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Jane Fonda Discusses Plastic Surgery

The actress Jane Fonda has been on America’s screens for decades. And she’s still a successful actress, working most recently as one of the stars of the well-regarded Netflix drama Grace and Frankie after finishing a run on the Aaron Sorkin-penned HBO show The Newsroom.

At the age of 77, she’s still a stunningly beautiful woman. She explained in an interview that much of her physical health could be attributed to her diet and exercise routine, as well as ample meditation.

Jane Fonda Discusses plastic surgery

Plastic surgery can augment a healthy lifestyle as you age.

But Fonda also openly discussed the role plastic surgery has played in her life. She’s undergone two facelifts, the most recent in 2010, and received breast implants when she was younger.

She’s also openly discussed a recent chin lift and some procedures to address bags under her eyes.

The procedures Fonda has undergone are quite common and safe, and they’re not just the province of the rich and famous. We all struggle with the signs of age, wear and fatigue, and a youthful, energetic appearance is important for everyone. Cosmetic surgery can help you achive those goals.

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Combining a Rhinoplasty With Sinus Surgery

Many patients who undergo a rhinoplasty do so for something more than simple cosmetic reasons. While a rhinoplasty can re-shape and re-size your nose, in some circumstances it can also have a tremendous effect on your ability to breathe through your nose, greatly improving your quality of life.

Often, we are asked to combine a rhinoplasty with a septoplasty, which is more commonly referred to as “sinus surgery.” When combined, these procedures accomplish a remarkable transformation: you get relief from the pain and discomfort of chronic sinus problems, while also greatly improving the appearance of your nose.

Combining rhinoplasty with sinus surgery can be a miracle for NJ and Staten Island residents.

Love the way your nose looks and works.

This combination does wonders for your self-confidence and health. You can breathe easier, both literally and figuratively. Chronic sinus problems can be debilitating, and surgery is often the only long-term solution.

Furthermore, insurance often covers the internal septoplasty element of the procedure, which can be a tremendous relief.

Dr. Miller is an acknowledged expert on these procedures and can help you look better and breathe easier.

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You Don’t Have to Have a #RBF (Resting Bitch Face) to Reduce Wrinkles

With cameras and social media at an all time high, people are always trying to think of new ways to look fresh and young. Sometimes, in this quest to look more youthful, people do things that might not be in their best interest. To keep wrinkles from forming in their face, some people have begun to simply not move their face. Because this causes them to appear in a bad mood, the term Resting Bitch Face (RBF) has been coined. According to Today the concept of RBF started off as a joke on Social Media, but now many women have come forward and admitted that they do the same thing.

Is BOTOX Right For You?

While not moving your face may seem like a good idea to keep lines from forming, it can actually dissuade people from wanting to associate with you. People may think you are a snob, and while some people may enjoy that feeling, the average person will not want to give up their social life just for a few lines on the face. “There are many ways to get the same results and to not be classified as a female who constantly looks angry,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, who specializes in facial plastic surgery in New Jersey.

The best way to fix this problem, and still allow plenty of facial movement and smiling is to use Botox and fillers. Botox can eliminate the wrinkles that form between the eyes, on the forehead, or in the crow’s feet while giving the brow a refreshed and slightly rejuvenated appearance. The fillers include Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse. They work by filling the folds between the nose and mouth, the marionette lines between the lips and chin, and basically anywhere else on the face that needs volume. Together these two techniques can give excellent results without surgery.

So there is no need to have a RBF to avoid lines on the face. Go ahead and be social and smile as much as you want, knowing that a few small injection treatments can keep you looking wrinkle free.

South Korean Plastic Surgeons Help North Korean Defectors Heal Wounds

A New York Times story on the efforts of some South Korean plastic surgeons to help North Korean defectors is a stirring reminder of what plastic surgery can achieve in the right hands.

According to the story, many of those who flee from the oppressive North Korean regime do so still bearing the scars of their forced labor. One woman profiled in the piece lost most of her left eyebrow and eyelid in an accident involving melting plastic at the factory where she worked the night shift.

Plastic surgery can help victims heal from trauma.

Plastic surgery can help victims heal from trauma.

Fortunately, many South Korean plastic surgeons have stepped up and offered free plastic surgery to those defectors who are struggling with the scars of their past. The program is part of a larger effort in South Korea to improve the lot of North Korean defectors, many of whom struggle with the transition.

Facial procedures are, of course, quite commonly requested. But one man required laser tattoo removal to eliminate a tattoo he had received in the 80’s pledging loyalty to the North Korean dictator, while another woman is undergoing a breast procedure to re-construct a breast she lost as a result of cancer.

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Yoga Pants Can Sometimes Reveal Too Much

Edison, Warren and Marlboro N.J. – There is a growing trend involving women and their workout clothes. The term “Athleisure wear” refers to a fashion statement of looking like you are hitting the gym, even if you are not. The look consists of wearing trendy name brands such as Lululemon that make form fitting yoga pants. This is becoming more and more popular especially within the tri-state area. However, some women are noticing an issue with these tight fitting clothes, and this is the appearance of an overly sized private area.

Plastic surgery overseas?

According to a recently published article in The New York Post, a growing number of women are signing up for labiaplasty to reduce the size and enhance the appearance of their private parts, especially when they are wearing tight-fitting clothes such as workout gear.

On New York’s Upper East Side, it is reported that a large number of women are motivated to undergo the procedure to look sleeker in their athleisure wear, which often compresses and emphasizes the area.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, there has been a significant increase in the number of these tissue removal and restructuring procedures, including a 48 percent rise in 2014 from 2013.

“More women are pursuing labiaplasty to correct labia-related issues that are interfering with their ability to perform sexually, to perform daily tasks such as exercise, or are merely causing discomfort,” says Dr. Michael Edwards of ASAPS.

“A labiaplasty involves the reshaping of the labia (lips) of the vagina,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey. The surgery can be performed in the office under local anesthesia or mild IV sedation. After the repair, the dissolvable sutures disappear in a week or two. The result is a smaller, more youthful appearing labia with less discomfort (panty irritation) and increased erotic satisfaction in many patients.

“It is all about making a woman feel more secure and confident in their look, and to be comfortable in their appearance with whatever they are wearing,” says Dr. Heller, who also specializes in liposuction. So go ahead and wear those yoga pants and be proud that you are a woman on the go who is confident in her appearance.

How To Handle Post-Surgery Disappointment

Modern plastic surgery is exceptionally safe and effective. When performed by a properly trained and certified plastic surgeon, common cosmetic procedures almost always achieve their goals.

However, it’s not uncommon for a patient to be somewhat disappointed with the results of a procedure. Recently, the renowned Cleveland Clinic wrote a brief story discussing how patients should handle such disappointment.

Disappointment after plastic surgery is often about expectation management.

These two clearly aren’t disappointed. How would you handle disappointing surgical results?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, patients in this situation should:

  • Re-evaluate their expectations
  • Talk about the situation with their plastic surgeon
  • Give the results some more time to develop

That last point is particularly important. It can take a little bit of time for the full results of a procedure to become clear. A breast augmentation, for example, requires a few months for the final results to crystallize.

We understand patience can be difficult in these situations, especially if you underwent a facial procedure and you find yourself looking in the mirror every day. That’s why our plastic surgeons maintain clear and open communication throughout the process, and it’s why we discuss expectation management before you undergo any procedure.

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Every Two Minutes a Brazilian Man Undergoes Plastic Surgery

Brazil has established itself in recent years as a popular plastic surgery destination- we’ve written about the practice of plastic surgery tourism on this very blog. Now, a new report quantifies the popularity of cosmetic procedures in that country by pointing out that, on average, a Brazilian man undergoes plastic surgery every two minutes.

According to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, men underwent 276,000 procedures in 2014. That’s a dramatic increase from the 72,000 procedures performed for men in 2009.

Plastic surgery should only be performed by a trained, certified surgeon

Every two minutes a Brazilian man undergoes plastic surgery.

Brazilian experts quoted in the report attribute the increase to cultural changes, especially the end of a previous stigma associated with male plastic surgery.

The most popular procedures among Brazilian men include:

Overall, Brazilians underwent more than 712,000 cosmetic procedures in 2014.

The growing global popularity of plastic surgery is an intriguing development, one that we can hope is accompanied by a rise in the number of skilled, properly trained plastic surgeries in these countries. It’s absolutely crucial that plastic surgery is only performed by properly educated and experienced doctors.

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No More Lotions or Ridiculous Potions

Edison, Marlboro, Warren, NJ – Most women have  experienced or probably will experience the unfortunate trait known as cellulite, which cannot be treated with just diet and exercise alone. So doctors are always trying to think of new ways to reduce its appearance, and many devices have come on the market. However, none have really done the trick. A new device called Cellfina is available to try and help patients with their cellulite.

body plastic surgery in NJIt treats the cellulite on the buttocks and upper outer thighs by using small needles that release the tethering bands that cause the dimpling appearance. The device is the size of an iPhone and works mechanically. First, each dimple is marked with a circle the size of a silver dollar. Next, the circular patch of skin is numbed with an automatic injection of lidocaine. Then the device grabs the skin with the aid of suction and slides a miniature blade about six millimeters below the skin to cut the attachment, allowing your skin to bounce back into place. Once the procedure is complete you can go about your normal routine after about a day or so with only a minimal chance of complications and minimal discomfort. The results are estimated to last a year or longer.

Even though this procedure sounds wonderful, it is important to understand the resistant nature of cellulite.

“Many companies have tried to come out with the cure for cellulite and have failed,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top liposuction surgeon in New Jersey. “It is great to see continued research into this issue because many of my patients would like a reliable treatment.”

According to, it’s estimated that 8 out of 10 woman suffer from cellulite, and plastic surgeons have ranked cellulite as one of the biggest issues among their women patients. Cellfina can range in price from $2500 to $6000 a session, depending on what has to be done. Time will tell if Cellfina is a procedure that will be long lasting and worthwhile.

Changing Your Fate

Edison, Marlboro, and Warren, NJ – It is no secret that young job seekers will try almost anything to increase their chance of landing a job. These changes range from simple things like a haircut and new clothes to more involved changes such as plastic surgery. Sometimes the trends can get a bit outlandish.  However, in Korea, the new trend is to make the palm lines more distinct to increase their luck of landing a job.

NY Plastic SurgeryAccording to an article in the Korea Times, patients are seeking advice from fortune tellers and then proceeding to give their plastic surgeon a design of their desired palm lines, believing it will change their fate and land them a job.

Palm lines are believed to portray one’s destiny through shape, thickness and depth. There are four major lines: the life, head, heart and fate lines. Those who feel down on their luck when it comes to landing a job believe that if their fate lines become more defined, it will help steer them in the right path to finding a career.

“It may seem a bit outlandish that changing your palm lines will increase your chance of getting a job, but there are several other things you can do to improve your appearance before that big interview,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Younger patients may be interested in a rhinoplasty or lip fillers to help give them a more mature, adult looking appearance. Older patients getting back into the work field may be more interested in botox or eyelid surgery to give them a fresher look.

The best place to start is with a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon that will help steer you through the latest trends and come up a procedure that will improve your appearance while keeping you looking natural for that big job.

Cindy Crawford Discusses Plastic Surgery

Cindy Crawford has long been one of America’s most recognizable models. For a generation of Americans who came of age during the 80’s and 90’s, Crawford’s undeniably beautiful face is one they will always remember.

Now, InStyle is reporting that the 49-year-old Crawford is openly discussing her use of cosmetic procedures to look young and vibrant while on tour to promote her new book, Becoming.


Is BOTOX Right For You?

BOTOX and other injectables have helped many people keep a youthful appearance.

According to Crawford, she has been seeing the same cosmetic surgeon since she was 29. She says she eats a healthy diet and exercises regularly, but credits BOTOX® and collagen injections for some of her youthful appearance, saying, “…I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon.”

Non-surgical procedures are, in fact, quite popular with many patients who want to achieve significant facial rejuvenation but aren’t interested in undergoing major surgery. Crawford was quoted as saying that she had to find her own “lines” when it comes to cosmetic procedures, and that’s an important point- you should know what’s important to you and what you’re comfortable with before undergoing any procedure.

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Check Out The Atlantic’s “A History of the Nose Job”

It’s always interesting when journalistic publications take an interest in plastic surgery. Recently, the respected publication The Atlantic published “Sculpting Identity: A History of the Nose Job,” which takes a look at the background of the rhinoplasty procedure.

The story, which can be found here, is definitely worth reading in full. In it, author Tiffany Hearsey traces the history of evolving societal views on the proper size and shape of the nose. This has long been a significant concern- in fact, the first recorded rhinoplasty was performed in India in the sixth century, BC.

Read more about the history of the rhinoplasty procedure

The rhinoplasty has a surprisingly extensive history

But it was only with the introduction of syphilis into Europe in the 16th century that the rhinoplasty truly grew into its popularity, Hearsey reports. Syphilis can damage the soft tissue of the nose, leaving a significant disfigurement in the middle of the face. This spurred doctors to find new cosmetic treatments that could restore the appearance of the nose.

The history of plastic surgery is truly fascinating, if only so we can truly understand how good modern patients have it. With the advent of sophisticated surgical tools and techniques, modern plastic surgeons are able to achieve extraordinary results. The rhinoplasty procedure is just one example of this dynamic.

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What is a Vampire Breast Lift?

Edison, Marlboro, Warren, NJ – A few years ago a procedure was developed called the Vampire Facelift that promised younger, firmer looking skin, and Kim Kardashian made this procedure famous when she posted her blood splattered face on Instagram a few years back. Now the same doctor is doing the procedure on the breasts and calling it the Vampire Breast Lift. It may sound ideal – a lift without surgery – and it may be safe in the sense that he is using your own blood, but is it really worth it?


According to the article that was recently released on Inquisitr, the cosmetic dermatologist claims that he can lift saggy breasts, fix inverted nipples and make breasts rounder and fuller without surgery or downtime. The results however are not typically permanent. The procedure is performed by taking out some blood and centrifuging it down to get a concentrated part of the blood with many growth factors. This is then reinjected back into the area of concern to stimulate collagen production. The cost for this procedure is estimated to be around $1,800, and over time, repeating these costs again and again can ultimately total much more than a permanent procedure like breast lift or augmentation.

“It is always important to see an experienced breast surgeon for consultation so he/she can go over the pros and cons of any procedure in a professional setting,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, who specializes in breast implant surgery in New Jersey.

A patient who is not a ready for surgery may in fact be a reasonable candidate for this procedure, but there are not many studies showing any long term benefit from the Vampire Lifts. Also, the procedure does not increase breast size, but it is really targeted to increase firmness.

It is always important not to read too much into the latest fad. Your reputable plastic surgeon should be happy to discuss any of these things with you.

Cosmo’s Six Plastic Surgery Tips Provide Useful Information

The website for Cosmopolitan magazine has published a listicle with six tips for readers considering plastic surgery. You can find the complete list at the link above, but we commend the magazine for a solid set of tips that serves its readers well.

Make sure your plastic surgeon is board-certified and other tips.

Cosmo has six tips to think over when considering plastic surgery.

You should pay special attention to tips 1, 2, 5 and 6, which are:

  • Make sure your doctor is accredited or certified
  • Ask plenty of questions
  • Check with your doctor before booking vacations or other post-surgical activities
  • Ask yourself why you’re considering plastic surgery

These are all excellent pieces of advice, and in fact we’ve written many posts on those themes on this very blog. Whether you’re considering a body procedure, a facial procedure or even a non-surgical procedure, it’s a good idea to keep these tips in mind.

It’s always rewarding to see popular media get plastic surgery right and steer consumers in the right direction. We all have an interest in ensuring that plastic surgery in the US is performed with skill and care by properly trained doctors.

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Plastic Surgery Tourism Growing in Popularity

A new story in Paste Magazine chronicles a growing trend: the increasing popularity of so-called “plastic surgery tourism,” where people travel overseas in order to find cheaper plastic surgery or a less stringent regulatory environment.

Plastic surgery overseas?

Learn about your plastic surgeon, even if you’re going overseas.

According to the story, popular destinations for such tourism include:

There are, of course, many, many skilled and well-trained plastic surgeons in these countries and in just about every other country outside the US. It’s eminently possible to undergo a safe, effective procedure overseas.

But it’s absolutely crucial you ensure that your plastic surgeon is credible. Plastic surgery is serious surgery, and you can be in danger if the person performing your procedure is not appropriately trained and educated.

This is just as true in the US as it is overseas. Do extensive research on potential plastic surgeons and don’t trust your health to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

If you live in New York, New Jersey, Staten Island or any of the nearby communities and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525.

Screening for breast cancer when you have breast implants

Edison, Marlboro, Warren, NJ – October marks the beginning of breast cancer awareness month, which is an annual campaign that aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the disease. The American Cancer Society estimates that the 231,840 new cases of invasive cancer diagnosed each year have influenced the need for early detection and screening. According to the Food and Drug Administration, more than 39 million mammograms are performed each year in the United States.

_blog96This raises questions for women who have had breast augmentation or are contemplating having the surgery. Breast implants top the list of most popular procedures followed by liposuction and tummy tuck. The concern is that having implants would make detection of breast cancer harder.

According to The Mayo Clinic, the answer is yes. Breast implants, either saline or silicone, can obscure mammogram images, decreasing the ability of mammograms to reveal breast cancer. Still, studies show that mammograms are an effective way to screen for breast cancer in women with breast implants.

If you have breast implants, you can take steps to make your mammogram more successful, such as:

Find a facility that sees many women with breast implants. Ask your doctor for a referral to a clinic where radiologists have experience performing and reading mammograms of women with breast implants. It is important to know that the facility has obtained special mammogram views, in addition to the standard mammogram images, to better evaluate the breast tissue around the breast implants.

Speak up about your breast implants at your appointment. When you make your appointment and again when you arrive at your appointment, tell the staff that you have breast implants.

If you have noted changes in your breast or if you have concerns, tell your doctor promptly. Your doctor will talk with the radiologist to decide whether you need additional imaging.

“If you have dense breast tissue and/or the radiologist is having difficulty performing the mammogram with the implants in place, then an MRI can be done to evaluate things more completely,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top breast surgeon in New Jersey. You don’t have to be afraid of breast augmentation, but stay knowledgeable about the risks and take adequate precautions to ensure your health is the number one priority.

Shave Your Wrinkles Away?

Staten Island, NY – As the aging process occurs, women will try many different things to slow the process. Some things are well established and make sense while others may be a little far fetched without scientific validation. With all the information on the internet, trends often arise that supposedly document significant results. One idea that is currently trending is shaving the face to reduce wrinkles.

_blog36According to ABC News, there is a belief that many men have smooth skin because each time they shave an exfoliation of the skin takes place. Therefore, some women are taking a razor to their skin in hopes of obtaining a younger, more rejuvenated look while also hoping to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, there is no real scientific evidence behind this trend. The primary pitfall to this method is the irritation that it can cause to the skin. Why bring a sharp blade over the face when there are several products on the market that can exfoliate your skin nicely? The possibility also exists that shaving the face will cause any hair you already have on the skin, including peach fuzz, to grow back thicker and darker.

Two well documented treatments that can reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin include the Fraxel laser and skin peels. Fraxel is FDA-approved and uses a non-ablative laser to restore your skin’s tone and texture, reduce pores, and lighten brown spots and wrinkles. Skin peels can do the same thing but by using a liquid applied to the face. Not only are these treatments safer, but they have a much better history of excellent results than shaving of your face.

“When a patient comes for consultation and discusses a hot trend they’ve seen online, I try to educate the patient about scientific pros and cons associated with the procedure,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in New York. Oftentimes a well documented solution to their problem already exists, and it is the surgeon’s duty to dissuade patients from making a decision that could potentially harm them. Not all internet trends are bad – you just have to find a surgeon that you trust to help determine if the trend is any good.

Six-Year-Old Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Reduce Size of Ears

A six-year-old boy named Gabe Berger underwent a procedure known as an “ear pinback” in order to dramatically the size of his large, prominent ears. The story was initially reported by the television program Inside Edition, then discussed further by Yahoo! Parenting, whose story you can read here.

The parents’ decision to allow Gabe to undergo the procedure has sparked a conversation about the appropriate age to undergo a plastic surgery. Generally speaking, surgeons don’t perform cosmetic procedures on patients under the age of 18- it’s important to allow your body to fully develop and mature before undergoing a procedure.

Plastic Surgery Can Dramatically Reduce the Size Of Your Ears?

When is plastic surgery right for a young child?

However, a surgeon quoted in the Yahoo! piece explained that the ear is fully mature by the age of 6, and there were more than 9,000 ear pinback procedures performed on children under the age of 18 in 2014, according to statistics quoted by Yahoo!.

Gabe was subjected to intense bullying at school as the result of his large ears, which is deeply unfortunate. Ultimately, parents have to make a difficult decision about their child’s long-term wellbeing when considering a cosmetic procedure. Facial plastic surgery is particularly sensitive.

If you’re a New York, New Jersey or Staten Island resident and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Say Bye Bye to Back Rolls

Ever hear of the awful “bread back?” They are unsightly rolls of back fat that make a woman’s bra fit uncomfortably. Years ago the only real surgical option was to liposuction this fat away, sometimes leaving the patient with loose skin and making it very difficult for woman to wear a form fitting top. However, some plastic surgeons may have found the answer to correct this.

_blog29An article in Cosmetic Surgery Today, talks about how some doctors find that even the most physically fit patients have trouble with back fat, so they have come up with a way to reduce the appearance of rolls and give you that smooth back you’ve been wanting. It’s called the Bra Line Back Lift. The incision is made along the patient’s bra line across the back, so that it can be hidden within the clothing.  The excess skin and fat are removed, and the remaining skin is stretched and sutured into place. It’s sort of like a tummy tuck but for your back.

The downside to this procedure is the scar, which is permanent, but usually not visible because it lies underneath the bra line. “The consultation is very important because the procedure is not for everyone,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey. “This procedure is designed for patients with saggy skin caused by aging, sun exposure or massive weight loss, not for patients that simply need to remove fat, which is done with liposuction.” Typically the thin scar is worth the result of having a much flatter back that will make you feel better about your appearance.

Alexa Ray Joel Discusses Rhinoplasty

As plastic surgery grows in popularity, the stigma attached to is slowly fading. With more people than ever undergoing cosmetic procedures, we’ve begun to respect the desire to permanently eliminate a troubling cosmetic concern.

Open discussion of plastic surgery is welcome

Plastic surgery is about acknowledging your flaws and moving safely to address them.

An undeniable element of this growing acceptance is the willingness of some celebrities to openly discuss their cosmetic procedures. That group now includes Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of the singer Billy Joel, who recently talked about her decision to undergo a rhinoplasty.

In the interview, highlights of which you can read here, Joel explains that she felt it was important to embrace her “flaws,” while explaining that she underwent a rhinoplasty in 2010 to repair a deviated septum and increase her self-confidence.

Ultimately, the decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is profoundly personal. It should be made with a strong consideration for your own goals and priorities. If the procedure is right for you and you can safely undergo it, you shouldn’t allow any outside pressures to stop you.

We understand how important a decision this is. Our plastic surgeons will discuss your goals and ensure that you only undergo the procedures that are right for you.

If you live in New Jersey and you’re considering a rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic procedure, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Plastic Surgeons Help Veterans

When we think about plastic surgery, we understandably tend to think about cosmetic procedures. We think about patients who undergo an elective operation to address some cosmetic flaw that’s bothering them.

Plastic surgery is quite helpful

Plastic surgeons have helped veterans with reconstructive surgery.

This is undeniably a significant aspect of the plastic surgery experience. However, plastic surgery does not have to be cosmetic. In fact, plastic surgeons have helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from disfiguring accidents that have left them unwilling to show their forces.

This TODAY segment spotlights a particularly poignant example of this dynamic. In the segment, Specialist Shealynn Cassidy discusses the 30 plastic surgery procedures she underwent after the explosion of a roadside bomb overseas left her with scars and other wounds from her heads to her toes.

The story also quotes plastic surgeons from around the country who explain the work they do to help innocent victims return to normalcy and put together their shattered self-confidence.

Our practice has seen many cases of patients who left our care feeling better about themselves. They were more willing to apply for work, pursue romantic relationships and explore the world around them knowing that they liked the way they looked.

If you’re a resident of New Jersey or any of the surrounding states and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Modern Family Star Discusses Breast Reduction Surgery

Fans of the hit ABC series Modern Family know Ariel Winter as Alex, the Dunphy family’s brilliant but high-strung younger daughter. But for the last few years, after going through puberty (largely in the public eye), Winter has been struggling with back pain caused by her size 32F breasts.

Breast Reduction- New Jersey

The decision to undergo a breast reduction is a deeply personal one.

Winter recently spoke with Glamour magazine about her June decision to undergo a breast reduction. Now a size 34 D, Winter explained that she was infinitely more comfortable and  confident than she was before undergoing the procedure.

It was so painful. I had a lot of back problems. I really couldn’t stand up straight for a long period of time. It started to hurt so bad that I couldn’t take the pain. My neck was hurting so bad and I actually had some problems with my spine,” Winter told Glamour.

Winter also expressed frustration with the way in which websites would sensationalize her appearance at awards shows and other formal events.

These concerns are far from uncommon. Many women with large breasts struggle with back and neck pain, not to mention unwanted attention from complete strangers. For these women, a breast reduction is something more than a cosmetic procedure- it represents a welcome escape from what they’ve been dealing with for years.

If you live in or around New Jersey and you’re considering a breast reduction, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

How Plastic Surgeons Evaluate Patients For Surgery

At Associates in Plastic Surgery, we always thoroughly discuss your goals and priorities before recommending any procedure. We want you to fully understand what the experience will be like, and above all we want to ensure that you can safely undergo the procedure.

Is plastic surgery right for me?

Evaluating you for plastic surgery is all about understanding your health and priorities.

Recently, the morning show TODAY aired a segment discussing which procedures are generally appropriate for which age range. You can watch the segment and read the accompanying story here.

The story also discusses some of the considerations that surgeons keep in mind when deciding whether or not you are a good candidate for a procedure. These include:

  • Your health and wellbeing
  • Whether the procedure will help you achieve your specific goals
  • Allergies
  • Your mindset and expectations

Your safety is always our number one priority, and safety starts with ensuring that you only undergo the right procedures. Whether you’re considering a body procedure, a facial procedure or something else entirely, it’s absolutely crucial that we determine the procedure fits with your goals and your level of wellbeing.

We will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine if you’re healthy enough to undergo a procedure, then have a frank and transparent discussion about your goals and expectations.

If you live in or around New Jersey and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Revenge Body: Feeling Better About Yourself and Maybe Getting Back at your ex in the Process

Edison, Marlboro, Warren – What is a Revenge body? In general it is a healthy way to reclaim your self-confidence. We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t get mad, get even,” but a better way to think about it is “Don’t get mad, get hot!”

Recently Khloe Kardashian was featured on the cover of Woman’s Health Magazine for kicking off the Revenge Body trend. After going through a rough divorce from NBA star Lamar Odom she started on an intense fitness and diet regime in which she lost 25lbs and is no longer known as the “fat” sister. She has taken the saying “Looking good is the best revenge” to whole new level according to the recent article on Yahoo Beauty. _blog33

Everyone wants to look their best after a breakup, which can be distracting from the bad feelings of a breakup. After seeing Khloe’s sexy pictures, Lamar is probably thinking, “I messed up,” which gives Khloe some satisfaction. But the most satisfaction comes from feeling good about herself again.

“I see women every day whose main goal is to look better for themselves,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey. “If wanting to get back at their ex is extra incentive then that is fine because getting back in shape is not easy.” It starts with eating right, going to the gym, getting some new clothes, and then, possibly some liposuction to get rid of those stubborn areas.

We live in an era that is obsessed with Social Media and how many “Likes” you can get. It is part of our psyche to care what other people think, even random strangers. Further motivation is acquired by knowing that you have people who repeatedly view your Instagram or Facebook pages including your ex and his friends.  If you ex’s friends are constantly telling him how good you look, that will start to bother him after a while.

The most important thing to remember through all of this is to make self improvement the main goal. If you are doing a breast augmentation to get back at your ex, then that is the wrong reason. Do the procedure because it will help feel better about yourself and will improve your self confidence.

Some Patients Use Plastic Surgery To Delay Retirement

Appearing youthful and energetic has always been vital in the workplace. Companies and co-workers like to be around vigorous and vital employees who make clear they’re capable of working hard.

Learn more about this dynamic

Many people find cosmetic surgery can delay early retirement.

According to, it appears that many older patients are using plastic surgery to maintain a youthful and energetic appearance and delay the day of their retirement. The piece quotes a municipal prosecutor in the Philadelphia area who received an injection of JuvedermⓇ (a dermal filler) in order to combat the appearance of stern severity between her eyebrows.

It’s a sad reality that many employees are subtly (or not-so-subtly) encouraged to leave the workforce once they’ve reached a certain age and begin to show the signs of wear and fatigue on their faces.

Plastic surgery cannot make you look like a fresh-faced 25-year-old again, and it’s important to have reasonable expectations. But the right procedure can absolutely rejuvenate and reinvigorate your appearance, and we’re committed to finding the procedure that’s right for you.

If you’re a resident of New Jersey or any of the surrounding states and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Plastic Surgery Growing in Popularity with Teens

People has an article this month discussing the apparent surge in the popularity of high school-age teenagers, especially during the back-to-school period. The story cites statistics from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons which show that 64,000 teens aged 13-to-19 underwent plastic surgery in 2014.

The story speculates on possible reasons behind this development, focusing particularly on young reality stars openly undergoing procedures, though there’s no way of really knowing what the causes are.

There’s no hard and fast rule about when it’s appropriate to undergo plastic surgery, though there are age limits for breast augmentation and other procedures. It’s important to remember that plastic surgery is best performed when the treatment area in question is mature and fully formed.

For example, many teenagers dislike their noses and consider undergoing rhinoplasty. But this is often inappropriate, since a teenage nose is not developed and could naturally change its shape.

You should only undergo surgery for the right reasons.

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity with teens- what does it mean?

At Associates in Plastic Surgery, we help potential patients carefully consider their options and urge them to think about their priorities and the deeper concerns that might be underlying the desire for plastic surgery. This is particularly important with younger patients.




If you live in or around New Jersey and you or a family member are considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Facebook your New Face

Warren, Edison and Marlboro, NJ – Marketing for plastic surgery has changed significantly through the years. Years ago, the yellow pages were the primary advertising method. Then the internet became popular and people started basing their decisions on the doctor’s website and where it was ranked. Now, through changing technology, social media has proven to be a very useful tool for active communication between a surgeon and prospective patient before they even meet.

According to a study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, iStock_000013002992_Large_zpskuocpjy0in recent years, digital platforms have given patients and doctors a level of accessibility that they didn’t have previously. Half of U.S. plastic surgeons are regularly using social media for their professional practices.  Doctors can have a Facebook page or Twitter handle with interactive chat options.  A blog can also be a great source of information to a patient on many procedures such as a facelift or tummy tuck.  Social media can be a very useful forum for patient education, which is vital to the entire plastic surgery process. A patient can read or ask questions through social media and get a variety of answers which can better prepare them for the consultation or surgery. About one-third of the surgeons in the study reported positive outcomes from using social media.

“I enjoy patients that are active participants in their care and ask a lot of questions,” says Dr. Andrew Miller a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.  Social Media is a fantastic way to gain knowledge and be an informed patient, but be sure you are corresponding with a reputable and experienced surgeon.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your Fat

Most of us understand the desire to remove our excess fat, but what if you could take it from one area and move it to another? This is a process known as fat grafting or fat transfer. This is becoming a more popular trend in plastic surgery because of the excellent and long lasting results that can be achieved. There are multiple areas that are common for fat transfer, such as the eyelids, cheeks, lips, breasts and buttocks. According to , the procedure is easy to go through and produce results that are semi permanent in nature.Plastic Surgery

When undergoing fat grafting, the fat is usually taken from the hips, thighs, and abdomen. It is processed and placed in multiple syringes, and then injected back into the body. The most common place to inject the fat is the face. As we all age, facial volume is lost in areas like the cheeks, laugh lines, lips, and under the eyes. “One of the most important things you can do to rejuvenate your face is to add volume that has been lost, and fat injection is a great way to do it,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Fat injection to the buttocks is another area that is increasing significantly in popularity.  As gravity takes its effect, the butt seems to get droopy. Since women are often having liposuction to contour their waist already, why not inject some of it back into the butt. Termed a Brazilian butt lift, this procedure complements the liposuction by leaving women with a nice, shapely behind.

Fat may also be injected into the breasts; often times a full cup size can be achieved. It is very important to find a surgeon that is very experienced with this option because the fat has to be injected the proper way to ensure the best survival of the cells carefully.

Consequently, if you have ever looked in the mirror and wondered if you could just take some of this fat and put it back in this different spot, well you can! Take the first step today and call to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to get the look you have always wanted.

New School, New Job, New You

Sadly the summer is coming to an end, so that means it is time to go shopping for books, binders and pencils. But some of your classmates are shopping for something else. The summer is the perfect time to make an adjustment in your appearance so that the natural improvement is not really evident to your classmates.

_blog2According to statistics provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 15% of all procedures in the U.S. were performed on patients under the age of 21 last year. As school is ending, the summer is also for getting ready to enter the workplace. However, when one is just starting out in life the expense of plastic surgery can be considerable and the question may be if it is really worth it.

Some of the most popular procedures are being given as a graduation gift instead of a traditional present. The critics may ask if it is really necessary to undergo plastic surgery such as a nose job or ear reshaping before finishing college. Could it really help with your dating prospects or career opportunities?

An article on suggests that the better looking applicants for a job are more likely to get hired. And everyone knows that a more attractive person will have a greater number of dating prospects. The key is to have plastic surgery done for the right reasons and by a qualified person.

Plastic surgery at a young age can be very rewarding, but don’t have it done just to please someone else.

“Plastic surgery can never make all of someone’s life problems vanish, but as long as the patient has realistic expectations and is emotionally stable, the rewards far outweigh the risks,” say Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

So make yourself competitive for that job your want or erase certain insecurities that you have with a simple visit to an experienced plastic surgeon.

Todd Chrisley Discusses Plastic Surgery

Todd Chrisley, the star of the USA reality show Chrisley Knows Best, is about to turn 47 and is openly discussing plastic surgery, an exclusive video on OK! reveals.

In the video, Chrisley discusses his options with his wife and two children. One of the important points Chrisley makes in the video is the strength of his relationship with his plastic surgeon, who, Chrisley, makes him “happy.”

This is a valuable insight. Many doctors perform plastic surgery these days- it’s seen as a quick and easy money maker, largely because the procedures are quite commonly performed and boast impressive safety records.

_blog111However, a safe surgery is still surgery, which means it poses a risk. It’s absolutely crucial you find the right plastic surgeon- this means someone with ample experience and board certification, someone you know you can trust. This is especially true with facial procedures, though it certainly applies to body procedures as well.

Your relationship with your plastic surgeon will go a long way toward defining your cosmetic surgery experience. A productive, pleasant relationship with your surgeon is invaluable, and can only be developed through ample experience and conversation.

If you’re a New Jersey resident and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust with your health and wellbeing, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Plastic Surgery Rising in Popularity With Seniors

The desire to look your best is not a dynamic restricted to younger patients. Indeed, many older Americans remain interested in revitalizing and rejuvenating their faces and bodies, and plastic surgery can accomplish this.

A new story in NH Magazine discusses this reality, exploring the apparent trend of senior citizens deciding to undergo plastic surgery at their advanced ages. The story, which can be found here, is worth a read.

_blog3According to American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery statistics quoted in the piece, patients aged between 51 and 64 years accounted for 24.6 percent of surgical procedures and 32.9 percent of non-surgical procedures in 2014. And patients over the age of 65 accounted for 7.9 and 10.9 percent of these procedures, respectively.

Popular procedures in this demographic include:

With Americans living longer than ever, and the increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles among seniors, it’s not surprising that many senior citizens are opting to undergo safe, effective cosmetic procedures.

If you live in or around New Jersey and you want to discuss your plastic surgery options, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Trends in Male Plastic Surgery

A Fashion Times interview with Dr. James Grotting, the President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, revealed that hair replacement and liposuction are the among most popular plastic surgeries for men.

The interview is broken up into two parts, which can be found here and here. In it, Dr. Grotting urges patients to undergo procedures from qualified doctors, saying, “Men…should always seek a qualified licensed physician for any medical treatment. Board-certified plastic surgeons are a man’s best choice for reputable advice.”

According to Dr. Grotting, hair transplants and various non-surgical fat removal procedures are also growing in popularity with men.

_blog22It’s not surprising that many men are pursuing procedures targeted at improving the appearance of the body.  These procedures help tone and tighten a body, making them quite appealing for anyone interested in a sleek, attractive appearance.

While plastic surgery is historically associated with women, recent trend lines make it clear that men are interested in pursuing the benefits associated with plastic surgery. When paired with diet and exercise, plastic surgery can achieve extraordinary benefits for men and women alike.

If you’re a New Jersey man and you want to learn about how much you can achieve through plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Can Brow Lifts Alleviate Migraines?

Brow lifts are growing in popularity with New Jersey residents who are looking to rejuvenate the appearance of their eyebrows and forehead. With our endoscopic brow lift, we can provide you with a youthful and revitalized appearance.

_blog15Now, it appears brow lifts might have non-cosmetic benefits. A Cleveland plastic surgeon has found that more than 90 percent of patients who suffer from migraines report significant pain relief after undergoing a brow lift.

According to Dr. Bahman Guyuron, the explanation might be nerves. While the precise cause of migraines is not always clear, many of them are caused by nerve compression. The brow lift procedure can release pressure on the nerves in the treatment area, dramatically reducing the amount of pain a patient experiences.

Much work remains to be done to demonstrate the strength of this link. Medical research requires large sample sizes and painstaking duplication of efforts in order to ensure that results are valid. But this is surely an exciting development for those suffering from long-term migraines.

If you live in or around the state of New Jersey and you want a plastic surgeon you can trust, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

The Most Frequently Referenced Celebrity Body Parts

Earlier this month, we discussed a New York Times infographic which provided interesting New Jersey and Staten Island patients have a number of breast augmentation optionsstatistics regarding the popularity of cosmetic procedures in the United States. Cosmetic surgery is growing increasingly common, as the statistics show.

But the infographic also contains another interesting piece of information- the celebrity features that patients most often request in their conversations with plastic surgeons. According to the Times, the most frequently referenced features are:

  • Kim Kardashian’s buttocks
  • Olivia Munn’s eyes
  • Scarlett Johansson’s lips
  • Kate Bosworth’s chin
  • Kate Middleton’s nose

Finding an easily understood visual example of what you’re hoping to achieve can be helpful, much in the same way as bringing in a popular haircut to your stylist can help him or her visualize the proper look.

However, it’s important to understand your own unique beauty, as well as the limitations of plastic surgery. No plastic surgeon, no matter how skilled, can make you look exactly like any other person, celebrity or otherwise. You should undergo plastic surgery with a realistic set of goals and expectations.

If you’re a New Jersey or New York resident and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Blo-tox – is this really a new trend?

Women who love their workouts as much as their blow outs are starting to realize that dry shampoo isn’t always going to work after an intense workout. It’s great for giving slept-on hair a bit of life, and it can also soak up some of that shine and oil, but will it work on real work out sweat? The answer is probably not. You are probably going to need to try a little something extra if you really don’t want to wash that hair, and the answer may be a little Botox.

According to a recent article on Byrdie, woman are going crazy for this new trend. Why waste so much money on constantly getting your hair blown out professionally and doing it more often just because you like to stay in shape?

_blog33“Botox is not only used for cosmetic reasons such as removing wrinkles from the eyes and forehead. It is commonly used for a condition called hyperhidrosis to stop profuse sweating in the underarms and palms of your hands,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in NJ.

Botox blocks the communication between the nerve and sweat gland, effectively preventing the gland from working and you from perspiring.  While the science portion of this trend is well accepted, it only just starting to become popular. The Botox is simply injected in small quantities into areas of the scalp that are producing the most sweat. The result can last six months or more.

Keep in mind that the sweating may not stop completely, and it may take more than one session to determine your optimal treatment and dosage. The amount of sweating or type of treatment needed can be different for each patient. Some can go through multiple workouts with minimal perspiration while others will just sweat an incredible amount. Just remember that if sweating is affecting your workout routine, social life, or pocketbook because of the cost of multiple blow outs, Botox injection may be a great option for you.

New York Times Infographic Discusses Plastic Surgery Statistics

It’s no secret that plastic surgery has become big business. Cosmetic procedures, whether targeted at the body or the face, are growing in popularity, and understandably so- when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, these procedures are quite safe and effective.

_blog17And now, The New York Times has a fascinating infographic that breaks down the popularity of plastic surgery. We encourage you to check out the Times story here, but some interesting takeaways include:

  • Americans spent more than $2.4 billion on BOTOX® in 2014
  • There has been a 33 percent increase in male breast reduction surgery since 2010
  • Half of plastic surgery patients are repeat patients
  • 39 percent of cosmetic surgery-related Google searches are performed by men
  • 1 in 20 women have undergone plastic surgery

We’ll have more on this infographic  later this week, including a discussion of the celebrity traits that are most often referenced in discussions between patients and plastic surgeons.

If you live in or around the state of New Jersey and you’re considering plastic surgery, you deserve a surgeon with exceptional skill and experience. Please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at 855-960-5525 for a consultation.

Kybella, a new promising injectable?

There is a new exciting product on the market that is creating a significant amount of buzz. It is called Kybella. This is the first FDA approved injectable used in adults to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat below the chin, otherwise known as a double chin. It works as a series of injections consisting of deoxycholic acid that dissolves the stubborn fat in the chin area.

_blog44In a recent article published in the New York Times, Kybella is a hot new product among men in the corporate world. According to the article men are seeking out this new treatment to help them look better in their professional clothes. The makers of Kybella claim that it can melt the fat cells away, helping to achieve a more chiseled, defined chin. Wearing a collared shirt and tie everyday can be very uncomfortable for many with a heavier neck area. This sounds like a wonderful new product right?

The problem with Kybella is that it is just too much of an unknown at the present time. It was just approved by the Food and Drug Administration on June 15 of this year.

“Sometimes side effects of a certain product are not known right out of the gate, so I like to give new treatments some time to make sure they are safe and effective in the long run,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in central New Jersey.

In the upcoming months, there will probably be medical studies published in scientific journals that will document whether or not Kybella is safe and effective in the long term.

At the present time if you look hard enough you may be able to find a doctor that injects Kybella. Just be sure that you are comfortable with the uncertainty of the product and make sure your physician is fully trained and not just injecting it to make a quick buck. Finally if you are looking for a treatment that has a long history of being safe and effective, try neck liposuction or smart liposuction, which uses a laser. A necklift is another way to achieve a more long lasting result.

Fat Transfers Increasingly Popular in Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery has long been sensitive and delicate. Re-shaping the structure of the face to create a more aesthetically pleasing form is quite safe when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, but it does present difficulties.

_blog23The discovery that a patient’s natural stores of fat could be used in a facial procedure represented an exciting innovation in the field of cosmetic surgery. And a new study has found that approximately 85 percent of plastic surgeons use fat transfers during facelifts.

The study was designed to gain insight into the specific techniques utilized by practice surgeons. Doctors indicated that they preferred fat transfers because of the greater level of aesthetic control provided by the technique.

Surgeons usually inject a relatively small amount of fat into the cheeks and under the eyes- these are areas which tend to droop and sag with age, making them excellent candidates for fat transfers. When combined with a traditional facelift, a fat transfer can achieve a truly remarkable facial transformation.

If you’re a resident of any New Jersey community and you want to learn more about how fat transfers can augment a cosmetic procedure, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at (855) 960-5525 for a consultation.

Company Prints 3-D Models to Show Patients Their New Faces

One of the most significant challenges for a patient considering plastic surgery is visualizing what the effects of the surgery will be. You’re considering a procedure because you want to achieve a specific aesthetic goal, but it can be difficult to truly understand what a smaller nose or chin implants would really look like.

Young beautiful woman with perfect skin, slightly tanned.

3-D imaging was a godsend for many of these patients. Now, a New York plastic surgeon is combining the sophisticated images with advanced 3-D printing technology to create physical models of a patient’s face with the projected changes reflected on the models.

A company called MirrorMe3D will print a 3-D model of your face, then another that shows what a change to your nose or chin or any other treatment area might look like. It provides you with a more realistic, easily understandable image, which can prove invaluable when making difficult decisions.

Knowledge is power. The ability to see what your new face will look like after a procedure will make your decision much easier and more informed.

If you’re a New Jersey resident considering plastic surgery, you probably have questions. Please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at (855) 960-5525 for a consultation.

Let’s Hear It For The Boys

It’s no surprise that women today love the opportunities that plastic surgery affords to enhance their appearance. What is surprising to many people is the dramatic increase in the number of men coming in for procedures within the last few years. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been a 43% increase in both invasive and non-invasive procedures for men in the last five years. Typically, there are three categories of men that walk into the office.


The first type is the “business man.” Men who are climbing the corporate ladder in their careers want to feel strong and powerful but not necessarily look the part. These men are the ones who may look to do something as minor as a Botox injection to smooth out lines and wrinkles or maybe something more dramatic like a nose job with chin implantation to enhance the nose and create a stronger jaw line. These men want a way to look and feel more confident while they reach the peak of their career.

Another category would be the bodybuilders. These men work hard to push their bodies to extensive limits in order to achieve their ideal body image and strength. One of the most popular procedures for these men would be gynecomastia surgery. Men often turn to different types of supplements including steroids to help them get their desired look. The downfall of this is the growth of “man boobs.” Although this is common among men outside of the body builder category as well, it is usually a bigger concern for the men in the gym, and these men typically turn to plastic surgery to address the issue. A second popular procedure for these men is body building implants, which include pectoral implants or calf implants.  These implants can give a male a little help in areas that are problematic or not responding to workouts.

The third category is what we call the “daddy do-over.” Like a mommy makeover, a daddy do-over is a combination of cosmetic procedures performed in a single surgery. The most common procedures for a daddy to undergo include tummy tuck, liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and a facelift, many of which can be performed at the same time.

“Male plastic surgery is very rewarding because the men are usually very apprehensive about looking strange after surgery, and when they see a natural result, they are very happy,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey. So if you are a male that desires a change, the first step is to make an appointment for a free consultation with an experienced surgeon to get the details.

New Study Finds Functional Rhinoplasty Dramatically Improves Sleep Apnea

We often consider rhinoplasty to be a cosmetic procedure. And there’s no doubt that the procedure can achieve a dramatic re-shaping and re-sizing if you’re concerned with the appearance of your nose.

However, many patients undergo rhinoplasty for medical reasons- the structure of their nose prevents them from adequately breathing through it, dramatically affecting their quality of life. A so-called “functional rhinoplasty” can eliminate this problem.

Now, a new study finds that the functional rhinoplasty can dramatically alleviate obstructive sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions of Americans every year. OBS causes a blockage of your airways while you sleep. You wake up many times during the evening, even while generally being unaware of what’s happening. If left untreated, obstructive sleep apnea can pose a serious threat to your health.

Sexy happy woman with perfect beautiful shape of body lying on bed

The study focused on 26 patients who underwent a functional rhinoplasty procedure. Researchers found that the incidence of sleep apnea in these patients decreased by 35 percent. That figure rises to 57 percent when considering patients with a BMI under 30.

If you live in or around the state of New Jersey and you’re considering rhinoplasty for either cosmetic or functional purposes, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at (855) 960-5525 for a consultation.

Is Your Wedding Checklist Complete?

wedding2It’s summertime and we know what that means – it’s “wedding season.” But have you completed your check list yet? All weddings have a list, which can be quite extensive in nature. A bride’s wedding preparations used to be relatively simple. A manicure, perhaps some professional hair and make-up, and she was ready to say ‘I do’. Nowadays, the list includes countless details including flowers, the music play list, the gifts, who is sitting with whom and so on. Additionally, plastic surgery procedures are becoming one more box on the wedding checklist. According to In Touch Weekly,
Lady Gaga is considering getting plastic surgery before her big day. The article states that she is feeling panicked because the big day is near and wants some things to give her a refreshed look like Botox or Juvederm.

If you are short on time, Botox or Juvederm could be a great way to spruce up your look by helping to erase the fine lines and wrinkles. However, if you have ample time for a recovery then you may be a candidate for a more extensive procedure such as rhinoplasty, which can help reshape your nose into that perfect shape for all your photos to come. But don’t think plastic surgery is just for the bride, grooms often times consider plastic surgery as well before the wedding. Most commonly, a little liposuction is being performed to help the groom fit into the tux better before their wedding day arrives.

For most couples, their wedding day is the most important day in their lives; a day when all eyes are on them. The event may only last a day, but the photographs will last forever and become a part of their family history, so it’s no surprise that couples want to look their absolute best. “Brides and grooms-to-be are ideal candidates for plastic surgery because they know exactly how they want to look on their special day,” says Dr. Shain Cuber a top plastic surgeon in NJ. Let us help you look picture perfect on your day with a customized pre-wedding cosmetic surgery or injection treatments.

BOTOX For a Better Hair Day?

BOTOX® works by blocking the muscles in your face from receiving certain signals sent from your brain. These signals tell the muscles to contract, and over a long enough time frame, these contractions produce wrinkles and other fine lines.

_blog33Now, a new report finds that some doctors have started using BOTOX® as a tool for dramatically reducing the amount the scalp sweats.

The injectable has long been used under the arms to combat excessive sweating. New developments indicate that BOTOX® can be injected into the scalp to cut off the flow of sweat in that area.

Patients are quoted as explaining that they appreciate how this new treatment protects their hair during a day of intense activity. Ample sweat can leave hair looking stringy and feeling sticky, which is a problem for busy people who work out frequently but still want beautiful hair.

The sweat glands can be de-activated for six to 12 months, providing patients with a reasonably long-term solution.

Of course, it’s important that you only undergo BOTOX® injections from a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, no matter what your goal is.

If you live in New Jersey and you want to learn more about what BOTOX can achieve for you, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at (855) 960-5525 for a consultation.

Is Plastic Surgery Trending in Teens?

Our world is changing & evolving and teens are definitely included in the mix. Teens now are waxing, plucking, body training and adding in skin care regimens that were once a thing only our parents did as they aged. But what may come as a shock to many people is that these young teens have now decided to add in cosmetic surgery. Some experts are concerned that the motivations for many of these young teens who seek surgery are mainly because of what they may see on the internet, as opposed to a problem like bullying or lack of self-esteem.

Teens are bombarded with images plastered all over social media beautiful women and men that sometimes are not even real, but photo-shopped. An impressionable teen that wants to mimic their idol may try to seek out a plastic surgeon to “make their dreams a reality.”

_blog44“This is where the parents play a huge role in helping their teen children make a mature decision,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey.  Plastic surgery is not for copying a celebrity or trying to look like another person. Any person with this as their motivation should be talked out of plastic surgery.

Instead, good reasons to undergo plastic surgery in childhood include bullying or self-esteem issues. Each child deserves to feel like he or she belongs, and whether all of society accepts it or not, a well thought out plastic surgery procedure can really improve a child’s life. The most common surgeries in teens are Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty and Gynecomastia reduction. Generally young men with gynecomastia often endure significant teasing and embarrassment. Teasing can cause serious body image problems in teens where they end up becoming withdrawn from society, and sometimes even causing depression.

Unlike adults who may elect cosmetic surgery, such as a facelift or blepharoplasty to be rejuvenated, kids have a different outlook. Most of them do it to fit in. Studies indicate that acceptance builds self-esteem, and a healthy self-image contributes to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Recently there was an article published at Yahoo Beauty where Molly Simms, a model and actress, discusses the pressures growing up in an industry where being “perfect” was a must to become successful. She has been very open with what procedures she has undergone, including Botox when she first started noticing lines on her forehead, noting that these procedures gave her the self-confidence she needed.

So plastic surgery in teens is not something that should trend, and if your teen has self-esteem issues, then a simple consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon can give you a lot of valuable information. Family support is extremely important when making these kinds of decisions and open dialogue is imperative as plastic surgery should not be entered into lightly.

What Can Breast Surgery Achieve? More Than You Might Think.

At  Associates in Plastic Surgery, we offer a number of breast surgery options for our New Jersey patients. This is because we strive to meet all of your aesthetic needs.

_blog45With breast surgery, your choice is all about your priorities. Our procedures are targeted surgeries that are designed to achieve specific goals. Finding the right procedure, then, is just a matter of knowing what you want to achieve and being a good candidate for the surgery.

The Australian rapper Iggy Azalea recently revealed that she had undergone a breast augmentation, largely to make it easier to fit into the intricately designed costumes she wears during concerts.

And it’s certainly not just famous musicians who are concerned about the ways clothes fit and look. A breast augmentation is ideal if you want larger breasts and a curvier, more noticeable profile. That’s what the procedure is designed to achieve.

On the other hand, you might be an ideal candidate for a breast lift if you’re satisfied with the size of your breasts, but also concerned about sagging. And in certain circumstances, we can combine a breast lift with breast implants, providing both larger and higher breasts.

As Yahoo! discussed in February, breast lifts are growing in popularity with women who are looking for a subtler, more natural look than what’s provided by a breast augmentation.

And if you want to reduce the size of your breasts while also lifting them to a higher, more attractive position, a breast reduction is an excellent option- the procedure will alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with large, pendulous breasts.

If you live in or around New Jersey and you’re considering breast surgery, please call Associates in Plastic Surgery today at (855) 960-5525 for a consultation. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have decades of experience helping women achieve their goals- we listen to your goals and help you find the procedure that’s right for you.

Two Plastic Surgery Procedures That Can Revitalize Your Mid-Section.

If you’re concerned about the contours and appearance of your abdominal region and you’ve found that diet and exercise haven’t worked to your satisfaction, a body procedure from Associates in Plastic Surgery might be the right option.

_blog41Whether you’re looking to achieve that gorgeous swimsuit body in time for summer at the beach or your goal is to re-capture the fit, tight, toned look you had before pregnancy and child birth, you have options.

When it comes to improving the appearance of your abdominal region, there are two main options: liposuction and the tummy tuck. Which is right for you? As this ABC story points out, the choice involves a clear understanding of your priorities.

Liposuction is a safe, short, relatively simple procedure, though you should only undergo it from an experienced plastic surgeon. It’s appropriate if you’re concerned with stubborn deposits of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. The liposuction procedure, of which there are a few variations, permanently removes those fat cells.

The R&B singer K. Michelle has been quite open about her experience with liposuction, even undergoing the procedure in front of the camera for her reality program.

The tummy tuck procedure, while also quite safe, is major surgery. It’s much more extensive than liposuction. It will also remove fat deposits. But the tummy tuck procedure is also designed to remove excess skin and tighten loose abdominal muscles. It’s popular with women who’ve recently undergone pregnancy and people of all genders who have recently lost a great deal of weight but still have an unsightly “bulge” in the abdominal region.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons will help you find the procedure that’s right for you and your specific needs.

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The Connection Between Weight Loss Surgery and Plastic Surgery


Weight loss surgery is an increasingly popular option for patients who are looking to lose a great deal of weight in a safe, medically supervised manner. And as this CBS News report chronicles, the rise of weight loss surgery is apparently leading to an increase in plastic surgery as well.

According to the report, which includes insight from the President of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, patients who undergo weight loss surgery often end up undergoing cosmetic surgery as well. The most common procedures in this scenario include:

Significant weight loss is great for your health and your appearance, but there are undeniably aesthetic challenges associated with losing a great deal of weight. Many patients are dissatisfied with loose, hanging, excess skin after weight loss.

Fortunately, the body procedures listed above represent possible solutions to these concerns. At Associates in Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons can help if you’ve recently lost a great deal of weight but find yourself concerned about some of the results.

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On Caitlyn Jenner And What’s Possible

The biggest news in popular culture over the last month has undoubtedly been Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic champion formerly named Bruce Jenner. Caitlyn’s well-chronicled transition from a man to a woman reached its peak when she was photographed for the cover of Vanity Fair by the well-known photographer Annie Leibovitz.

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

Find Your True Self

You can read more at Vanity Fair’s site here. The largely positive coverage of the Jenner story says a lot about the country’s evolving views on transgender Americans, and we hope the story will be a vehicle for greater understanding of the challenges and triumphs experienced by those in the middle of a difficult transition.

But the story is also about something larger- the ability to find the true you. While few of our patients struggle with the same identity crises experienced by transgender Americans, many of them grapple with the sense that their bodies are not all they can be, that their bodies fail to reflect their level of fitness and energy.

We understand that a cosmetic body procedure, when performed with caution, precision and skill by experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons, represents a solution. We can help you find the real you, and we can do so safely.

We wish Ms. Jenner all the best in her life and future endeavors. And we look forward to helping you achieve your dreams as well.

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Good Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Have to be Hidden

Pastic surgery - noseThere has always been a certain stigma with plastic surgery in that some people think that you should just age gracefully. Because of that people often try to hide the fact that they have had plastic surgery. The good news is that quality plastic surgery does not have to be hidden because no one will really be able to tell if something was done.

“A well trained and experienced plastic surgeon will go to any length to make sure the result is natural,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey. Celebrities are in a little different boat in that many pictures are available to scrutinize. For example, Iggy Azalea recently launched rumors of having had a chin augmentation combined with rhinoplasty. According to US magazine  she debuted her new look at the billboard music records.

If you look closely at the two photos, her nasal tip does look a little thinner and her chin looks a bit fuller; however, in one photo she is smiling, while in the other one she is not. A smiling face tends to spread the nose and chin a bit. Either way, her nose and chin still look natural, and if she wasn’t famous no one would even know that she had plastic surgery (if she did). “Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are great procedures to undergo together in order to bring the facial shape into better balance,” says Dr. Miller, who specializes in rhinoplasty.

According to  in a recent study, the shape of the nose, chin and neck in relation to one another will determine whether an individual has an “aesthetically proportionate” face. For example, when a person has a really large nose, the chin can look relatively small, and improving this at the time of rhinoplasty can make the whole face look more symmetrical.

Be sure to see a plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty if you are considering these changes, and don’t worry, if your surgeon creates a natural result, there will be no need to hide anything because no one will know you had surgery.

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Office Hours with Our Very Own Dr. Andrew Miller – What is Plastic Surgery For?

Dr. Andrew Miller, our New Jersey plastic surgeonWhile it is easy to get caught up in the latest celebrity plastic surgery trend, our New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Miller has the following to say about plastic surgery: “plastic surgery is not for what is currently trending on the internet, but instead should be used to simply improve a feature that you are not happy with. By focusing on that, a natural result will be achieved.”

After decades of training and refining his art, Dr. Miller and the team at Associates in Plastic Surgery have the experience and artistic eye that is necessary for a successful plastic surgery experience.

We have had many people bring us pictures asking us to make them look like the person in the image. While there are ways to model a nose job after a picture or give you breast implants so you’re the size of your favorite celebrity, the biggest thing to remember is that we’re trying to improve your body for you; not change you so you look like someone else.

When you come to Associates in Plastic Surgery, our team will discuss your aesthetic desires with you and will help to give you the most realistic expectation for your procedure. Whether we’re performing liposuction, breast augmentation, or a facial surgery, our biggest goals are the following:

  • Your safety
  • Your comfort
  • A natural result
  • Minimal side effects or scars
  • Your pleased reaction to the results

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Do You Really Look Like Your #Selfie?

We all know that we are guilty of changing the filter on our Instagram account to make us look flawless, but now ladies are taking it to a whole other level. It’s called the social media makeover – women are taking pictures from their accounts and using filters to create the way they want to look in real life. Then a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office is made along with a request to look exactly like the picture. For example, both men and women come in with a filtered picture that removes all facial scars or other blemishes, or makes the face appear thinner, and they expect the same results from the plastic surgeon.

_blog17The main problem with this is that these pictures are created on a computer screen and may not be achievable in real life. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, reports on their annual findings for surgery found that the world of social media is strongly linked to the increase in plastic surgery. This is mainly because Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are making those who frequently use the sites more critical of themselves. Here is an article from StyleCaster that further discusses how social media is encouraging plastic surgery.

While some people may assume that plastic surgery is used for a person that wants to look like someone else, it is in fact much more often used to help patients find and bring out the beauty that already exists within themselves. “By reshaping or sculpting a body part like the nose, through rhinoplasty, you can accentuate the parts of the nose that are already naturally beautiful,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey. While a large nasal bump may have hid the nice tip to begin with, bringing the bump down puts the nose and whole face into much better balance. These are the goals of true plastic surgery. Botox and other dermal fillers can be used to make the face appear smoother, but when coming in for a consultation with a filtered picture, be sure to have realistic expectations. That way you will have a better chance of being happy with the results. Remember there are always options open to you if you want the #nofilter selfie.

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