight loss. But plastic surgery can help. It not only removes that excess skin, it also improves the shape of the underlying tissues.”

Known as body contouring, it can include several procedures. Depending on the areas most effected by your weight loss, you may need a facelift, breast lift, tummy tuck, lower body lift, medial thigh lift and/or an arm lift.

Plastic SurgerySurgeryBefore undergoing body contouring, your weight must have stabilized. For most people, that will be around 18 months following the weight loss. This is important because additional weight loss could lead to more excess skin, while weight gain can affect the results of surgery.

How do you know if you’re a good candidate for body contouring? The experts at Associates in Plastic Surgery offer the following tips:

  • You should be at a stable weight for at least six months. If you are looking for the best results, wait between 18 and 24 months after your weight loss to have the procedures performed. This will allow your skin to naturally shrink as much as possible on its own, and allow your weight, nutrition and exercise habits to become stabilized in your life.
  • You should be in good overall health. Diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions can create issues during and after surgery. Be sure to get cleared for surgery from your primary care physician.
  • You should have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Deficiencies in protein intake can impeded healing, as can smoking. Smoking not only slows down your body’s ability to heal, but can increase the chance of serious complication during surgery and recovery. Quit smoking at least six weeks prior to your surgery.
  • You should be in good mental health, with a clear understanding of what plastic surgery can accomplish. Surgery can offer beautiful results, but your body will not be “perfect” nor will it look like what it did prior to the weight gain.

The Procedures – What to Expect

A lower body lift will reshape the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. An incision will be made in the back of the hips, going around to the front of the thighs. Loose skin and underlying fat tissue will be removed from below the incision. The remaining tissue will be stretched and smoothed.

A tummy tuck will remove any excess skin or fat in the stomach area, and can also remove stretch marks or extra skin in the lower abdomen. The abdominal muscles will be tightened using permanent sutures, and the belly button will be repositioned and brought out into its normal position. Sutures typically span hip to hip, but the scar will run along the bikini line, easily hidden.

Liposuction is used to contour your body and is typically used in conjunction with other procedures. Tiny incisions are made in the location where the excess fat will be removed and a cannula is then inserted. Suction will remove the fat into a vacuum-like hose. A compression garment will then be worn during recovery.

A breast lift can improve the look of sagging breasts, and can be performed in conjunction with a breast enhancement or reduction. The incision varies, depending on the amount of excess skin to be removed, as well as the position of your nipples. The breast will be reshaped and positioned and the nipple and areola are also repositioned. It is also possible to alter the size of the areola by removing skin around the perimeter of the areola. The remaining skin will be tightened and closed, ensuring the proper support is given to the newly shaped breasts. Most surgeons will also use skin adhesives and surgical tape to help support the skin.

The upper arm is a common area in which to remove excess fat. Aging and weight loss can leave the upper arms looking flabby, but an arm lift can contour the arms to look more youthful. As with a breast lift, the incision will depend on the amount of skin to be removed, but are typically placed on the inside or back of the arm. If you have additional stubborn fat that you’d like removed as well, liposuction can also be done in the area.

A thigh lift will tighten and tone your thighs, offering a more well-proportioned look. You’ll need to meet with a plastic surgeon to determine the type of thigh lift that is right for you.

The most popular is an inner thigh lift that works best on patients with a moderate amount of skin and fat to remove.

A vertical thigh lift is more appropriate if there is a significant amount of fat to remove. The incision will go from the groin to the inner knee, so the scar will be visible on the inner thigh.

An outer thigh lift requires an incision from the groin to the hip. A spiral thigh lift is a newer procedure that involves an incision along the buttock fold.

The type of procedure(s) that will be best for you will be determined after a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Together, you and a qualified surgeon can discuss your goals for after surgery to decide which procedure(s) will offer the results you desire. If more than one procedure is decided upon, your surgeon will be able to advise in what steps those should be taken to ensure the best results.

You’ve worked hard to lose the weight – you shouldn’t have to work hard to hide the excess skin that results. Schedule your consultation today.
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Breast cancer awareness month

breast cancer

Edison, Warren, and Marlboro N.J.October is breast cancer awareness month which is a national campaign to increase the awareness of the disease. “Every woman should be properly informed and know the correct way to monitor themselves to hopefully detect breast cancer at an early stage.” says Dr. Shain Cuber a breast augmentation specialist in New Jersey.   According to an article in the Huffington post  a woman born today has a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  Women that are considering breast augmentation often have concerns related to the risks of surgery, the healing process, and the safety of their breast implants.

One question that should be asked is about the ability to detect breast cancer after breast implants are placed. For many that have breast augmentation, the protocol can be a little different to ensure that you are thoroughly evaluated. The goal of this article is not to scare a prospective patient, but for education purposes.   Breast augmentation does not block the ability to detect future breast cancer. Several studies have tried and failed to turn up any link between breast implants and breast cancer. An additional concern that some women have is that mammography may miss some breast cancers in women with implants. This, too, is largely unfounded. There are just some different screening methods to be aware of.

To begin with the breast implants can compress the remaining breast tissue, making it more difficult for some radiologists to read. However, studies still show that mammograms are an effective way to screen for breast cancer in women with breast implants. If you have breast implants, there are steps to take to make your mammogram reading more effective.

First, locate a facility that performs mammograms on many women with breast implants. This can be done by calling radiology locations and asking the staff if the radiologists have a large amount of experience performing and reading mammograms of women with breast implants. It is important to know that the clinic obtains special mammogram views in addition to the standard mammogram images to better evaluate the breast tissue with the implants in place.

Also, speak up about your breast implants at your appointment.  When you make your appointment and again when you arrive at your appointment, tell the staff that you have breast implants. Lastly if there are any changes in your breasts, be sure to inform your doctor promptly. He or she will talk with the radiologist to decide whether additional imaging is needed. “Most importantly, stick to your annual mammogram schedule and continue monthly breast self-exams, as they are the most effective strategies for early detection of breast cancer.” says Dr. Cuber, a top breast surgeon in New Jersey.

Breast cancer is most curable when detected early, which is the purpose of better awareness throughout the community. With a good screening regimen, there is no reason why one can’t have and enjoy breast implants without worrying about detecting cancer if it occurs.




Non Invasive Procedures

Edison, Warren & Marlboro, NJ - It seems like every time we turn around a new procedure is being offered that gives wonderful results. While some of these procedures are actually good, many of them do not live up to the hype. Patients typically call the office after seeing a new procedure on Dr. Oz or another daytime talk show. “The important thing to remember is that most of these show appearances and internet postings are advertising by the company making the device in order to sell it,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey. It is not a scientific study to determine if the procedure really works.


It is fine for people to get excited about a new product offering wonderful results. More and more, patients are looking for newer procedures that are minimally or non invasive. Advertising companies know this fact and will play to it when marketing a new product, so it is vital to have a plastic surgeon you can trust to give you proper advice. “We often wait at least two years before buying a new laser or other product to see how the long terms effects play out,” says Dr. Miller who also specializes in CoolSculpting. “We also bring in the equipment and try it out on the staff or relatives to make sure it works. Then you can be sure you will be undergoing a worthwhile procedure.”

Having said that, there are several minimally or noninvasive procedures that have had great success. To begin with, let’s say you were not happy with the aging appearance of your face, but did not have time for a surgical recovery. A great combination of procedures can be performed to significantly rejuvenate the face. The fraxel laser is a non ablative laser that can improve skin texture, brown spots, and fine lines. Botox can remove active wrinkles of the brow or crow’s feet. Fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, and Voluma can fill hollows and lift up the cheeks. A photofacial can remove little blood vessels. Taken all together, these procedures can provide awesome results without down time. discusses some other non invasive procedures. 

A great noninvasive procedure for the body is CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical method of removing fat by freezing the area. This procedure is based on research done at HarvardMedicalSchool, and has been on the market for four years, so its results are proven. The best part is that there is no preparation, anesthesia, or downtime, and people say it is actually relaxing to go in for 4-8 hours of quiet time away from their hectic life. CoolSculpting is recommended for the tummy, waistline, and inner and outer thighs, and has been shown to have great long term results.  There are several articles that discuss Coolsculpting and one can be see in

 So be sure to consult a reputable plastic surgeon about all the possible noninvasive procedures out there, which ones work, and what would be best for you.



How Long will My Plastic Surgery Last?

Staten Island, NY – Plastic surgery can be expensive. The average breast enhancement is $3,500, while a tummy tuck will run in the neighborhood of just over $5,000. So before you invest in a procedure, just how long can you expect the effects of your surgery to last?

Plastic SurgeryFor many patients, a facelift is like turning back the clocks to a fresher faced self. But will that last?

“A facelift can typically last around 10 years,” says surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller. “But the results and length those results last depend on several issues. Skin quality, changes in weight, and things such as whether the patient is a smoker or has spent a lot of time in the sun.”

The answer to how long the effects of a facelift will last are different for everyone. The facial tissues will remain tighter than pre-surgery, but the results will fade some over time as you continue to age. How long until that happens depends on the procedure you have done and the skill of your surgeon, along with genetics and lifestyle factors. But with the right procedure, you should be able to enjoy your results for well over a decade.

How about a breast enhancement? How long will your implants really last?

Breast enhancement continues to be the number one cosmetic procedure, and for good reason – the results can last for decades. That’s right – for some women, breast implants won’t need to be replaced for 25 years! Still, others may need theirs replaced after just a few years. The average length of time before patients should replace their implants is around 10 years.

After 10 years, an implant can develop hairline fractures and start to harden at the surface. Through normal activity, the implants can move and shift over time, wearing down and leading to needing to be replaced.

As for a tummy tuck, patients who continue to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine can enjoy their results for years and years. Gravity and aging can have some effect on your results, but they should be minimal. However, if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight after surgery, your results will be altered.

Tummy tucks should be performed after a woman is finished having children. Most doctors recommend waiting at least 6 months after your last baby to ensure your body has had plenty of time to recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

While results will be different for everyone depending on the type of surgery they choose and the surgeon performing the surgery, most plastic surgery procedures will last for many years, making them well worth the initial investment.
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Plastic Surgery Overseas – Worth the Risk?

Edison, Marlboro, Warren, NJ – Traveling overseas to have a cosmetic surgery procedure can be a tempting option. Plastic surgeons in other countries often offer cheaper prices than doctors in the United States. While plastic surgery is often very costly, the potential savings could have some major downfalls and risks. It is important and beneficial to fully understand the dangers of getting plastic surgery done overseas.


There is a growing trend to go overseas for procedures that include breast augmentation, liposuction, and buttock implants at a hugely discounted rate. However there are several dangers involved with tourism surgery. Doctors often may not be fully trained to do these types of surgeries so complications are not uncommon. There also may be a higher risk for bacterial infections with many facilities having unclear sterilization techniques. In some cases patients have been hospitalized after returning back home to the United States. Unfortunately there have been a number of women whose surgeries resulted in the loss of their lives due to complications.

As reported in the NY Daily News, one woman traveled to a Doctor recommended by friends in the Dominican Republic expecting to undergo a Tummy Tuck at an extremely discounted rate, and ended up losing her life on the operating room table. Reports by Huffington Post also released information regarding another incident involving the former Miss Argentina 1994, Solange Magnano, who died from a pulmonary embolism complication during a gluteoplasty procedure to enlarge her buttocks.

While many foreign surgeons are quite skilled, they don’t always go through the same type of training as American doctors. Verifying the type of training a surgeon has received can be quite a challenge. Besides the risk of being treated by an inexperienced or unqualified cosmetic surgeon, the chances of receiving surgery in an ill-equipped facility are also very real. “Liposuction and many other cosmetic procedures are major surgeries that can result in serious injury or death if performed incorrectly or in unsanitary conditions,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.  When patients consider cosmetic procedures inside the U.S., it is possible to interact with doctors and nurses prior to a surgery. In overseas surgery you do not get to meet the surgeon or see the surgical facility until you are on the ground in a foreign land. You may find the facility unsuitable to your liking in some way, or the surgeon may have an off-putting bedside manner. At that point, it is too late to reconsider without sacrificing a great deal of time and money.

Cosmetic surgery tourism comes with a long list of potential problems that surpass any financial savings that you might think you have found. “Foreign countries sometimes use implants that haven’t been approved by the FDA. This means they can be a lower quality and not up to the standards we are accustomed to in the United States,” says Dr. Cuber, who specializes in breast augmentation. One other major problem that can occur is that if you develop complications or are unsatisfied after you return home you will not have access to the surgeon who did the initial procedure. You will now have to find a surgeon who’s willing to correct the problem, pay the additional fees, and spend even more time recovering. Partly for legal reasons, some U.S. doctors may be reluctant to correct complications from abroad. Revision surgery for botched cases can end up costing far more than the original procedure and unfortunately U.S. malpractice laws don’t apply in other countries.

Another complication to consider is that flying can have an affect on your body negatively if you have just undergone surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons does not recommend flying for 10 days after rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, facelift or liposuction because of the risk of blood clot formation that could result in a life threatening pulmonary embolism.

This article is not meant to imply that one should never consider cosmetic surgery in a foreign country. It is just vital to do your homework first. When all is said and done, you must think wisely that just because you may be saving a few dollars you do not want to take a big risk when having plastic surgery overseas.

Can Breast Implants Impede Cancer Screening?

Edison, NJ – Have you long considered the idea of breast implants, but are worried that implants might impede breast cancer screenings? This can be a common concern among plastic surgery-minded women who also have a history of breast cancer in their families. But do they really need to be concerned?

According to the NJ plastic surgeons at Associates in Plastic Surgery, there’s no cause for real concern, as long as you take a few precautions.

Annual mammograms should begin at the age of 40. The average age of a woman receiving breast augmentation surgery is 34. So even if you’ve already had a boob enhancement and have yet to experience your first mammogram, there’s no need to fear.

Breast implantFirst, it’s important to remind whomever is doing you mammogram that you have implants. To get the images needed, the breast is flattened during a mammogram. Implants can prevent the breast from flattening, and make it more difficult to see the breast tissue. But that can be solved by taking additional images during the mammogram.

“If your technician is aware of your implants prior to your mammogram, they will be prepared to get all of the images they need for a clear view,” says Dr. Shain Cuber. “The implant will need to be moved out of the way to get a better view. It’s also recommended to have a mammogram right after you get your implants. That way, your doctor has a place to start from for all future tests.”

Some women who have already had implants may be avoiding mammograms out of fear that they may damage the implant. Flattening you breast sounds like an implant accident waiting to happen, right?

Dr. Cuber assures that implant ruptures caused by mammograms are extremely rare. The benefits associated with a mammogram far outweigh any potential risks to your implants.

And many mammography centers around the country are embracing new 3D technology that provides even greater detail and is ideal for women with implants.

Some may also wonder if there is any connection between breast implants and breast cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, studies have found no connection between breast implants and breast cancer. However, a 2011 study by the Food and Drug Administration discovered a possible link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

ACLC is a very rare cancer that affects the immune system that can develop in various parts of the body. ALCL is diagnosed in around 1 in 500,000 women a year, but ACLC in the breast is found on only 3 in 100 million women a year. There are only 60 cases of ACLC among women with breast implants worldwide.

Researchers haven’t yet determined how a breast implant could affect a women’s risk for developing ACLC or if a certain type of implant, either saline or silicone, results in a higher risk. The connection has yet to be clearly defined, and is still being researched.

It’s extremely important once you have had implants to get an idea for their new look and feel. Women should be performing breast exams every month to look for changes in their breasts, and women with implants will need to get a feel for their new breasts in order to better detect any potential changes.

For self-exams, breast implants can actually be a bit of an advantage because the implants tend to push the natural breast tissue to the surface. That means you might be able to find a lump easier.

Women should begin performing breast self-exams in their 20s. It’s important to be familiar with the look and feel of your breasts so that you can report any changes you find to your doctor immediately. Changes do not necessarily mean you have cancer, but breast cancer is easiest to treat in its earliest stages.

Performing a monthly breast exam is important for all women, with and without implants. If you have implants, it might mean your approach to your self-exam might change slight.

First, it’s important to discuss with your surgeon how you can determine what is breast tissue and what is the implant. Then you’ll be able to tell if any changes you feel are simply the new implant, or a change in your actual breast tissue.

It’s best to perform a self-exam while lying down because it allows the breast tissue to spread out. This will make it easier for you to find any lumps or bumps.

Using the pads of your fingers, thoroughly examine each breast. Use your fingers to make small circles up and down your breasts, allowing yourself to feel the tissue at each location. For women with implants, it’s important that you press firmly at the edges of the implant to check for changes in the tissue.

Avoid using too much pressure. As you get used to self-exams, you’ll discover the areas that need slightly more pressure. Ask your surgeon to walk you through how to best perform a self-exam once your breast implants have healed.

Once your physical exam is finished, do a quick mirror check. Place your hands on your hips and examine your breasts for chances in size or shape, as well as texture. Look closely at your nipples, as well to notice any changes in size or how they are positioned. Also check for any discharge when the nipple is squeezed.

Next, feel your armpits for any strange lumps.

Call your doctor if you notice any new bumps, dimpling, puckering, skin discoloration, swelling, redness or changes to the nipple.

If you’re considering breast implants and have a family history of breast cancer, discuss this with your surgeon prior to the surgery. He or she can explain how to properly perform self-exams and what you’ll need to discuss with a mammogram technician post-surgery.

Breast implants can add increased confidence for women of all ages and stages of life. And when combined with a proper screening regimen, should have no negative impact on breast cancer screenings.
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Celebrity Mommy Make-Overs


Edison, Warren & Marlboro, New Jersey – Most people don’t really understand how much pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body.  From celebrities to stay-at-home moms, most every woman struggles with losing the baby weight and getting their body back to where it was pre-baby. “Patients see famous people having babies and looking great afterwards, so they want the same thing for themselves,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Women’s bodies can change drastically after giving birth; most likely, the breasts will change shape, get smaller and more droopy. This can be corrected by a combination of breast augmentation plus mastopexy, which can replace the lost fullness and lift the breasts to the pre-pregnancy position.  Articles have hinted that celebrities, like Victoria Beckham, have been rumored to have breast augmentation to lift and firm their breasts after having babies.

In addition to breast surgery liposuction and tummy tuck are important components to a mommy makeover. Pregnancy stretches the abdominal muscles and creates extra skin. A tummy tuck can help a woman regain the flat abdomen she once had before pregnancy, and celebrities have no problem having that procedure as well.

The pressure the majority of these celebrities face on a daily basis forces them to get back into shape faster then most.  Some celebrities are so private and they don’t want it to be public knowledge that they have gotten plastic surgery after having children. There are certain celebrities that don’t mind if anyone knows, like Patricia Heaton, from the TV sitcom, “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  The mother of four comfortably speaks about her plastic surgery, from getting a tummy tuck to breast augmentation and lift from her breasts working overtime for feedings.  Heaton states in an article that “plastic surgery is like the big elephant sitting in the Hollywood living room. Everyone does it and apparently, no one is supposed to talk about it.” said Heaton.

Even though Hollywood standards may be unattainable for the average person, many women are choosing cosmetic surgery to improve their own bodies. It is important not to try and necessarily copy what you hear coming out of Hollywood. Articles often describe how a celebrity had a tummy tuck at the same time as childbirth, when in general, this is not recommended. After delivery it is best to wait 3-6 months for the body to go completely back to normal. Then when you are back to your baseline state a great improvement can be attained, and the tissue is more ready to undergo surgery.

“So even if you are not a celebrity and you feel like exercising is just not enough to get your body back after pregnancy, plastic surgery is a great way to get results,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, who also specializes in liposuction.  It is vital to contact a highly experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your goals after pregnancy. Undergoing a procedure that is tailored to you and is performed in a safe environment should give great results.

Is There Such Thing as the Perfect Breast?

Edison, NJ – A London-based plastic surgeon has found what he believes are the perfect breast proportions, according to a formula he created that is backed by public opinion.

breast ImplantAccording to Dr. Patrick Malluci, this ideal breast have an ideally placed nipple meridian, which he believes to be 45 percent of the breast lying above the nipple, and 55 percent below. That would mean the nipple would appear to point upward at approximately 20 degrees. Dr. Malluci believes this creates a “beckoning” breast.

So who has these “scientifically perfect” breasts? Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Scarlett Johansson are two of the celebrities who fit Dr. Malucci’s formula.

Dr. Malucci formulated a hypothesis that that the size of the upper and lower portions of the breast, relative to each other and the nipple, hold the key to determining the perfect breast. In his hypothesis, the perfect breasts are only slightly smaller in the upper breast than in the lower.

To support his hypothesis, he then asked 1,300 people to rank four differently proportioned breasts. An overwhelming 87 percent of respondents chose the breasts with the 45:55 percent ratio.

Dr. Malucci’s findings are interesting because often, women visit their plastic surgeon’s office looking for breast implants, only thinking about what the breasts will look like while they are clothed. Fuller tends to be better – the more your breasts fill out that little black dress, the better. Or so many may think.

But Dr. Malucci’s study shows women what the ideal can truly be, and encourages that rather than looking just for fullness, women talk with their surgeon’s about the overall aesthetic look of the breast, both to fill out clothes and in the naked form.

“So what does this study actually tell us?” says Dr. Shain Cuber, who performs NJ breast augmentation procedures. “The perfect breast enhancement isn’t just about size, it’s also about shape. In our culture, we always tend to think bigger is better. But what we as plastic surgeons should be focusing on with our patients is reaching the ideal proportions.”

Dr. Malucci’s study interviewed people of all ages, races, genders and cultures, and the response was overwhelming that no matter what size of breast the respondents were shown, their ideal fit into the 45:55 proportion.

Dr. Malucci has been using this formula in his procedure for years, and has encouraged other surgeons to follow suit. And he points out that this isn’t a recent phenomenon. If you take a look through art history, many artists have chosen the same proportions for their subjects.

He believes that this formula gives both women and their surgeons something to strive for to achieve the best surgical result.

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Do You Suffer From Boot Bulge

Edison, NJ – Fall has arrived, which means skinny jeans and fashionable boots. But for women who have larger calves, it means something else – boot bulge.

NJ Plastic SurgeryBoot bulge is a phenomenon known to women with large calves, who struggle zipping up those knee-high boots during the fall and winter.

But there is a solution. Just as you can turn to liposuction to help rid you of that muffin top that doesn’t seem to go away, you can also use the procedure to rid yourself of boot bulge.

That’s right, women are now turning to Edison plastic surgeons to help them fit better into their stylish boots.

But the procedure won’t work on women whose calves are comprised of mainly muscle – there has to be some fat in the area to remove. But for some women, the calves are an area that might not respond as well to attempts at weight loss. The calves can be a tough area to work out, so for women with stubborn deposits of fat, liposuction can be a solution.

However, NJ plastic surgeons advise women to undergo the procedure months before they hope to fit into those boots. While for most women, it may take four months or so to see the results, for some women, it can take up to 10 months for some women to be fully recovered and see the end results from the procedure.

While liposuction is a common procedure, patients will be put under anesthesia and should be in good overall physical health prior to surgery. Patients should be at or near their ideal weight. The procedure itself will take between one and one and a half hours to complete.

After surgery, patients will be required to wear compression stockings for approximately two months to assist with swelling. Swelling may persist for several months following surgery.

If you’re tired of boot bulge and want to indulge in fall fashions, consider scheduling a consultation with the surgeons at Associates in Plastic Surgery.

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How to Talk to Your Friend About Her Plastic Surgery

Doctor and patientStaten Island, NY – Do you have a friend who has recently updated his or her appearance, but you aren’t sure if you should mention it or not? Plastic surgery is becoming more popular, so chances are, at some point, this situation might come up. But is it a good idea to mention your friend’s breast augmentation before she brings it up?

“In most cases, patients aren’t shy about talking about their procedures,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top Staten Island plastic surgeon. “But it can be a delicate subject – you know your friend had a rhinoplasty, but hasn’t mentioned it. Is that because she doesn’t want to talk about it, or because she’s waiting for you to notice?”

Have you had previous conversations with the friend about plastic surgery? If you’ve ever voiced concern or disapproval about cosmetic surgery, your friend may not want to discuss it with you out of fear of being criticized for his or her decision.

“Deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure is a very personal one,” says Dr. Miller. “Often, we don’t’ realize how much people are actually bothered over certain parts of their appearance. One of the best aspects of my job is getting to see the increase in self-esteem my patients experience after their surgery. To you, your friend may have seemed fine before – even beautiful. But even a small correction to one’s appearance can make a world of difference in their self-confidence.”

What should you do if you’re pretty sure your friend had a tummy tuck, or a nose or breast job, but hasn’t mentioned it?

Dr. Miller suggests you begin the conversation by complimenting their renewed confidence and happiness. This can spark a conversation about what has led to their now always present smile.

But some patients may want to keep their decision to undergo surgery to themselves. Dr. Miller recommends not pressing the subject with your friend.

“You may be fairly certain your friend had surgery,” says Dr. Miller. “But that doesn’t mean you should point it at the next time you see him or her. Even as adults, we all have insecurities – and one of those can be admitting that we feel insecure. Especially for successful men and women, admitting we think we have a fault can make us uncomfortable.”

And that’s where a good plastic surgeon comes into play. It’s the job of Dr. Miller to make sure his patient’s end up with results that are as natural as possible. And that means that unless your friend is going from an A cup to a D cup, you shouldn’t be able to tell right away if she had surgery at all. A great surgeon will leave you wondering “did she or didn’t she?”

So what’s the bottom line?

Part of making people feel comfortable is removing that taboo that has often been associated with plastic surgery. The more people talk about it, the more the stigma begins to fade away. But, you should never press your friend to discuss something he or she doesn’t want to. So our best answer is, unless it’s a very close friend or you’ve had previous discussions about surgery, stick to praising their increased confidence and happiness, and save the surgery talk for if and when he or she brings it up.
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Marijuana and Man Boobs?

Edison, NJ – Gynecomastia is a condition that causes men to have enlarged breasts. It affects anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of men aged 25 to 45, but can affect up to 60 percent of men over the age of 50. It some cases, it may be genetic, but in most it is caused by a hormonal imbalance.

Male breast reductionAnd some are now wondering, could marijuana use lead to the condition?

When a male’s body sees a dip in testosterone levels, and estrogen levels begin to overpower, the body will respond by creating excess breast tissue. Some believe that chronic marijuana use leads to lower testosterone levels.

Animal studies found that the active ingredient in marijuana did seem to cause a decrease in testosterone levels. Human studies have not provided answers that are as straight-forward, however. But the Mayo Clinic does list marijuana use in their list of habits that could lead to gynecomastia.

Because the use of marijuana has been illegal, studies to determine its relationship to gynecomastia have typically had very small sample sizes. However, now that many states are seeing the drug legalized, researchers may be able to increase their studies and determine more conclusive results.

According to the American Socity of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic surgery to correct gynecomastia was the fifth most common procedure for men. In 2012, it actually increased 30%. And the legalization of marijuana in many places around the country leads some plastic surgeons wondering if the demand for the procedure will increase even further.

The first study on the subject was performed in the 70s, and there is very strong evidence pointing to lower testosterone levels in marijuana users, and even that heavy use of the drug could delay puberty in male users.

While the studies have not been conclusive, it does appear that a link between the two is very likely. And many plastic surgeons are now adding cannabis use to their list of questions to discuss with patients before surgery. So, if you are a male seeking surgery to correct your gynecomastia, don’t be surprised if your surgeon not only asks about your cannabis use, but also encourages you to discontinue its use.
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Huffington Post Listed Reasons Against Surgery – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Them

Plastic SurgeryEdison, NJ – The Huffington Post recently published an article titled “4 Good Reasons To Never Get Plastic Surgery.” In the article, the author tried to dissuade people from choosing surgery to change their looks. Dr. Andrew Miller explains why this article might be misleading.

1. It’s pricey

“It’s true that cosmetic procedures aren’t cheap,” says Dr. Miller. “But that’s for good reason. Plastic surgeons are highly trained and skilled, and the work they do is meticulous. It’s our job to take the youth and beauty that you feel on the inside, and manifest that to the outside world. And ours isn’t an easy job. We always aim to ensure our patients look as natural as possible, and that takes precision and dedication to continuing our pursuit of knowledge. You get what you pay for, and you should want the best.”

But the price you pay for the surgery is small compared to the improvements it can make in your life. Dr. Miller and his colleagues at Associates in Plastic Surgery not only help patients look beautiful, they help them gain back confidence that might have been lost.

The national average for a tummy tuck is $5,278. But for a woman who finds herself excited to wear a bikini for the first time since the birth of her children, that can be considered a small price to pay for the renewed self-confidence.

2. It can be addictive.

“There are always extremes in every part of our culture,” says Dr. Miller. “Sure, there are people who we might consider addicted to plastic surgery. But that percentage is very, very small. The majority of patients seeking breast augmentations and other cosmetic procedures simply want to look and feel their best. Using this as an argument sounds more like a scare tactic.”

The article used the example of patients with body dysmorphic disorder in their discussion of addiction. We’ve discussed BDD before, and know that it only affects around two percent of the population. That’s a very tiny population.

But, BDD is a serious disorder that plastic surgeons should be aware of. It’s one thing to go in every few months for a Botox refresher. It’s another to see a doctor every few months for major surgeries.

“The truth is, the number of people who become addicted to plastic surgery is very small,” says Dr. Miller. “The vast majority of patients we see are people who simply want a refreshed look, and a tummy tuck or other procedure is enough. There are very rarely patients who come back for endless more procedures. But, a patient might have a tummy tuck and love the way she now looks. She might then want to come back and see us for a breast lift or another small enhancement. Pursuing another surgery doesn’t mean she’s addicted.”

3. It’s risky business.

Plastic surgery is surgery. There’s no getting around that. But, when performed by a licensed and well-trained surgeon, in a licensed medical clinic, there is very little to worry about.

We’ve all heard horror stories of terrible things happening to people who’ve chosen to undergo a cosmetic procedure. But in most of those cases, there is one thing linking them – someone who wasn’t trained in plastic surgery performing the procedure.

There are some complications and side effects that can occur after surgery, which is why it is important to be honest with your physician and follow all after-care instructions given. In very rare instances, patients can experience issues the article discussed, such as nerve damage, unsightly scarring, blood clots or infection. But those cases are extremely rare.

“As with any big decision in your life, you should be sure to research,” says Dr. Miller. “Do your due diligence to be sure the surgeon you plan to see has plenty of experience performing the procedure you are looking for. And don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials to be sure former patients are happy with their results.”

4. You might be unhappy with the results.

“One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to see the joy on people’s faces when they see their results,” says Dr. Miller. “There are some patients I’ve worked on who never thought they could look as good as they do now. It’s my job to take the beauty that is lying hidden inside and manifest it on the outside.”

And that’s another reason why you should pick your surgeon carefully and always ask to see before and after results. Be wary of a surgeon who doesn’t want to share photos of his patient’s results with you.

Patient’s also need to have a realistic expectation going in to surgery. You may decide to have an arm lift because you admire Kelly Ripa’s toned biceps. But that doesn’t mean you’ll leave your surgeon’s office looking like Kelly.

If you’ve had plastic surgery and are unhappy with the results, there are options to correct that surgery. Sometimes, less qualified surgeons don’t have the experience to know all of the tricks of the trade. Every face is different, which means that sometimes there is more nuance to a procedure than in others.

The article used this statement to dissuade readers from plastic surgery:
“A Norwegian study found that adolescent girls who underwent cosmetic surgery were more likely to show symptoms of anxiety and depression, which researchers concluded, means cosmetic surgery won’t fix any underlying mental health problems which drive you to it.”

That’s true – if you suffer from mental health issues, changing the way you look on the outside isn’t the solution to your problems. And plastic surgeons are trained to help their patients understand what can be achieve through surgery and to explain that there are limits to what surgery can accomplish.

“If a surgeon suspects that any sort of mental illness may be behind the patient’s desire to undergo plastic surgery, it’s in both of their best interests not to go through with the surgery,” says Dr. Miller. “We can recommend mental health experts that can offer the type of help these patients truly need. Plastic surgery is not a cure-all, and it’s very important for patients and potential patients to understand that. It can’t change who you are, or help you change your life. And surgery should never be sought out to please someone else.”

The article ended with this “So, love yourself…”

We couldn’t agree more. We think everyone should love him or herself, and if a bit of plastic surgery can help you achieve that, then we are here to help.


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Hair Transplants

Edison, Warren, Marlboro N.J – Hair loss can be a sensitive subject for people who have experienced it.  It can affect how one feels in social situations and lessen confidence in some situations.  A hair transplant can help increase this confidence by simply reestablishing a new hairline. One important feature about this particular procedure is that it uses your existing hair.  The hair is usually harvested from a different area of the scalp such as the back of the head. It is then implanted in the balding area to create a new hairline.

New advancements in hair restoration have allowed both men and women to regain the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Not only does a hair restoration procedure help individuals to regain a sense of their youthfulness, it can also help build their confidence.  Just look at some of the celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Brendan Fraiser and Elton John.  These men have to keep up with their appearance for their careers.  “However when considering a hair transplant, it important to remember there are limits to what can be done with your existing hair and reducing the appearance of baldness,” says Dr. Andrew Miller a facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey.


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, hair transplant surgery typically has a high success rate. The most common type of hair transplanted is a Follicular Unit. This is a natural grouping of hair that will look very natural after transplantation. There is always a chance that a few of the hairs won’t survive, and usually, right after the procedure, the transplanted hair may fall out. But after a couple months it will start to grow and look very natural.  According to the recovery from this type of procedure depends on the extent of the surgery.   Most patients report mild pain, numbness and soreness.  This is easily controlled with pain medication.

There are other uses for hair restoration such as an eye brow transplant and eye lash restoration. Your eyebrows provide definition and expression for your face. Whether sparse as a result of injury, plucking, illness, or heredity, the effects of missing brows can be significant no matter what your gender. “While many people may get by with the eyebrow pencil or tattooing, it is possible to transplant your own hair to create natural eyebrows that last forever,” says Dr. Miller, who also specializes in eyelid surgery in New Jersey.  Eye lash restoration can make your lashes fuller and more natural than using extensions or false lashes.

Its always best to do your research and to be knowledgeable of any procedure your are considering.  Meet with a few different doctors and have a list of questions to ask.  This way you have the  best chance of a great outcome.


Will My Cup Size Be Affected by a Breast Lift?

plastic surgery breastEdison, NJ – A study published over the summer in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that, on average, women’s cup size decreased by one size after a breast lift. But why might that be? Dr. Shain Cuber, a top NJ plastic surgeon, explains more.

“This finding is important for patients, as well as plastic surgeons, to understand,” says Dr. Cuber. “The effects of the breast lift result in a better fit when wearing a bra, and is not an indication of a true loss of overall breast size.”

The study followed women who had a breast lift at an average age of 47. None of them had breast augmentations or reductions of any significance. Researches took into account weight gain and other factors that might affect bra size.

The women followed in the study reported an average decrease of one cup size, and none of them reported a change in the type of bras they purchased.

So if a breast lift is supposed to only do just that, lift the breasts, with no significant removal of tissue, why would a patient’s cup size decrease? The researchers believe it is because most women don’t actually wear the correct bra size to begin with, and after surgery, they discover a better bra fit and more comfort.

The researchers found that most women who experience sagging breasts may find more comfort by wearing a bra that is a bit looser, hence their bigger cup size before surgery. So once the breasts have been lifted, women may find that a smaller cup size is actually more comfortable for them.

“This is really important for us as physicians,” says Dr. Cuber. “One of the most important parts of our job is to manage patient expectations. Being able to have this conversation before surgery can help us avoid upset patients after surgery. We can help our patients understand their true cup size.”

It is important to note that the women followed in the study were all on the lower end of normal body weight scales and were at least a C cup prior to surgery. Findings might be different for smaller breasted women or heavier women.

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Be Sure Your Plastic Surgery is Performed by a Plastic Surgeon

Staten Island, NY – Imagine this scenario – you decide it’s time for a tummy tuck and visit the office of a doctor who advertises he performs them. But right before you agree to have him perform your surgery, you find out that he isn’t a plastic surgeon at all, and in fact, had no experience in plastic surgery prior to deciding to begin offering surgeries.

plastic surgeryDoes that sound crazy? Unfortunately, it’s all too true. Your doctor may be licensed by the state, but his or her specialty may not be anything even close to plastic surgery. But that fact doesn’t stop many from making the lucrative jump into the field of cosmetic surgery.

Checking to see if you surgeon is licensed is an important step when selecting a surgeon. But are you checking what the surgeon’s specialty actually is?

More physicians are turning to cosmetic surgery to boost their revenues, and have beautiful clinics that lead patients to believe they are highly skilled cosmetic surgeons. And with more surgeries being performed outside of hospitals and in surgery centers, it’s even easier for these physicians.

The New York Times reported on this phenomenon two years ago, and if anything, the field is getting even more crowded with these non-plastic surgeons.

“Patients need to take on a buyer beware mentality now, unfortunately,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, one of the best plastic surgeons in NY. “It’s not uncommon these days for patients to unknowingly receiving a breast augmentation from someone whose specialty is not in actual cosmetic surgery. And that means you may be in the hands of someone who doesn’t have the needed expertise to expertly perform your surgery.”

Only four states require that physicians list the areas in which they have received their specialty training. In every state except for Texas, California, Louisiana and Florida, physicians aren’t required to.

But why is this so important? A physician whose specialty training is in plastic surgeon spent at least 3 years after medical school in a residency in plastic surgery and then passed extensive exams. Physicians in say gynecology have dedicated time to learning the ins and outs of gynecology, but not in plastic surgery. Both physicians went to medical school and took the extra time to become specialized, but only one has the unique knowledge that comes with experience in the plastic surgery field.

But the United States currently does not have any laws that require physicians to only practice in the specialty field associated with their training. And sometimes, that can leave you with less than ideal results.

You may think anyone who can perform surgery is qualified to perform your plastic surgery procedure, but that’s just not true. There are unique challenges associated with the field, such as where and how to place incisions to minimize scarring.

But what is even more important is ensuring that your surgery is performed in a location that is equipped for surgery, and the complications that can arise from surgery. While complications are rare, plastic surgery is still surgery and emergencies can arise. While it might seem convenient to have a facelift performed in a medspa, be sure that location has all the necessary equipment needed should a complication occur.

“You may be seeing a doctor who is an expert in his or her chosen field,” says Dr. Miller. “But that doesn’t mean he is an expert in plastic surgery. It’s true that there are weekend continuing education courses where physicians can learn to give Botox injections or even breast augmentations. But do you really want your surgery performed by someone who learned the skill in a weekend, or by someone who has dedicated his career to perfecting his craft?”

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24hr Breast Augmentation

Edison, Warren, & Marlboro NJ -  Breast augmentation is a very popular plastic surgery procedure, and can significantly improve the appearance of a woman who is unhappy with her breasts. When undergoing surgery, it is important to determine what size the patient would like to be and make the best implant choice possible to accomplish that goal. Sometimes this process can be difficult. There is another subset of the population that refuses to have surgery, but still wants the look of a breast enhancement. Some things are used like push-up bras or silicone pieces that go inside the bra, but they are not ideal solutions. A newer procedure has been performed which can help both situations – deciding on the proper size and enhancing without surgery.  An article on  describes this new procedure called the Cinderella boob job, which is a 24 hour breast augmentation has become an overnight sensation.

water splash

This procedure is an injection of saline into the breasts to enlarge them. This results in a temporary enhancement, and then the next day, the breasts deflate back down to their normal size.  “This procedure is becoming more utilized because it is done with a distinct goal in mind,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, an experienced breast augmentation surgeon.  “We can measure how much fluid is injected to give the breast a certain shape, and then the patient can tell if that is the sized implant they would like. Then the patient knows she is getting the size she wants.”

People may also have this procedure done to enhance themselves for that one great party or night out in a great new dress. They are happy to do it because there is no surgery involoved, no down time, and no incisions with this procedure. There is no need to worry about what is being injected because it is only saline. Your body absorbs it with no problem. “Patients come in the same day they are going out and feel great about their appearance for that night with no recovery,” says Dr. Cuber, who also specializes in  tummy tuck surgery.

Another article on smart beaty through the  American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, talks about the safety of the procedure. Despite how popular it has become, not all surgeons agree with the saline breast augmentation.  Although it is not a risky procedure, some surgeons are worried that the skin of the breast will stretch and alter the shape of the breast when they go back down to the original size. The only side effect that has been seen is some minor bruising.  

This procedure may not be for everyone.  Permanent breast augmentation with implants is still a great procedure, taking about two hours to perform under anesthesia. Saline and silicone are the two most widely used implant styles for breast augmentation.  As always, it is best to consult with an experiened and board certified plastic surgeon to see which procedure would be best for you.   

Bodybuilding Implants Increasing in Popularity

Edison, NJ – Have you spent hours upon hours in the gym, trying to get a beefed up look, but to no avail? Sometimes, even with the most dedicated diet and exercise regimens, our bodies just don’t respond the way we think they should. But with body building implants, you can get the look for which you’ve been working so hard.

sport man doing exercicesIt’s true – from pectoral implants to gluteal implants, a visit to a plastic surgeon can give you the beefed up look you want. More bodybuilders are turning to plastic surgery when the usual methods of weightlifting, diet and other exercise just can’t build the bulk they want.

For some people, genetics or other issues can get in the way of achieving the physical appearance they work so hard for in the gym. While in the past, some may have turned to the use of anabolic steroids to quickly build muscle mass, the side effects and dangers associated aren’t worth the temporary increase in bulk.

The most common areas bodybuilders want to enhance are the chest, calf, bicep and buttocks, but there are other custom implants that can be used to provide definition in other areas of the body. But why would a bodybuilder turn to implants?

In some instances, a person may simply peak at a certain point, and no matter how much additional exercise or dieting is done, the body does no longer responds. Others may have genetics that simply don’t respond the way the person would like. In these cases, implants can be the only way to add the bulk the person has worked hard to achieve. It can be frustrating spending countless hours at the gym and carefully monitoring your diet without getting the bulk and definition you want, but now with these implants, you can quickly see the improvement in physique.

Associates in Plastic Surgery specializes in calf implants, pectoral implants and bicep implants.

For some, even with strenuous exercise, it can be hard to develop the definition they desire in their calf muscles. Through a hidden incision made behind the knee, a silicone implant can be inserted, providing the size the patient desires. While it may be tempting to ask for the largest implant size available, it’s important for the patient and doctor to look at the overall picture and choose the right sized implant to provide a natural look. The ideal should always be a result that simply looks as if the patient has spent hours working on that particular muscle in the gym.

Bicep implants give the appearance of having spent hours in the gym working out the arms. Just as with calf implants, it’s important to take into account the overall look and size of the patient in choosing the correct sized implant. A soft, solid silicone implant will be inserted through an incision in the underarm. The incision will be made so that it will not be easily seen.

For some, the chest is considered the centerpiece in bodybuilding. And for those who have spent years attempting to have the perfect one to no avail, pectoral implants are a wonderful solution.

A solid, silicone implant will be placed beneath the muscle through an incision hidden in the armpit. No scar will be visible on the chest. These tend to be the most natural feeling bodybuilding implants because they are placed beneath the patient’s own muscle.

After surgery, patients will wear compression garments to aid in recovery and minimize swelling. Activity should be restricted in the first couple of weeks following surgery to ensure complete and proper healing. Patients can typically return to the gym within four to six weeks after surgery.

For bodybuilding implants, silicone implants are used. They are soft and flexible, so they will feel real to the touch. But most important, they are safe for patients. Bodybuilding implants are made of solid silicone, so there is no fear that silicone gel could leak into the body.

Once place, there is very little likelihood that the implants will shift. The placement of the implants will ensure minimal scarring and as little interference as possible with the function of the particular muscle. Patients are encouraged to follow all directions as given by their surgeon to ensure proper healing. Exercise can resume once the implant has fully healed.

While most people can develop the physique they long for through proper diet and exercise, there is a small percentage who simply cannot. Whatever the cause may be, cosmetic surgery can now help. If you’ve been working hard in the gym, but can’t get the definition you’ve been working so hard for, consider consulting with a plastic surgeon today.

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Safety in Plastic Surgery


Edison, Warren & Marlboro, New Jersey – Anesthesia is an extremely important part of undergoing any type of surgery. Even though finding an excellent surgeon may be on the top of your list when doing research, making sure that your surgical facility is well equipped in case of emergency should be just as important. This is especially true of surgery performed in a non-hospital setting like most plastic surgery. Surgeons that have their own surgical center usually have strict regulations in place regarding safety and preparation for any problems. “Surgery centers that properly screen patients and have extensive safety measures in place are for the most part as safe as a hospital setting,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

With the recent celebrity loss of Joan Rivers, out patient surgery centers have come under closer scrutiny. Mrs. Rivers had multiple plastic surgery procedures in her life and her age has never stopped her in the past. But it is extremely important that every time she came in for a browlift or facelift, she get fully evaluated and cleared for anesthesia, even if she was completely fine the last time. Also, ensure the facility is fully prepared for any emergency that might come up.

On an interview with Anderson Cooper a few years back, Melissa Rivers shared that she had staged a plastic surgery intervention for her mother on their TV show on WE, her daughter was concerned about her mother’s endless amount of surgeries.  Dr. Oz has stated when he had spoken to Joan Rivers about her surgeries she had stated that “she was not afraid of having plastic surgery, but worried about having more anesthesia.”

Anesthesia is generally not something to be worried about, as long as proper clearance is obtained. This might only involve some bloodwork and an EKG, but sometimes more extensive tests are needed. Before having a surgical procedure, your surgeon and anesthesiologist will ask you an abundance of questions, relating to your past and present health, as well as the medications you are currently taking. It is helpful for the patient to have a list prepared with all medications and previous surgeries, which in turn gives anesthesiologist a better understanding of how to administer the proper drugs.

“Our surgery center is both accredited by the AAAHC and Medicare certified, which means we adhere to the strictest safety precautions“ says Dr. Miller who specializes in rhinoplasty in New Jersey.  We also choose our patients carefully and fully train our staff in all emergency procedures so that if something comes up, we will be ready. So don’t let fear get in your way of having that plastic surgery procedure you have been thinking about. Just do your homework, discuss any concerns with the surgeon you choose, and relax and be ready to have a beautiful outcome!

Kelly Ripa: Botox Changed My Life

Edison, NJ – Can Botox actually change your life? For talk show host Kelly Ripa, it seems maybe it has.

Botox injectionRipa was a guest on the Bravo show “Watch What Happens Live” recently when she made that claim to host Andy Cohen. Cohen asked Ripa about her beauty routine and favorite products. Her response was a simple, one word answer – Botox.

The 42-year-old Ripa has been hosting a morning talk show for 12 years, and knows that she needs to look her best in front of the camera. While she hasn’t had plastic surgery yet, she is very open about her Botox use.

In an interview with Elle, Ripa said “Every seven months or so my eyelid skin rests on my eyelashes. So I feel like it makes my makeup artist’s life easier, and it makes my eyes look a little more open on TV, which is where I happen to work right now.”

Her openness about all aspects of her life, including her use of Botox is one of the things that makes her so lovable to her audience.

“Kelly Ripa is a wonderful example of a beautiful, confident woman,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in NJ. “Women relate to her because she seems down-to-earth and real, but they also want to look like her. From her ageless face to her fabulous arms, she’s someone many women want to emulate. And women love that she’s not afraid to admit she needs a little refresher ever now and then.”

Ripa has also had Botox in her armpits, something many opt for to avoid excessive sweating. Once used only by celebrities when they were hitting the red carpet, more people are turning to Botox use when antiperspirants don’t seem to work well enough.

When injected into the underarms, Botox works to temporarily block the chemical signals that stimulate the sweat glands. And that means there will be no sweating in the area that is treated.

While Ripa isn’t shy about admitting her love of Botox, she has said the key to looking your best is moderation. And that is true not just for Ripa, but for everyone.

And Botox is a great way to maintain your youthful look. Many people may think more intense plastic surgery, such as a facelift, is required to takes a few years off their look. But Botox can achieve that in no time at all.

Botox is a relatively simple, non-invasive way to smooth lines and wrinkles on the face, restoring your look to one that appears happier and more youthful. Botox works to reduce the activity of the muscles that cause your brow to wrinkle and furrow and cause crow’s feet. It works beneath the surface of the skin to reduce the appearance of those lines that can age you.

But the best part about Botox is that, when done by a trained plastic surgeon, can be injected in a relatively short appointment and with touch up appointments every few months, you can maintain a more youthful, natural looking you.

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Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Caricature of Yourself?

Happy young womanEdison, NJ – How far would you go to look like your picture perfect self? For one woman, that ideal was a caricature of herself that was drawn when she was 15 years old. And she loved it so much, she has since spent more than $200,000 to look just like the drawing.

Krystina Butel loved the exaggerated look in her caricature so much, she has said she was actually jealous of the image on paper. So she decided to have plastic surgery to look more like the girl in the picture.

That included breast augmentation, lip injections and teeth whitening. She has had five breast enlargement surgeries to get a look similar to in the caricature of herself. But that’s not all. Butel has also had Botox and even sought out the help of a tattoo artist to turn her nipples into hearts.

While her nipples were not visible in the caricature, Butel said she pictured them that way when she looked at the drawing, and found a tattoo artist who could make her vision a reality.

Butel has perhaps taken her fancy of her caricature a bit too far, many might say she even has become obsessed with the image. She claims the image was so glamorous and everything she wanted to be, and that looking at the image lets her know what additional work she needs to have done to look just like the caricature.

One might think spending $200,000 would be enough, but Butel says she is not finished with surgery. She is planning additional Botox, lip implants and even more breast enlargements.

“One of the best things about being a plastic surgeon is helping people realize their dreams,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “But some people take those dreams too far and they become more of an obsession. And that is when we start to worry. We want people to feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside, and part of our job is to make sure patients have realistic goals and expectations.”

While it isn’t uncommon for patients to bring in a photo of a celebrity to show their surgeon what type of nose or lips they’d like to emulate, it’s not often that surgeons see patients who want to look like themselves…just an extremely exaggerated version.

“We encourage our patients to look at celebrities with other features similar to theirs,” says Dr. Miller. “Often, that can be a great jumping off point to explain the look that they’d like, and for us to use as a visual in our consultations. We’ve heard about people wanting to look like Barbie and Ken and even Justin Bieber, but this is the first I’ve heard of someone wanting to become a caricature of themselves!”

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What You Need to Know About Thigh Lifts

Thigh LiftEdison, NJ – Fall is just around the corner, which means skinny jeans and boots are not far away. If you want to look your best in those skinny jeans, consider a thigh lift.

Very simply, a thigh lift removes excess fat and skin to give you a smoother, slimmer look. We all know that working out and eating properly are the keys to maintaining the best body we can. But what happens when all that diet and exercise just can’t seem to target one specific problem area?

Plastic surgery can be your answer in cases where stubborn areas just don’t seem to change, no matter how hard you work. And sometimes, a significant weight loss can leave excess skin that won’t go away without surgery.

If you’re looking for a more proportionate look, a thigh lift might just be your solution.

But first, it’s important to understand what a thigh lift cannot do. If you have a significant amount of fat you want to remove, a thigh lift cannot do that. Only liposuction will be able to remove those excess at deposits.

Thigh lifts are best on patients with loose, excess skin. There are a few different types of procedures, based on where your problem area is.

An inner thigh lift specifically targets the inner thigh, hence its name. It is used for people who do not see the results they desire after diet and exercise, as well as those who have reduced skin elasticity due to the aging process or excess weight loss.

An incision will be made where the thigh bone and pubic area meet. Excess skin will be removed, and the remaining skin will be tightened, offering improved contour to the patient’s legs.
A bilateral thigh lift will tighten the skin on the front and outside of the leg. The incision is typically made to be hidden by the lower edge of a swimsuit. The excess skin will be removed, and then the remaining skin will be lifted up and attached, effectively tightening it on both sides of the leg. This procedure is very effective for patients who have excess skin due to extreme weight loss.

A medial thigh lift removes excess skin from the upper part of the inner thigh.
Patients who are unhappy with the shape of their legs often request this procedure. The incision will be made along the groin into the back crease of the buttocks. Excess skin will then be removed and the remaining skin is lifted.

To determine which of these procedure can provide you with the look you desire, schedule a consultation with one of the best plastic surgeons in NJ by calling Associates in Plastic Surgery. Good candidates for a thigh lift:

  • Have a stable weight
  • Have excess tissue in the thigh area
  • Are healthy and have no medical conditions that could interfere with surgery or recovery
  • Have a positive and realistic idea of what surgery can accomplish for them
  • Are committed to a healthy lifestyle.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for a thigh lift is $4,459. This fee does not include anesthesia, operating room fees or other related expenses.

After surgery, dressings or bandages may be applied and many surgeons will use a compression garment to minimize swelling and offer support. Tubes may be placed under the skin to assist with draining excess fluid and/or blood. Sutures used to close the incisions will generally dissolve within four months. Outside sutures will be removed in one to two weeks.

Patients should typically plan to take a week off of work to recover fully. During the recovery period, patients should be in a standing or reclining position to aid healing. Slight bruising and swelling can last for up to a month, and most patients will recover and return to all normal activities within four to six months after the procedure.
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“Botched” Displays Bad Plastic Surgery for Public Consumption

surgeryEdison, NJ – Millions of patients undergo plastic surgery each year. And the vast majority are thrilled with their results. But there are a few patients who end up with a botched procedure.

That’s exactly what a new docu-series on E! is highlighting. “Botched” features celebrity plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow as they meet with patients who had bad plastic surgery.

The show is clearly catching on, because not only is it E!’s highest rated docu-series to date, but the network just ordered a second season of the show.

So what will viewers see if they tune in? The first season featured more than 20 surgeries, covering a range of procedures and patients. They include:

  • Human Ken doll Justin – You’ve probably seen him before, and we’ve certainly talked about him before. Justin has had more than 100 surgeries to turn himself into a living version of a Ken doll. He came to the doctors looking for better abs, and had even designed his own implants. The surgeons turned down his request for surgery, however.
  • Alicia had a breast augmentation after the birth of her child. The results was implants that were too large and gave her the appearance of having what the doctors called a “uni-boob.” Despite it being a difficult procedure to perform, the doctors were able to correct it.
  • Michelle was a patient who, after a car accident, had a nose job to repair the damage. But the result was not what she wanted, so she underwent additional surgeries hoping to correct it. She had undergone a total of six surgeries before finding the doctors.
  • Janice Dickinson proved that even supermodels aren’t immune to bad plastic surgery. She visited the doctors to have her 30-year-old breast implants removed.
  • Renee had received butt implants that were not only visible, they could actually be moved and flipped over while still in her body. In her case, however, the doctors chose not to operate on her after she admitted she suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Season 2 will be more of the same, with plastic surgery patients desperate to correct surgeries they received to feel better about themselves.

Revision plastic surgery, while rare, should only be performed by experienced surgeons. These are specialized procedures and it takes a very well-trained surgeon with the skill and eye to positively correct these bad procedures.
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Plastic Surgery can help with Headaches!

Edison, Warren, & Marlboro – The perks of plastic surgery are well known, but in fact, it can do more than simply provide a youthful appearance. Studies have shown that it may be possible for certain plastic surgery procedures to relieve headaches which would be good news to many people. Tension headaches and migraines involve nerve endings and trigger points in the face that are misfiring, resulting in chronic pain. This pain may be alleviated with Botox injections in the forehead or a even a Blepharoplasty, otherwise known as an eyelid lift.

botox head

When someone is tired, stressed, or overly focused, these feelings are expressed through the face. If you stare at a computer screen all day, or are overly expressive, there may a lot of facial movement, including raising the eyebrows or scrunching them together.  This constant movement of the forehead muscles connects to the back of the neck through a tendon sheath and together results in a tension headache. The treatments of tension headache include Advil or Botox. As stated in the article by Everyday Health,  Botox has a toxin in it called botulinum which is used to relax the muscles in the face. With the forehead being relaxed, the possibility of developing a tension headache is much decreased, and this result can last for 4 months. “If you are a chronic sufferer of tension headaches, then Botox is a great treatment,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Migraine headaches can be worse then tension headaches. They can last up 72 hours and affect a person in many ways including as extreme head pain, light/noise/odor sensitivity, dizziness, or an upset stomach. Many treatments have been undertaken, but none are foolproof. There is a newer theory that an upper eyelid lift can deactivate the “trigger nerves” which causes most migraines. An eyelid lift consists of the surgeon making a horizontal incision in the crease of the eyelid and removing excess skin. The incision is the key factor here because it destroys the trigger nerve that causes the migraines. This procedure does not apply to everyone with migraines but according to this article migraines were eliminated in 51.3 percent of the patients with many more having a significant reduction in symptoms.”

“There is no better feeling then to make someone feel good about themselves and look physically more comfortable,” says Dr. Miller who also specializes facelift surgery. Resolution of a headache will also make everyone around you more relaxed as well because no one is in a good mood when a headache flares up. While these are not 100% methods of resolving headaches, there is a subset of patients that they work nicely on, so it is worth it to discuss them with your doctor.


Evidence Shows Botox Helps Depression

The sad young womanEdison, NJ – You may think you only need to visit a plastic surgeon’s office if you’re looking for a breast augmentation or other procedure to change your looks. But did you know a plastic surgeon just might be able to help you beat depression?

It’s true – more studies are showing that Botox might actually help patients who are suffering from the disease.

“People think Botox is only for smoothing wrinkles and lines on the faces,” says Andrew Miller, one of the best plastic surgeons in NJ. “But researchers at the Hannover Medical School in Germany have found that even a single injection can ease symptoms associated with depression.”

One of the professors leading the study, Professor Tillmann Kruger, spoke at the 2014 American Psychiatric Association’s 2014 Annual Meeting to present the study’s findings.

We express emotions through our facial muscles. Then, those muscles send signals to the brain that reinforce those emotions. But using Botox can stop that from happening.

“We see a lot of patients reporting better moods after receiving Botox injections, and now this study proves that it can do much more than make patients look younger,” says Dr. Miller.

The study in Germany enrolled 30 patients who all suffered from chronic or treatment-resistant depression. Patients were then randomly assigned to receive either a single Botox injection or a saline injection.

Six weeks after the injection, the patients who had received the Botox injection showed a 47 percent decrease in their symptoms versus just a 9 percent decrease in the placebo group.

The theory of our facial expressions not just communicating our feelings to the outside world, but also intensifying them dates back to Charles Darwin. Darwin believed that our facial expressions send cues back to our brain and that an act such as frowning could actually make us angrier. Quite simply, our emotions don’t start out as emotions, but simply as thoughts. But then our physical response to those thoughts can then magnify how we feel.

Two additional studies have shown similar results.

The latest was published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. In that study, 17 or 33 patients experienced a 50 percent decrease in symptoms, and 27 percent of the group reported their depression went into remission. The improvement remained throughout the 16 weeks of the study.

M. Axel Wollmer, a psychiatrist at the University of Basel in Switzerland, stated that Botox works because it “interrupts feedback from the facial musculature to the brain, which may be involved in the development and maintenance of negative emotions.”

So how does Botox work?

Very simply, Botox stops muscle movement. Once injected, it works to make the skin relax. Visible lines and wrinkles disappear and the medial eyebrow can be lifted. It is administered using a very fine needle and is not painful. A topical anesthetic will be applied to the injection area before the shot is received.

The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 10 to 25 percent of women and five to 10 percent of men will develop some sort of major depression disorder at some point in their lives. Symptoms include:

  • Feeling helpless
  • Irritability or anger
  • Loss of energy or appetite
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Sad or anxious feelings
  • Suicidal thoughts

Depression carries a high risk of suicide, and as the recent death of Robin Williams has shown us, no one is immune to these feelings.

It may sound crazy, but the research has shown that one simple injection of Botox can lead to a reduction in depression symptoms. Dr. Eric Finzi is a dermatologist in Maryland who led one of the studies and who is pioneering the use of Botox in America.

Finzi believes, like Darwin, that we can control our emotions to an extent by taking control of our facial expressions, which is exactly what Botox does. Botox keeps the muscle from firing.

While these studies show patients with depression can see their symptoms lessened, Botox is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this use. And that means it isn’t covered by insurance, either.

The effects of the Botox can last several months and one injection can cost around $400. Patients will need to receive several injections throughout the year to maintain their results.

Some detractors believe this use of Botox needs more research before it is put into wide use. Many believe that patients exhibit a reduction in their depression symptoms mainly because they feel better about themselves when they look in the mirror thanks to what Botox is primarily used for – reducing lines and wrinkles.

But whether the results are simply from liking the reflection in the mirror more or from a true change in their disorder, the use of Botox to treat depression is an interesting topic to keep an eye on.

To learn more about Botox, schedule an appointment today, 732-548-3200.

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Curves Are Back In Style

scarjoEdison, Warren & Marlboro, NJCurves are back and ready to be embraced!  Nowadays, many women who were not blessed with natural curves are turning to plastic surgery for just that type of enhancement. In times past, we were constantly shown on TV or in magazines, super skinny models with no curves or booty at all.  Women were told that this is what you are supposed to look like, even if it was unattainable.  Well what may have been true in the past seems to be changing over time. “Lately, many women have come into the office looking for procedures such as breast augmentation and buttock enhancement, to enhance or achieve the curves they desire,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Just a few short years ago, celebrities with curves were told they needed to lose weight in order to be viewed as beautiful and obtain certain roles in Hollywood. However, the media now seems to be embracing fuller figured celebrities more and more.  Kim Kardashian talks about her figure in an article about celebrity curves, stating that she is basically not a skinny girl, and is happy with her curves. She feels that her curves help define who she is and that her confidence will hopefully help other women to embrace their  as well. Since the world is starting to accept curvy women more and more, there are several plastic surgery procedure that can help women wanting more curves to obtain them.

“The Brazilian butt lift is a great way to improve that hourglass shape in a surgical setting,” says Dr. Cuber, who also specializes in tummy tuck surgery. In this procedure fat can be removed from heavy waist or hips, processed, and transferred into a specific area over the buttocks to create a fantastic figure. Obviously breast augmentation can be carried out to enhance the curves above the waist. A combination of the two procedures will result in a tremendous hourglass shape.

The women who desire a butt like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, can finally achieve that look by the different plastic surgery procedures that are now available. In the media, Scarlett Johansson definitely brings curvy back into style.She is not afraid to embrace her curves, and jaws drop when she walks down the red carpet. Some even say that she is today’s Marilyn Monroe. Even if you aren’t born with curves or large breasts, plastic surgery is a great way to achieve the figure most desired.  Stick figure days appear to be gone because the curves are beautiful. Whether you were born with a natural hourglass figure, or you have had some plastic surgery enhancements, curves are back.

Skinnies Promise Instant Lift, But Is It Too Good to Be True?

Plastic SurgeryEdison, NJ – Do you watch the NBC show Shark Tank? If you are a regular viewer, you know there are some products that seem too good to be true. One of the products introduced this year probably left many people thinking that very thing.

Skinnies Instant Lifts, patented by husband and wife team Nick and Penilopee Lerosa, are marketed as “clear adhesives that instantly smooth cellulite & lift sagging skin.” Essentially, they’re like a giant piece of tape that pulls the skin taut so that unsightly cellulite seemingly disappears in an instant thigh lift.

The company makes Skinnies for many parts of the body, including the thighs, arms, tummy, back, breast and even the face. Want a facelift but don’t want the downtime associated with it? Skinnies promise an instant result.

But are these claims too good to be true?

“Certainly pulling on the skin will cause it to look more taut and firm,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “But using tape or any sort of adhesive can create an uneven look, and what happens if the tape begins to come off? This might seem like a good quick fix in the beginning, but I don’t think it is all it is hyped up to be.”

And it seems like perhaps the reviews are mixed, as well. A quick look at Amazon reviews shows several purchasers who claim the tape isn’t as easy to use as the product advertises, doesn’t stick as well, and is uncomfortable – both during wear and when removing.

But the bigger question should be, do you really want to have to apply tape to yourself every time you want to wear shorts or a sleeveless shirt? And how can you possibly hide the tape that is used to provide the instant facelift?

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, there is only one answer – and that involves a visit to a plastic surgeon.

Scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon will help you determine what procedure might be best for you. Perhaps you only have a bit of pesky cellulite that, despite your best dieting and exercise practices, just doesn’t seem to go away. Then liposuction might be the answer for you.

Only a visit with a qualified plastic surgeon can help you pinpoint the areas you wish to change, and develop a treatment plan that can help you look your best. Don’t rely on a piece of tape to do the trick, when the best trained plastic surgeons are just a phone call away!

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Life after Divorce, Starting a New Chapter.

Warren, Edison and Marlboro, NJ - People seek out plastic surgery for all different kinds of reasons.  They may not be happy with their appearance or just trying to recapture the look of their youth.  Some people after going through a life altering experience may seek some kind of physical change. Divorce can fall into this category. Couples that have been married for a long time might find it hard to get the confidence they need to jump back into the dating scene. “Dating can be uncomfortable, especially if you have not done it in a while,” says Dr. Shain Cuber a Breast Augmentation specialist in New Jersey.  During marriage, you get very comfortable with that one person, and when a divorce happens, a person’s confidence can be affected while going through this trying time.  Plastic surgery whether it is a small or large procedure can have the ability to boost one’s confidence and get them up out of the house to start a new and happier life.

Across the country, plastic surgeons are offering discounts for divorced women. Similar to a “Mommy Makeover”, they are calling them “second-chapter” packages.  Some people may think this is exploiting vulnerable women, but it is really just trying to help them look and feel their best.  ABC interviewed several men and women who received plastic surgery post-divorce and discovered a few recurring themes among these individuals.  According to divorcees, plastic surgery provided them with confidence they may have lost following their break-ups.

After a divorce, there is usually a need to get back into shape, but many may need that motivation to do that. “Joining a gym may provide that motivation but also having a rejuvenating procedure such as liposuction or a tummy tuck can provide a little more self esteem and motivate one to get back into shape,” says Dr. Cuber, who also specializes in mommy makeover surgery.

Women are not the only ones making an effort to improve themselves.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, men account for more than one million procedures in 2013. When a man gets divorced, he can especially feel like he needs to look younger so he might attract a new companion. Therefore, facelifts are a growing procedure that men are seeking out after divorce.  Since society can tend to be judgmental, a rejuvenated and natural appearance can make a man feel more relaxed when entering the dating world again.

Some people may think that undergoing plastic surgery to look great would be a nice type of revenge.  However, most surgeons will caution against making any impulsive decisions following a major life event, whether the patient is asking for big procedure or even a smaller one like tattoo removal. It is suggested that recent divorcees take at least a little time after the divorce before seriously considering plastic surgery.  Time that may allow them to assess their intentions and motivations and to make sure that it is truly what the want. Then plastic surgery can be undertaken for what is it designed for – a nice, natural improvement of yourself.Divorce


Why You Should Quit Smoking Before Plastic Surgery

No SmokingEdison, NJ – We all know that smoking is dangerous, but the effects of tobacco use impact far more than just our lungs. Carbon monoxide introduced during smoking affects our tissue and the nicotine found in tobacco products can cause blood vessels to restrict, limiting the amount of oxygen that can get to the rest of our body.

This is why it is essential that patients hoping to undergo plastic surgery quit smoking well before any procedure takes place.

“I recommend that any tobacco-using patients stop their habit several weeks before surgery,” says top plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller. “Continuing to smoke right up until surgery can result in complications and issues after surgery. Smokers can face longer healing times and worsened scars.”

There are several ways tobacco use can affect a plastic surgery patient.
• Smoking compromises circulation, which can cause the skin to breakdown during or after surgery.
• Tobacco use can impede healing, taking longer or impeding the process.
• Smokers have a higher rate of post-op infection.
• Impaired healing can lead to issues with scarring, including skin loss and flap necrosis.

Because of these very serious complications, some plastic surgeons will refuse to perform surgery on patients who smoke. Others will require patients to commit to giving up smoking for several weeks prior to surgery. And this can be even more important depending on the type of surgery you choose.

Many surgeons do not like to perform facelift procedures on smokers because the effects of the habit restrict blood flow so much. In a facelift, especially, surgeons rely on good blood flow in those tiny capillaries to help with healing. But if those have been impaired due to smoking, it makes healing that much harder.

“During a facelift, the tissue is actually lifted up from the surface,” says Dr. Miller. “The blood supply becomes extremely important because it will already be greatly decreased during the procedure. Smoking just further reduces the supply of blood, which can then lead to dying skin and unsightly scars.”

It is important to remember that this applies not just to smokers, but to users of nicotine in any form, even the patch. Nicotine is the primary instigator when it comes to restricting blood flow, so patients should not think they can stop smoking but instead switch to the patch or nicotine gum. The use of any products containing nicotine should be suspended until given the okay by your surgeon.

But why should you be so concerned about the amount of oxygen in your blood during surgery?

To accomplish your plastic surgery goals, the surgeon will move skin and/or other tissues around. And that will mean also altering blood supply to different degrees. Some blood vessels will be divided to move the skin around to create the best look and shape. This is especially true in tummy tuck procedures that rely on a flatter outcome.

If, during these procedures, the correct amount of oxygen isn’t getting to the area, the tissue could heal improperly or die completely.

Many candidates for surgery may claim that they have never experienced issues in healing before. But plastic surgery is much different because the tissues are moved to new locations and the blood supply is altered. Complications from plastic surgery procedures are much higher than in other procedures.

But if you still don’t think it’s important to stop smoking before your surgery, consider this story from a plastic surgeon in Detroit.

Dr. Anthony Youn was performing a standard breast lift on a patient when her nipples began to turn purple before his eyes. He knew that this was a precursor to the nipples falling off altogether.

Dr. Youn had to use leeches to save his patient’s nipples. The leeches worked to drain the excess blood, helping the skin return to its normal pink color.

But now Dr. Youn, and plastic surgeons like him, are being even more serious when they talk about the dangers of smoking with their patients. Smoking before or after a breast procedure could cause your nipples to turn black and fall off. And the consequences are just as serious with other procedures.

Some plastic surgeons take the issue of smoking so seriously, they will even refuse to work on smokers. We’ve heard stories of plastic surgeons asking their patients to sign contracts stating that they won’t smoke for a certain period of time before and after surgery. Other surgeons show their patients graphic images of what can happen when people lie and tell their surgeon they stopped when in fact they didn’t.

“In truth, we have no way of knowing if a patient truly quits before surgery,” says Dr. Miller. “We have to take their word for it. But in many cases, as soon as surgery begins, we can tell if they’ve been lying. In other cases, we don’t realize it until the recovery stage. Patients wonder why they are taking longer than planned to heal, or why their scars look worse than they thought they would.”

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I Can Get Liposuction Where?

Edison, NJ – When you think of places to receive liposuction, you probably think of areas such as the tummy, thighs and bottom. But did you know liposuction can be used to remove stubborn fat from many areas of the body, including the knees, arms, cheeks, jowls and even the male breast?

Plastic Surgery“Liposuction is a great tool for patients who have stubborn pockets of fat that just don’t respond to diet or exercise,” says Dr. Shain Cuber. “As women begin to age, they may notice more fat beginning to accumulate in their thighs and knees. And when too much fat is in the knees, the leg can look disproportionate. While maintaining good eating and exercise habits is the best way to try to prevent this from happening, in some cases genetics simply outweighs our best habits. And that’s where liposuction can help.”

Liposuction of the knee will involve an incision through either the knee or the groin. A groin incision can also address unwanted thigh fat and create less swelling while a patient is recovering.

Because the knees don’t contain large pockets of fat, the procedure works more to contour the knee. That means it needs a skilled surgeon to perform the procedure correctly. When done right, after the swelling goes down, patients will have beautiful results. Recovery generally takes a few weeks.

Remember several years ago when Demi Moor re-emerged in the spotlight, looking better than ever? One of the things people raved about were her killer legs. And rumor has it part of what made her legs look so great was liposuction of the knee.

Have you noticed drooping jowls as you age? You may have thought only a facelift could correct that problem, but liposuction could be a great solution.

“Some people aren’t comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery, but want to do something to reverse the effects of aging,” says Dr. Cuber. “For those who aren’t ready for a facelift yet, liposuction can remove fat from the chin, cheeks and jowls.”

There are many benefits to having liposuction over a facelift, such as no need for anesthesia and its possible side effects, a quicker recover time and lower cost. But one of the best benefits is that liposuction can often give a more natural appearance than a facelift can.

For women, they may wish to combine liposuction with laser resurfacing or a chemical peel to achieve the best look possible. And men prefer liposuction over a facelift because there will be no noticeable scars as there would be from surgery.

Women also experience excess fat in their arms as they age, and liposuction is a great remedy for that. For women who don’t want an overly muscular look that can be gained through exercise, liposuction can help to give the arm a thinner, healthier appearance.

Through the work of a skilled surgeon, women can achieve more contoured arms with minimal scarring.

And liposuction is a great option for men who suffer from pseudo-gynecomastia. Pseudo-gynecomastia is an excess of fat tissue in the breast which leads to an enlargement of the male breast. True gynecomastia is enlarged male breasts caused by excessive glandular breast tissue and is rare.

Liposuction is very effective for patients suffering from pseudo-gynecomastia. In true-gynecomastia cases, the breast tissue is often too dense and fibrous to penetrate and then move through the cannula during liposuction.

Men will generally see about a 50 percent improvement after liposuction. In some cases, liposuction may be combined with laser telescopic surgery to achieve the best results.

If you’ve noticed stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to respond to exercise or diet, consider scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see how liposuction may be able to help you.

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Botched Attempt at Beauty in the News Again

Edison, NJ – It seems like more often we hear about people cutting corners when it comes to beauty. And unfortunately, that can have disastrous results.


CNN recently reported a story on Apryl Brown, a hairstylist who almost died after receiving filler injections from a client.

Brown had always dreamed of having a fuller bottom, so when a client of hers explained that she could offer silicone fillers for a cheap price, Brown jumped at the chance to improve her look.

In 2004, Brown received four injections into her buttocks at the home of the woman. In 2010, Brown found herself close to death on a hospital bed.

She had contracted a staph infection from the silicone injections that left her body shutting down and her limbs dying. Brown survived, but over the course of 27 surgeries, she lost her hands, feet and some flesh around her hips and buttocks to amputation.

In an even more tragic case from 2011, a woman died after receiving what she thought were silicone injections. The 20-year-old British woman came to the United States after seeing an advertisement for low cost body enhancements, performed by a Philadelphia singer. Padge Windslowe injected the woman in a Philadelphia hotel room and the woman later died from a pulmonary embolism linked to silicone injections she received in her buttocks.

Windslowe was already in police custody for another botched procedure, from which a woman ended up in intensive care with silicone in her lung.

While these stories are severe, receiving injections from an unlicensed person can lead to serious complications. Most are drawn to the allure of looking their best, but without the hefty price tag they assume accompanies a visit to a plastic surgeon.

And now more surgeons are seeing patients to repair damage that has been done by botched at-home procedures or overseas procedures.

“Unfortunately, cosmetic fillers can be purchased online,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “That leads many to believe they can perform the injections on themselves or others. But more often than not, these people have no idea what they are receiving, and there is much more to it than simply using a needle.”

There are 21 fillers approved by the FDA and all must be administered by a medical provider or under the supervision of a physician. But none of these fillers are approved for people to inject themselves.

As we know all too often, many people believe if they see it on the internet, it must be good. But Miller advises that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

“These fillers can cause so much harm for several reasons,” says Dr. Miller. “First, recipients often don’t know what the fillers are actually made of. But they also don’t know how and where to properly inject, either.”

Patients can be left with pain, redness, swelling and permanent scars after receiving injections from someone who doesn’t regularly perform these procedures. And Dr. Miller warns that even if someone claims to be a medical professional, such as a nurse, never allow someone to inject you if they offer to do so in a location other than a licensed medical facility.

“Asking someone to come to their home or another location should be a huge warning sign,” says Dr. Miller. “No respectable licensed and trained nurse or physician would work out of their bedroom or garage.”

Self-injected fillers have been tested after patients seek out the help of actual plastic surgeons. Rather than being an actual dermal filler, Brown’s was bathroom caulk. We’ve reported on the dangers of this before, including one woman who injected herself with cooking oil in an attempt to get the look she wanted.

To avoid injecting your body with potentially harmful materials, patients interested in improving their look should be sure to only visit a licensed and skilled plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Miller and his team at Associates in Plastic Surgery.
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Is Looking Young the Key to Winning Elections?

business womanEdison, NJ – Are Botox, dermal fillers and other small nips and tucks helping politicians stay ahead of the game?

The big players in Washington D.C., unlike Hollywood stars, don’t want to look younger. Rather, they want to look well-rested and like the best representation of themselves. And that means some regular Botox or even a facelift to remove the lines that lead to politicians looking angry or sad, strengthen a weak jawline or correct drooping eyebrows.

“It’s no surprise that more politicians are visiting the offices of a plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top surgeon in New Jersey. “People want to trust their politician, and a lot of our trust is based on how a person looks. If they come across as looking mean, or sad or tired, we might not be as willing to cast our vote in their favor.”

But too much plastic surgery can work against them, so for many politicians it can be a delicate balancing move to get achieve just the right look. That’s why Botox and dermal fillers are popular.

Crow’s feet, laugh lines and the other lines that creep up on our faces can make us look tired, sad or sometimes even angry. And for politicians, that can be a turnoff for their voters.

Botox can stop muscle movement, causing the skin to relax so those lines disappear. It can also effectively lift a patient’s eyebrow by weakening the muscle that pulls it down.

Dermal fillers can also soften creases and wrinkles, while enhancing the contours that are created from aging.

Combining the use of Botox with a dermal filler is referred to by some as a “liquid facelift” because it can offer some of the benefits of a surgical facelift, but without the downtime.

That’s a perk that is especially important for busy politicians. Not only are politicians’ schedules hectic, not allowing downtime to properly recuperate after surgery, but they can’t be seen in photographs with bandages on their faces.

But Botox and dermal fillers can be injected in a short time, even over a lunch break, and offer more immediate results.

And looking good has never been more important as we are now on a 24 hour news cycle with high definition televisions showing every tiny line, wrinkle and blemish.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians – Through Plastic Surgery?

Edison, NJ – When you think of reasons that may cause you to go into debt, does trying to look more like your favorite celebrity come to mind? That’s exactly why one UK woman has spent more than $30,000 on plastic surgery, clothes, spray tans and hair extensions.

Plastic SurgeryTwenty-four-year-old Claire Leeson says she was bullied when she was in school, but after finishing school, friends told her she bore a bit of resemblance to reality star Kim Kardashian. Leeson began watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2009 and became obsessed with looking like the star.

In addition to looking a bit like Kim, Leeson realized the two had the same number of siblings, who argued about similar things. Leeson was struck by Kim’s beauty and desired to be more like her.

She started her Kim transformation by having her teeth whitened. That didn’t give her the final look she wanted, so Leeson visited a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation. She took pictures of Kim with her to her surgeon’s office to show him the result she wanted.

“It’s not uncommon for people to bring along photos of their favorite celebrity to their consultation,” says top plastic surgeon in New Jersey Dr. Andrew Miller. “It’s our job as plastic surgeons to help our patients get close to the results they desire, but to counterbalance that with realistic expectations. Not every patient already bears a resemblance to Kim Kardashian, so getting breast implants or a Brazilian butt lift might transform their body, but it can’t make them look like a completely different person.”

In addition to the plastic surgery, Leeson has spent thousands more on clothing, hair extensions and even a butt pad to enhance her behind. She acknowledges that the pad is a temporary solution and hopes to make it more permanent through surgery one day soon.

“Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have put the buttocks in the spotlight,” says Dr. Shain Cuber. “The bottom area isn’t easily enhanced through just diet or exercise, so we see many patients who want a behind like Kardashian’s seeking out a Brazilian butt lift or buttock implants.”

Leeson has expressed an interest in a Brazilian butt lift, which begins with liposuction. A surgeon will harvest fat from other areas of the body, typically the waist and hips, and then use that to sculpt and shape the buttocks area. If there is remaining fat, it can be frozen and used for repeat injections in the future.

Leeson acknowledges that her desire to become more like Kardashian has put her in debt.
“I’m in major debt,” she has said. “I say that I’m going to pay them but as soon as money comes in, I just think about getting my Kimmy on.”

Leeson has become a bit of an internet celebrity thanks to her Instagram account, where she recreates some of Kim’s more famous shots. And she also receives some work as a Kim impersonator.

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Racism and Plastic Surgery

Edison, Warren, & Marlboro NJ - Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can often be a positively life changing experience in many ways. “It can be a physically, mentally and emotionally rewarding process for patients of all size, shape, race, age and gender,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, an eyelid surgery specialist in New Jersey. Plastic surgery should, in general, be performed to enhance an aspect of a patient’s appearance. However, some patients feel like they have no other choice than to undergo plastic surgery to live a happy and normal life. Many people are the victims of racism and this occurs regularly all over the world. Some of these people think that if they change their appearance to look more American, life as they know it will be more pleasant.  No one wants to wake up everyday feeling miserable and wondering whether or not they will be taunted and tormented that day.  Just ask Hao, who now goes by Leo. An article on explains his story of racism, bullying and plastic surgery.




Leo is a Chinese man who is emotionally scarred from bullies who taunted him just for the simple fact of being Chinese.  He was just one of three Chinese students in his class, which made the bullying even worse.  He started making racist comments himself to try and fit in, but that did not last long because he grew more and more uncomfortable in his own skin.  In order to avoid his constant bullying, he decided to make drastic changes in his appearance with plastic surgery.  Over $16,000 later, and a name change, Leo feels like he has gained the confidence, happiness, and equality he always wanted.  With fuller eyes, a longer straighter nose, a stronger jaw and a confident stance, he appears to look much less Chinese.

Leo is not alone in his feelings. Last year another popular story made the headlines, when Julie Chen (a CBS host) had her eyes enlarged and her Asian features diminished, because of racist comments that were communicated about her.  Even though she was happy with herself, she felt the need to undergo plastic surgery to improve her appearance for her occupation.  She has flourished on TV and just by looking at her, you can see the confidence she has acquired with a simple smile.  This article on Business gives the reader a detailed explanation of her story.

Plastic surgery is popular in the United States, but it is booming in Asia.  The most popular procedure in Asia is an eyelid surgery procedure called double eyelid surgery.  Although popular, it does cause a lot of controversy because the main reason it is being performed is to look more American and be accepted. “The primary reason to have plastic surgery is to enhance one’s features, not necessarily change one’s appearance to a different nationality,” says Dr. Miller, who is also an experienced rhinoplasty specialist. “But as long a result will look natural on a particular patient, I would be happy to help someone feel more confident and avoid bullying if necessary.”  

If you or someone you know is interested in cosmetic surgery for any reason, it is important to have a consultation with a highly experienced plastic surgeon. The surgeon can give you an honest opinion on whether a particular procedure can be performed and give a natural result.