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Welcome to Associates in Plastic Surgery, a premier location for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Our board certified surgeons have many years of experience and will perform your surgery in our comfortable and modern accredited facilities. Our procedures include breast augmentation, breast implants with lift, male breast reduction, liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelift, tummy tuck, and laser treatments.

We utilize the latest techniques available including laser technology and minimal incision procedures to minimize our patients' recovery time. These procedures include skin renewal with Fraxel laser, a cheeklift called Threadlift, a minimal incision minifacelift, a nonsurgical fat reduction called CoolScultping, laser body sculpting with Smartlipo, and the latest injectable fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra. New Jersey and New York residents can see a new side of themselves with a quick office treatment with the help of Associates in Plastic Surgery.

Since 1990, Associates in Plastic Surgery has proudly served New York, New Jersey, and Staten Island. We have offices in Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

coolsculpting NJNeed Help Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat? CoolSculpting® Offers a Cutting-Edge Solution, Without Surgery
You've done everything right. You love your fitness routine, eat right, have hit your target weight, but still your "muffin top" won't melt away. You think there are only two options left: give up on having your dream body or look at getting help from a plastic surgeon. While surgeries like liposuction are popular, there is another option that doesn't involve the cost, downtime or invasive surgery: CoolSculpting®. This ground breaking procedure doesn't involve surgery and naturally removes fat by freezing it. Contact our plastic surgeons in New Jersey for a free consultation and find out if CoolSculpting® is right for you.
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Before And After Photo For Otoplasty NJ
This is a 28 year old male who did not like the shape of his ears because he felt they stuck out too far. This is a common situation that is corrected with otoplasty. An incision is made behind the ear and multiple stitches are placed to reshape the ear and set it back into a natural position. He was very happy with the result... Read More
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    Facial plastic surgery has long been sensitive and delicate. Re-shaping the structure of the face to create a more aesthetically pleasing form is quite safe when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, but it does present difficulties. The discovery that a patient’s natural stores of fat could be used in a facial procedure represented an […]

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    One of the most significant challenges for a patient considering plastic surgery is visualizing what the effects of the surgery will be. You’re considering a procedure because you want to achieve a specific aesthetic goal, but it can be difficult to truly understand what a smaller nose or chin implants would really look like. 3-D […]

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    It’s no surprise that women today love the opportunities that plastic surgery affords to enhance their appearance. What is surprising to many people is the dramatic increase in the number of men coming in for procedures within the last few years. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been a 43% increase […]

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    We often consider rhinoplasty to be a cosmetic procedure. And there’s no doubt that the procedure can achieve a dramatic re-shaping and re-sizing if you’re concerned with the appearance of your nose. However, many patients undergo rhinoplasty for medical reasons- the structure of their nose prevents them from adequately breathing through it, dramatically affecting their […]

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    It’s summertime and we know what that means – it’s “wedding season.” But have you completed your check list yet? All weddings have a list, which can be quite extensive in nature. A bride’s wedding preparations used to be relatively simple. A manicure, perhaps some professional hair and make-up, and she was ready to say […]