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Curves Are Back In Style

scarjoEdison, Warren & Marlboro, NJCurves are back and ready to be embraced!  Nowadays, many women who were not blessed with natural curves are turning to plastic surgery for just that type of enhancement. In times past, we were constantly shown on TV or in magazines, super skinny models with no curves or booty at all.  Women were told that this is what you are supposed to look like, even if it was unattainable.  Well what may have been true in the past seems to be changing over time. “Lately, many women have come into the office looking for procedures such as breast augmentation and buttock enhancement, to enhance or achieve the curves they desire,” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Just a few short years ago, celebrities with curves were told they needed to lose weight in order to be viewed as beautiful and obtain certain roles in Hollywood. However, the media now seems to be embracing fuller figured celebrities more and more.  Kim Kardashian talks about her figure in an article about celebrity curves, stating that she is basically not a skinny girl, and is happy with her curves. She feels that her curves help define who she is and that her confidence will hopefully help other women to embrace their  as well. Since the world is starting to accept curvy women more and more, there are several plastic surgery procedure that can help women wanting more curves to obtain them.

“The Brazilian butt lift is a great way to improve that hourglass shape in a surgical setting,” says Dr. Cuber, who also specializes in tummy tuck surgery. In this procedure fat can be removed from heavy waist or hips, processed, and transferred into a specific area over the buttocks to create a fantastic figure. Obviously breast augmentation can be carried out to enhance the curves above the waist. A combination of the two procedures will result in a tremendous hourglass shape.

The women who desire a butt like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, can finally achieve that look by the different plastic surgery procedures that are now available. In the media, Scarlett Johansson definitely brings curvy back into style.She is not afraid to embrace her curves, and jaws drop when she walks down the red carpet. Some even say that she is today’s Marilyn Monroe. Even if you aren’t born with curves or large breasts, plastic surgery is a great way to achieve the figure most desired.  Stick figure days appear to be gone because the curves are beautiful. Whether you were born with a natural hourglass figure, or you have had some plastic surgery enhancements, curves are back.

Skinnies Promise Instant Lift, But Is It Too Good to Be True?

Plastic SurgeryEdison, NJ – Do you watch the NBC show Shark Tank? If you are a regular viewer, you know there are some products that seem too good to be true. One of the products introduced this year probably left many people thinking that very thing.

Skinnies Instant Lifts, patented by husband and wife team Nick and Penilopee Lerosa, are marketed as “clear adhesives that instantly smooth cellulite & lift sagging skin.” Essentially, they’re like a giant piece of tape that pulls the skin taut so that unsightly cellulite seemingly disappears in an instant thigh lift.

The company makes Skinnies for many parts of the body, including the thighs, arms, tummy, back, breast and even the face. Want a facelift but don’t want the downtime associated with it? Skinnies promise an instant result.

But are these claims too good to be true?

“Certainly pulling on the skin will cause it to look more taut and firm,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “But using tape or any sort of adhesive can create an uneven look, and what happens if the tape begins to come off? This might seem like a good quick fix in the beginning, but I don’t think it is all it is hyped up to be.”

And it seems like perhaps the reviews are mixed, as well. A quick look at Amazon reviews shows several purchasers who claim the tape isn’t as easy to use as the product advertises, doesn’t stick as well, and is uncomfortable – both during wear and when removing.

But the bigger question should be, do you really want to have to apply tape to yourself every time you want to wear shorts or a sleeveless shirt? And how can you possibly hide the tape that is used to provide the instant facelift?

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, there is only one answer – and that involves a visit to a plastic surgeon.

Scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon will help you determine what procedure might be best for you. Perhaps you only have a bit of pesky cellulite that, despite your best dieting and exercise practices, just doesn’t seem to go away. Then liposuction might be the answer for you.

Only a visit with a qualified plastic surgeon can help you pinpoint the areas you wish to change, and develop a treatment plan that can help you look your best. Don’t rely on a piece of tape to do the trick, when the best trained plastic surgeons are just a phone call away!

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Life after Divorce, Starting a New Chapter.

Warren, Edison and Marlboro, NJ - People seek out plastic surgery for all different kinds of reasons.  They may not be happy with their appearance or just trying to recapture the look of their youth.  Some people after going through a life altering experience may seek some kind of physical change. Divorce can fall into this category. Couples that have been married for a long time might find it hard to get the confidence they need to jump back into the dating scene. “Dating can be uncomfortable, especially if you have not done it in a while,” says Dr. Shain Cuber a Breast Augmentation specialist in New Jersey.  During marriage, you get very comfortable with that one person, and when a divorce happens, a person’s confidence can be affected while going through this trying time.  Plastic surgery whether it is a small or large procedure can have the ability to boost one’s confidence and get them up out of the house to start a new and happier life.

Across the country, plastic surgeons are offering discounts for divorced women. Similar to a “Mommy Makeover”, they are calling them “second-chapter” packages.  Some people may think this is exploiting vulnerable women, but it is really just trying to help them look and feel their best.  ABC interviewed several men and women who received plastic surgery post-divorce and discovered a few recurring themes among these individuals.  According to divorcees, plastic surgery provided them with confidence they may have lost following their break-ups.

After a divorce, there is usually a need to get back into shape, but many may need that motivation to do that. “Joining a gym may provide that motivation but also having a rejuvenating procedure such as liposuction or a tummy tuck can provide a little more self esteem and motivate one to get back into shape,” says Dr. Cuber, who also specializes in mommy makeover surgery.

Women are not the only ones making an effort to improve themselves.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, men account for more than one million procedures in 2013. When a man gets divorced, he can especially feel like he needs to look younger so he might attract a new companion. Therefore, facelifts are a growing procedure that men are seeking out after divorce.  Since society can tend to be judgmental, a rejuvenated and natural appearance can make a man feel more relaxed when entering the dating world again.

Some people may think that undergoing plastic surgery to look great would be a nice type of revenge.  However, most surgeons will caution against making any impulsive decisions following a major life event, whether the patient is asking for big procedure or even a smaller one like tattoo removal. It is suggested that recent divorcees take at least a little time after the divorce before seriously considering plastic surgery.  Time that may allow them to assess their intentions and motivations and to make sure that it is truly what the want. Then plastic surgery can be undertaken for what is it designed for – a nice, natural improvement of yourself.Divorce


Why You Should Quit Smoking Before Plastic Surgery

No SmokingEdison, NJ – We all know that smoking is dangerous, but the effects of tobacco use impact far more than just our lungs. Carbon monoxide introduced during smoking affects our tissue and the nicotine found in tobacco products can cause blood vessels to restrict, limiting the amount of oxygen that can get to the rest of our body.

This is why it is essential that patients hoping to undergo plastic surgery quit smoking well before any procedure takes place.

“I recommend that any tobacco-using patients stop their habit several weeks before surgery,” says top plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller. “Continuing to smoke right up until surgery can result in complications and issues after surgery. Smokers can face longer healing times and worsened scars.”

There are several ways tobacco use can affect a plastic surgery patient.
• Smoking compromises circulation, which can cause the skin to breakdown during or after surgery.
• Tobacco use can impede healing, taking longer or impeding the process.
• Smokers have a higher rate of post-op infection.
• Impaired healing can lead to issues with scarring, including skin loss and flap necrosis.

Because of these very serious complications, some plastic surgeons will refuse to perform surgery on patients who smoke. Others will require patients to commit to giving up smoking for several weeks prior to surgery. And this can be even more important depending on the type of surgery you choose.

Many surgeons do not like to perform facelift procedures on smokers because the effects of the habit restrict blood flow so much. In a facelift, especially, surgeons rely on good blood flow in those tiny capillaries to help with healing. But if those have been impaired due to smoking, it makes healing that much harder.

“During a facelift, the tissue is actually lifted up from the surface,” says Dr. Miller. “The blood supply becomes extremely important because it will already be greatly decreased during the procedure. Smoking just further reduces the supply of blood, which can then lead to dying skin and unsightly scars.”

It is important to remember that this applies not just to smokers, but to users of nicotine in any form, even the patch. Nicotine is the primary instigator when it comes to restricting blood flow, so patients should not think they can stop smoking but instead switch to the patch or nicotine gum. The use of any products containing nicotine should be suspended until given the okay by your surgeon.

But why should you be so concerned about the amount of oxygen in your blood during surgery?

To accomplish your plastic surgery goals, the surgeon will move skin and/or other tissues around. And that will mean also altering blood supply to different degrees. Some blood vessels will be divided to move the skin around to create the best look and shape. This is especially true in tummy tuck procedures that rely on a flatter outcome.

If, during these procedures, the correct amount of oxygen isn’t getting to the area, the tissue could heal improperly or die completely.

Many candidates for surgery may claim that they have never experienced issues in healing before. But plastic surgery is much different because the tissues are moved to new locations and the blood supply is altered. Complications from plastic surgery procedures are much higher than in other procedures.

But if you still don’t think it’s important to stop smoking before your surgery, consider this story from a plastic surgeon in Detroit.

Dr. Anthony Youn was performing a standard breast lift on a patient when her nipples began to turn purple before his eyes. He knew that this was a precursor to the nipples falling off altogether.

Dr. Youn had to use leeches to save his patient’s nipples. The leeches worked to drain the excess blood, helping the skin return to its normal pink color.

But now Dr. Youn, and plastic surgeons like him, are being even more serious when they talk about the dangers of smoking with their patients. Smoking before or after a breast procedure could cause your nipples to turn black and fall off. And the consequences are just as serious with other procedures.

Some plastic surgeons take the issue of smoking so seriously, they will even refuse to work on smokers. We’ve heard stories of plastic surgeons asking their patients to sign contracts stating that they won’t smoke for a certain period of time before and after surgery. Other surgeons show their patients graphic images of what can happen when people lie and tell their surgeon they stopped when in fact they didn’t.

“In truth, we have no way of knowing if a patient truly quits before surgery,” says Dr. Miller. “We have to take their word for it. But in many cases, as soon as surgery begins, we can tell if they’ve been lying. In other cases, we don’t realize it until the recovery stage. Patients wonder why they are taking longer than planned to heal, or why their scars look worse than they thought they would.”

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I Can Get Liposuction Where?

Edison, NJ – When you think of places to receive liposuction, you probably think of areas such as the tummy, thighs and bottom. But did you know liposuction can be used to remove stubborn fat from many areas of the body, including the knees, arms, cheeks, jowls and even the male breast?

Plastic Surgery“Liposuction is a great tool for patients who have stubborn pockets of fat that just don’t respond to diet or exercise,” says Dr. Shain Cuber. “As women begin to age, they may notice more fat beginning to accumulate in their thighs and knees. And when too much fat is in the knees, the leg can look disproportionate. While maintaining good eating and exercise habits is the best way to try to prevent this from happening, in some cases genetics simply outweighs our best habits. And that’s where liposuction can help.”

Liposuction of the knee will involve an incision through either the knee or the groin. A groin incision can also address unwanted thigh fat and create less swelling while a patient is recovering.

Because the knees don’t contain large pockets of fat, the procedure works more to contour the knee. That means it needs a skilled surgeon to perform the procedure correctly. When done right, after the swelling goes down, patients will have beautiful results. Recovery generally takes a few weeks.

Remember several years ago when Demi Moor re-emerged in the spotlight, looking better than ever? One of the things people raved about were her killer legs. And rumor has it part of what made her legs look so great was liposuction of the knee.

Have you noticed drooping jowls as you age? You may have thought only a facelift could correct that problem, but liposuction could be a great solution.

“Some people aren’t comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery, but want to do something to reverse the effects of aging,” says Dr. Cuber. “For those who aren’t ready for a facelift yet, liposuction can remove fat from the chin, cheeks and jowls.”

There are many benefits to having liposuction over a facelift, such as no need for anesthesia and its possible side effects, a quicker recover time and lower cost. But one of the best benefits is that liposuction can often give a more natural appearance than a facelift can.

For women, they may wish to combine liposuction with laser resurfacing or a chemical peel to achieve the best look possible. And men prefer liposuction over a facelift because there will be no noticeable scars as there would be from surgery.

Women also experience excess fat in their arms as they age, and liposuction is a great remedy for that. For women who don’t want an overly muscular look that can be gained through exercise, liposuction can help to give the arm a thinner, healthier appearance.

Through the work of a skilled surgeon, women can achieve more contoured arms with minimal scarring.

And liposuction is a great option for men who suffer from pseudo-gynecomastia. Pseudo-gynecomastia is an excess of fat tissue in the breast which leads to an enlargement of the male breast. True gynecomastia is enlarged male breasts caused by excessive glandular breast tissue and is rare.

Liposuction is very effective for patients suffering from pseudo-gynecomastia. In true-gynecomastia cases, the breast tissue is often too dense and fibrous to penetrate and then move through the cannula during liposuction.

Men will generally see about a 50 percent improvement after liposuction. In some cases, liposuction may be combined with laser telescopic surgery to achieve the best results.

If you’ve noticed stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to respond to exercise or diet, consider scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see how liposuction may be able to help you.

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Botched Attempt at Beauty in the News Again

Edison, NJ – It seems like more often we hear about people cutting corners when it comes to beauty. And unfortunately, that can have disastrous results.


CNN recently reported a story on Apryl Brown, a hairstylist who almost died after receiving filler injections from a client.

Brown had always dreamed of having a fuller bottom, so when a client of hers explained that she could offer silicone fillers for a cheap price, Brown jumped at the chance to improve her look.

In 2004, Brown received four injections into her buttocks at the home of the woman. In 2010, Brown found herself close to death on a hospital bed.

She had contracted a staph infection from the silicone injections that left her body shutting down and her limbs dying. Brown survived, but over the course of 27 surgeries, she lost her hands, feet and some flesh around her hips and buttocks to amputation.

In an even more tragic case from 2011, a woman died after receiving what she thought were silicone injections. The 20-year-old British woman came to the United States after seeing an advertisement for low cost body enhancements, performed by a Philadelphia singer. Padge Windslowe injected the woman in a Philadelphia hotel room and the woman later died from a pulmonary embolism linked to silicone injections she received in her buttocks.

Windslowe was already in police custody for another botched procedure, from which a woman ended up in intensive care with silicone in her lung.

While these stories are severe, receiving injections from an unlicensed person can lead to serious complications. Most are drawn to the allure of looking their best, but without the hefty price tag they assume accompanies a visit to a plastic surgeon.

And now more surgeons are seeing patients to repair damage that has been done by botched at-home procedures or overseas procedures.

“Unfortunately, cosmetic fillers can be purchased online,” says Dr. Andrew Miller. “That leads many to believe they can perform the injections on themselves or others. But more often than not, these people have no idea what they are receiving, and there is much more to it than simply using a needle.”

There are 21 fillers approved by the FDA and all must be administered by a medical provider or under the supervision of a physician. But none of these fillers are approved for people to inject themselves.

As we know all too often, many people believe if they see it on the internet, it must be good. But Miller advises that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

“These fillers can cause so much harm for several reasons,” says Dr. Miller. “First, recipients often don’t know what the fillers are actually made of. But they also don’t know how and where to properly inject, either.”

Patients can be left with pain, redness, swelling and permanent scars after receiving injections from someone who doesn’t regularly perform these procedures. And Dr. Miller warns that even if someone claims to be a medical professional, such as a nurse, never allow someone to inject you if they offer to do so in a location other than a licensed medical facility.

“Asking someone to come to their home or another location should be a huge warning sign,” says Dr. Miller. “No respectable licensed and trained nurse or physician would work out of their bedroom or garage.”

Self-injected fillers have been tested after patients seek out the help of actual plastic surgeons. Rather than being an actual dermal filler, Brown’s was bathroom caulk. We’ve reported on the dangers of this before, including one woman who injected herself with cooking oil in an attempt to get the look she wanted.

To avoid injecting your body with potentially harmful materials, patients interested in improving their look should be sure to only visit a licensed and skilled plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Miller and his team at Associates in Plastic Surgery.
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Is Looking Young the Key to Winning Elections?

business womanEdison, NJ – Are Botox, dermal fillers and other small nips and tucks helping politicians stay ahead of the game?

The big players in Washington D.C., unlike Hollywood stars, don’t want to look younger. Rather, they want to look well-rested and like the best representation of themselves. And that means some regular Botox or even a facelift to remove the lines that lead to politicians looking angry or sad, strengthen a weak jawline or correct drooping eyebrows.

“It’s no surprise that more politicians are visiting the offices of a plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top surgeon in New Jersey. “People want to trust their politician, and a lot of our trust is based on how a person looks. If they come across as looking mean, or sad or tired, we might not be as willing to cast our vote in their favor.”

But too much plastic surgery can work against them, so for many politicians it can be a delicate balancing move to get achieve just the right look. That’s why Botox and dermal fillers are popular.

Crow’s feet, laugh lines and the other lines that creep up on our faces can make us look tired, sad or sometimes even angry. And for politicians, that can be a turnoff for their voters.

Botox can stop muscle movement, causing the skin to relax so those lines disappear. It can also effectively lift a patient’s eyebrow by weakening the muscle that pulls it down.

Dermal fillers can also soften creases and wrinkles, while enhancing the contours that are created from aging.

Combining the use of Botox with a dermal filler is referred to by some as a “liquid facelift” because it can offer some of the benefits of a surgical facelift, but without the downtime.

That’s a perk that is especially important for busy politicians. Not only are politicians’ schedules hectic, not allowing downtime to properly recuperate after surgery, but they can’t be seen in photographs with bandages on their faces.

But Botox and dermal fillers can be injected in a short time, even over a lunch break, and offer more immediate results.

And looking good has never been more important as we are now on a 24 hour news cycle with high definition televisions showing every tiny line, wrinkle and blemish.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians – Through Plastic Surgery?

Edison, NJ – When you think of reasons that may cause you to go into debt, does trying to look more like your favorite celebrity come to mind? That’s exactly why one UK woman has spent more than $30,000 on plastic surgery, clothes, spray tans and hair extensions.

Plastic SurgeryTwenty-four-year-old Claire Leeson says she was bullied when she was in school, but after finishing school, friends told her she bore a bit of resemblance to reality star Kim Kardashian. Leeson began watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2009 and became obsessed with looking like the star.

In addition to looking a bit like Kim, Leeson realized the two had the same number of siblings, who argued about similar things. Leeson was struck by Kim’s beauty and desired to be more like her.

She started her Kim transformation by having her teeth whitened. That didn’t give her the final look she wanted, so Leeson visited a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation. She took pictures of Kim with her to her surgeon’s office to show him the result she wanted.

“It’s not uncommon for people to bring along photos of their favorite celebrity to their consultation,” says top plastic surgeon in New Jersey Dr. Andrew Miller. “It’s our job as plastic surgeons to help our patients get close to the results they desire, but to counterbalance that with realistic expectations. Not every patient already bears a resemblance to Kim Kardashian, so getting breast implants or a Brazilian butt lift might transform their body, but it can’t make them look like a completely different person.”

In addition to the plastic surgery, Leeson has spent thousands more on clothing, hair extensions and even a butt pad to enhance her behind. She acknowledges that the pad is a temporary solution and hopes to make it more permanent through surgery one day soon.

“Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have put the buttocks in the spotlight,” says Dr. Shain Cuber. “The bottom area isn’t easily enhanced through just diet or exercise, so we see many patients who want a behind like Kardashian’s seeking out a Brazilian butt lift or buttock implants.”

Leeson has expressed an interest in a Brazilian butt lift, which begins with liposuction. A surgeon will harvest fat from other areas of the body, typically the waist and hips, and then use that to sculpt and shape the buttocks area. If there is remaining fat, it can be frozen and used for repeat injections in the future.

Leeson acknowledges that her desire to become more like Kardashian has put her in debt.
“I’m in major debt,” she has said. “I say that I’m going to pay them but as soon as money comes in, I just think about getting my Kimmy on.”

Leeson has become a bit of an internet celebrity thanks to her Instagram account, where she recreates some of Kim’s more famous shots. And she also receives some work as a Kim impersonator.

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Racism and Plastic Surgery

Edison, Warren, & Marlboro NJ - Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can often be a positively life changing experience in many ways. “It can be a physically, mentally and emotionally rewarding process for patients of all size, shape, race, age and gender,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, an eyelid surgery specialist in New Jersey. Plastic surgery should, in general, be performed to enhance an aspect of a patient’s appearance. However, some patients feel like they have no other choice than to undergo plastic surgery to live a happy and normal life. Many people are the victims of racism and this occurs regularly all over the world. Some of these people think that if they change their appearance to look more American, life as they know it will be more pleasant.  No one wants to wake up everyday feeling miserable and wondering whether or not they will be taunted and tormented that day.  Just ask Hao, who now goes by Leo. An article on explains his story of racism, bullying and plastic surgery.




Leo is a Chinese man who is emotionally scarred from bullies who taunted him just for the simple fact of being Chinese.  He was just one of three Chinese students in his class, which made the bullying even worse.  He started making racist comments himself to try and fit in, but that did not last long because he grew more and more uncomfortable in his own skin.  In order to avoid his constant bullying, he decided to make drastic changes in his appearance with plastic surgery.  Over $16,000 later, and a name change, Leo feels like he has gained the confidence, happiness, and equality he always wanted.  With fuller eyes, a longer straighter nose, a stronger jaw and a confident stance, he appears to look much less Chinese.

Leo is not alone in his feelings. Last year another popular story made the headlines, when Julie Chen (a CBS host) had her eyes enlarged and her Asian features diminished, because of racist comments that were communicated about her.  Even though she was happy with herself, she felt the need to undergo plastic surgery to improve her appearance for her occupation.  She has flourished on TV and just by looking at her, you can see the confidence she has acquired with a simple smile.  This article on Business gives the reader a detailed explanation of her story.

Plastic surgery is popular in the United States, but it is booming in Asia.  The most popular procedure in Asia is an eyelid surgery procedure called double eyelid surgery.  Although popular, it does cause a lot of controversy because the main reason it is being performed is to look more American and be accepted. “The primary reason to have plastic surgery is to enhance one’s features, not necessarily change one’s appearance to a different nationality,” says Dr. Miller, who is also an experienced rhinoplasty specialist. “But as long a result will look natural on a particular patient, I would be happy to help someone feel more confident and avoid bullying if necessary.”  

If you or someone you know is interested in cosmetic surgery for any reason, it is important to have a consultation with a highly experienced plastic surgeon. The surgeon can give you an honest opinion on whether a particular procedure can be performed and give a natural result.

Plastic Surgery – A Small Nip/Tuck or Complete Overhaul?

seniors coupleEdison, NJ – The stigma surrounding plastic surgery has faded away and we are seeing more people flocking to their surgeon’s offices. But at what point does a patient’s desire for a small overhaul become something more?

It seems like almost every day we hear of someone undergoing plastic surgery procedures to look like someone else. While it’s not uncommon to take a photo of a favorite celebrity to a consultation to show what they hope their rhinoplasty could look like, some patients use plastic surgery to totally change their look.

Would you undergo cosmetic surgery to change your ethnic look? We’ve heard of Asian celebrities and others undergoing eyelid surgery to gain a more Western look, but one Brazilian man has reversed that trend.

Wishing to protect his identity, he only goes by the name Xiahn, but he has such an interest in Korean pop culture that he has spent more than $3,000 trying to look more Korean. The naturally blonde-haired, blue-eyed Brazilian dyes his hair and wears dark contacts, and reportedly has undergone 10 procedures to get the Korean look he finds so appealing.

His desire to look like someone else isn’t isolated. Penny Brown, an Australian woman, has a fascination with cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Brown admits that she has been obsessed with the character since she first saw the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit at age 5.

And that led the 25-year-old to a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation to increase her already ample bosom from a 34H to a 36O. But that might not be enough for the pin-up model, who claims she’s not sure if her breasts will ever be large enough.

Examples like this lead some to wonder why someone might desire to completely change their look. And it can send warning flags to a qualified and well-trained plastic surgeon.

“One of the things any reputable surgeon should discuss with his patient is why the patient is choosing surgery,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, one of the best plastic surgeons in New Jersey. “A wonderful thing about being a plastic surgeon is helping our patients gain back confidence they had lost. But we also discuss with patients that the goal of plastic surgery should never be to change who they are, rather it should be about embracing their inner beauty and helping to manifest that on the outside. When we see people seeking to totally change who they are through surgical procedures, we become worried.”

From looking like Barbie or Ken to Justin Bieber, Superman, or even just to look better in their “selfies,” some in our image obsessed culture are taking things to the extreme to look more like the perfect self they have envisioned.

“Desiring a nose that more closely resembles Nicole Kidman’s or a bottom that is as curvaceous as Jennifer Lopez’s isn’t cause for concern in most cases,” says Dr. Miller. “And neither is wanting to look more beautiful. But each patient and their surgical choices should be looked at on a case by case basis. While most people simply use their favorite celebrity as a jumping off point to explain to their surgeon the look they desire for themselves, others take it a bit too far by wanting to change their entire look. I always talk extensively with my patients to understand why they want the surgery, and to help them understand the limits of surgery.”

Dr. Miller and surgeons like him work hard to help their patients gain the beautiful look they desire, while ensuring that desire hasn’t reached a potentially unhealthy obsession.
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