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Liposuction at Associates in Plastic Surgery

Experience transformative fat loss with liposuction in New Jersey

Our board certified plastic surgeons serve Edison, Marlboro, West Orange, and Warren, New Jersey with among the best liposuction techniques in the area.

Our liposuction procedure contours specific areas to remove excess fat, creating a smoother form. Many people undergo liposuction in NJ annually to tame certain areas of the body that are unresponsive to normal weight loss techniques, such as diet and exercise.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), liposuction ranks #1 among the top plastic surgery procedures chosen by women and men in the United States.

Our plastic surgeons at Associates in Plastic Surgery are experts in liposuction and will help tailor your procedure to fit your body type and your needs. To schedule your consultation, please contact us today by calling (732) 548-3200. We are proud to serve patients in New Jersey.

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What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure that targets excess fat and removes it using one treatment option or another. The most common areas addressed are the stomach, hips, and inner or outer thighs. However, other areas such as the buttocks, knees, arms, and chin frequently have liposuction performed upon them as well.

Liposuction is performed on people that are mostly healthy, within or close to their normal weight range, but have had trouble losing fat from one or more troublesome areas. There are many different types of liposuction surgery that our practice offers, including tumescent liposuction, Smart liposuction, and VASERLipo.

Our NJ liposuction procedures are very commonplace and have become second-nature to our plastic surgeons. The procedure typically takes only two hours to complete.

Our plastic surgeons perform the procedure in our accredited New Jersey surgery center, where patient safety is the utmost concern. Liposuction, when performed properly, is extremely safe, and our board certified cosmetic surgeons will ensure a comprehensive and correct procedure.

Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is the traditional form of liposuction that our practice offers. During this procedure, our plastic surgeons will target the areas of fat that you’ve struggled to lose. Our surgeons will infuse the area with a dilute combination of local anesthetic and epinephrine, causing the area to become swollen and firmer than it was before. The injection of epinephrine causes your capillaries to shrink, which minimizes any type of surgical bleeding.

Both of these solutions make it easier for our surgeons to target your fat cells and surgically remove them using a cannula (small vacuum-like device). Our doctors will suction out the fat cells that they can safely and effectively remove, leaving you with a beautiful and slim appearance after you’ve finished your recovery period.

What is Smartlipo?

Laser liposuction is a great option for patients who meet the criteria. The Smartlipo MPX Laser Body Sculpting Workstation is ideal for treating small areas, especially for patients with localized fat deposits and lax overlying skin, which would have been made worse by traditional liposuction.

SmartLipo works by first heating the fat cells and emulsifying them. In addition to melting the fat, the blended wavelengths of Multiplex technology coagulate and tighten the tissue and induce collagen production. Collagen is one of the building blocks of healthy and youthful skin, so SmartLipo treatments leave you with less fat and tightened, gorgeous skin as well.

Vaser liposuction

Another option for fat removal is VASER liposuction which uses ultrasound technology. This form of liposuction involves our plastic surgeons transmitting pressure waves through the skin to break up fat so it can be easily removed. The VASER also helps to tighten the skin which standard liposuction does not do well. This procedure can be highly effective, as it helps our plastic surgeons to focus upon the right fat cells to remove in order to contour your body in a proportionate manner.


For patients not wanting to undergo surgery, you can consider CoolSculpting, which is a nonsurgical reduction of fat by freezing the desired area. While it doesn’t replace liposuction, CoolSculpting can make a nice improvement over time.

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Liposuction candidates

Our highly experienced plastic surgeons will thoroughly evaluate your physical and mental health to ensure that liposuction is right for you before moving forward with the procedure.

During our conversations with you, we will discuss what you hope to achieve with liposuction and help you determine if your goals are realistic.

The ideal liposuction candidate:

  • Is at or near their ideal bodyweight. Our liposuction in New Jersey is not a weight loss procedure. It's a body contouring procedure, which means you can't use liposuction as a shortcut to dramatic weight loss.
  • Has stubborn deposits of fat that haven't responded to diet and exercise.
  • Liposuction can remove these deposits from the face, neck, chest, abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks, among other areas.
  • Has excellent skin elasticity, which will make fat removal and future recovery much simpler.
  • Is in good health with no active infections. A healthy body is a body that can easily withstand the rigors of a surgical procedure. As such, it's vital that you only undergo liposuction when you feel in top shape.
  • Possesses reasonable expectations for the procedure. Mental health is almost as important as physical health when considering plastic surgery. We will ensure that you have a complete understanding of what liposuction can and cannot achieve before performing the procedure. We will walk through your recovery timeline so you know what to expect after liposuction.
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Let's look at an example

This patient is a 32-year-old female who was working hard at diet and exercise. While she lost significant weight, she could not get rid of the extra fat of the inner and outer thighs. She underwent laser liposuction of the inner and outer thighs with a great result.

She is actually an ideal candidate for laser liposuction because she is already in a good routine with her diet and exercise, and that gives the skin an even better chance of contracting to give the nice result that is shown here.

An ideal liposuction patient also has localized fat deposits like she has, but other people who have significantly more fat can still benefit from the procedure as well.

At Associates in Plastic Surgery, we understand that not everyone meets all of these criteria. That doesn't mean that you can't still have a great improvement with liposuction. We are committed to ensuring you undergo the procedures that are right for you. There is no substitute for an experienced, trained plastic surgeon who treats you like a unique individual with unique needs and goals. We will never put you in danger with unwise surgery that fails to meet your goals.

Recovery after liposuction

After any form of body plastic surgery, some bruising and swelling will occur, but it’s not usually painful. A garment helps the skin tighten over a few weeks, but patients normally go back to work in a week.

Avoid strenuous activity for two to three weeks. You should see long lasting improvement as your skin tightens. Expect reasonable results, as liposuction alone won’t transform a very heavy belly into a sculpted abdomen.

Liposuction combined with healthy diet and exercise will make an extreme improvement to your physique.

If you opt for CoolSculpting, your recovery time will not involve compression garments or swelling and bruising.

Our Liposuction Treatments Near You

If you are a candidate for liposuction, Associates in Plastic Surgery is there for you with four different locations around New Jersey: Edison, Marlboro, Warren, West Orange.

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"My Beautiful Nose! My nose looks absolutely beautiful and my breathing is much better too. I am thankful for all you have done for me."


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"You were so skilled and confident. I am loving my liposuction result."

Brazilian Butt Lift

"What an amazing doctor. From the first consultation, I knew I chose the right doctor for my BBL. I can’t say thank you enough."

Breast Augmentation

"I feel so confident now after having my breasts done. Thank you, Dr. Haramis, for giving me that."

Eyelid Surgery

"Just want you to know the eyelids look great. I look at a new face every day."

Tummy Tuck

"Thank you for all the care you provided. I can’t wait to show off my tummy at the beach this summer."

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