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What is a Rhinoplasty?

Because the nose is such a focal point of attention and plays a central role in appearance and beauty, rhinoplasties continue to be one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in the world. Reducing unwanted bumps, curves and shape, thinning wide nostrils, reshaping oddly formed tips and more all come under rhinoplasty.

Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller have spent more than 2 decades performing rhinoplasty and refining their techniques to give patients exceptional results. Their results are naturally beautiful and integrated with the rest of one’s facial proportions, accentuating their finer and more feminine features.

Rhinoplasty is the most difficult cosmetic surgery to perform, hands down, bar none. For peace of mind and perfect results, you need a cosmetic surgeon with decades of experience. These are facts. Each year, 36,000 rhinoplasties are performed, and that number is increasing. That is why our surgeons are nationally recognized rhinoplasty experts who perform rhinoplasties in New Jersey every week. This experience allows Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller to concentrate on the fine details of rhinoplasty, and the intricacies of each patient’s unique anatomy. The result is appealing outcomes and total patient satisfaction.

Associates in Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Reviews

4.8 from 19 Rhinoplasty reviews Click here to view more reviews >>

Rhinoplasty Benefits

  • Bring beauty, balance and harmony to your body’s most apparent asset
  • Aesthetically modify the size, shape or contour of your nose
  • Accentuate your femininity or masculinity as the case may be
  • Preserve the important traits of your ethnicity, while still meeting your beauty goals
  • Correct crooks, bumps, asymmetries and anomalies
  • Increase or decrease the size of your nose
  • Improve your breathing

Am I a Candidate for Rhinoplasty

  • Are in good general health
  • Are not satisfied with the size, shape or contour of your nose
  • Would like to change the appearance of functionality of your nose
  • Are not a smoker or can cease smoking for some time leading up to and after the procedure
Rhinoplasty NJ

Analysis of the face

The backbone of our rhinoplasty is a complete analysis of your nose. Curating a tailored plan for you first means understanding the details and intricacies of your facial anatomy. While the surgery is meticulous, poor planning can cause significant problems even if the wrong procedure is done perfectly. “A nose is a nose is a nose” is the approach that results in so many unnecessary revision rhinoplasties. We don’t do that.

Our New Jersey rhinoplasty surgeons will analyze your nose, and, with your input, create an ideal plan. For you. This plan is enhanced with computer imaging to help you understand what can and can’t be done. Realistic expectations are important whether a patient is male or female, 27-years-old or 70. Preserving your ability to breathe freely is paramount.

Primary rhinoplasty

Primary rhinoplasty means this is the patient’s first nose job. Naturally, this is the best time to get the procedure correct, as subsequent procedures are even more difficult. Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller usually achieve a very refined, beautiful and naturally-presening nose that rarely needs improvement or subsequent surgeries.

During nose surgery, the skin is seamlessly lifted off of the nose’s bony and cartilaginous structures through hidden incisions, then the cartilage is finely sculpted and the bump or other unwanted anomalies are removed, and the nose is straightened. Finally, the skin is reset and the incisions are carefully closed.

Rhinoplasty for men vs. women

Rhinoplasties are the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery for males, and the 4th most commonly performed for females. The intricacies involved in a rhinoplasty are apparent in the differences between the male and female nose. It is extremely important that rhinoplasty surgeons understand the differences between a female nose and a male nose, and that these procedures be performed differently.

  • The male nose has several features particular to a masculine appearance. The bridge is stronger and the tip is set slightly lower than that of a woman. From the side view, the tip is straight in line with the rest of the nose.
  • The female bridge is softer and the tip is set slightly higher than a man’s. From the side view, the tip extends a bit past the rest of the nose.

Observing these differences is crucial as feminizing a male, or masculinizing a female nose would look entirely unnatural. Our rhinoplasty surgeons have the expertise and experience necessary to craft these differences.

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Revision (re-do) rhinoplasty

If you have previously had a rhinoplasty and were not satisfied with the outcome, or if your cosmetic goals have since changed, you will likely benefit from a revision rhinoplasty at Associates The importance of consulting an extremely experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon can’t be overstated. All nasal surgeries are difficult, revision rhinoplasty even more so.

After an initial rhinoplasty has been performed, scar tissue forms. This scar tissue is strong and can cause the cartilage, skin and even bone to shift. The goal of the revision rhinoplasty procedure is to reverse those problems and create a naturally presenting and aesthetically pleasing nose.

The process begins with extensive evaluation and planning. During consultation, your nose is carefully examined for irregularities and other aspects that seem unnatural, with particular attention paid to those areas you feel didn’t come out well. Finally, we will evaluate the inside of the nose for proper structure and breathing.

Next, computer imaging will be used as a tool to both convey to the patient what can be done and to confirm that we are giving the patient the result that he or she wants from a revision rhinoplasty. Once the exam and computer imaging is finished, a detailed plan for your revision rhinoplasty procedure can be constructed.

Revision rhinoplasty recovery may require more time than primary rhinoplasty because of the additional scar tissue; swelling may last longer, but if a strong cartilage support is constructed, the skin will tighten down and the result will be well worth the wait.

Am I a revision rhinoplasty candidate?

When considering a surgery, it is imperative to choose a board certified plastic surgeon that can provide the results you're hoping to achieve. If you've had a nose job that you believe didn't go the way it should have, please contact our New Jersey offices to find out if revision nose surgery would benefit you.

Revision Rhinoplasty Before & Afters

Nose Surgery NJ Rhinoplasty in NJ
Nose Job NJ Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Nose Surgery New Jersey

Revision rhinoplasty examples

A 32-year-old patient elsewhere given a rhinoplasty 10 years earlier couldn’t breath well and felt her nasal tip was distorted.

From the frontal view, it appears the nasal bridge is washed out and the tip is pinched and shifted left. Side views show a nasal bridge over resected (cut out) and a tip that is too long. Base views show the crookedness in the mid nose and obstruction to breathing.

In revision rhinoplasty, we built up the bridge to make it smoother, reconstructed the tip cartilages to give them support and remove the pinch, and straightened the mid nose to improve breathing and fix the crooked appearance.

She was extremely pleased with the result and her nose looks great now. The pinch is gone, her nose is visually balanced with a nice bridge and her breathing is great.

Could I benefit from revision rhinoplasty?

Whenever considering a surgery, it is imperative to choose a board certified plastic surgeon that can provide the results you're hoping to achieve.

If you've had a nose job that you believe didn't go the way it should have, please contact our NJ offices to find out if revision nose surgery would benefit you.

Open vs. closed rhinoplasty

These procedures are performed in virtually the same manner, except in an open rhinoplasty a small incision is made between the nostrils to lift up the nasal skin. This technique allows excellent vision of and access to the nasal cartilage, and allows precise maneuvers to be carried out. The incision, carried out with meticulous care, disappears in time. Closed rhinoplasty is carried out when mostly bony work has to be done. Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller perform both open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty and will determine which method is best for you.

Ethnic rhinoplasty for Asian and African-American patients in NJ

Just as rhinoplasty for men and women requires different approaches, so, too, do nose jobs for different ethnic groups. An Asian or African-American rhinoplasty patient will often have a flat nasal bridge. This can be built up to create a more balanced nose, taking the emphasis off the tip.

The tip or the nostrils are often wide in the ethnic patient, and can be sculpted or thinned to improve the shape while keeping the patient’s general ethnic appearance intact.

Rhinoplasty with sinus surgery or septoplasty

Many of our New Jersey rhinoplasty candidates come to us with breathing difficulties or chronic sinus conditions that are no longer responding to medical treatment. A rhinoplasty can easily be done at the same time as sinus surgery to improve the outer appearance of the nose.

Dr. Miller specializes in surgery of both the inside and outside of the nose and performs this combination regularly. Insurance may also cover the surgery. This joint procedure allows you to look better and breathe easier.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

While surgery is the best means of creating long-lasting change in the nose, occasionally a patient may not be ready for an all-out surgery, or may not have settled on their ideal look. In these cases, Radiesse, a long-lasting but temporary dermal filler, can be used to make noticeable improvements in the size, shape and contour of the nose.

A bump can appear to be corrected by carefully injecting Radiesse above and below the bump to give it a smoother profile. Certain asymmetries can also be corrected by injecting the filler in the appropriate area. Radiesse is a simple in-office procedure that takes about 5 minutes and the results typically last 9-12 months.

Nose Job New Jersey

Case 1: Nasal bump with drooping tip

This patient was dissatisfied with the hump and the fact that the tip pointed down. We removed the bump and sculpted the tip so it pointed in a more natural feminine direction

Rhinoplasty in New Jersey

Case 2: Crooked nose

This patient desired a straighter nose and wanted to breathe easier. This was corrected by altering the nasal bones and cartilage. Internally, his breathing was perfect.

Nose Surgery in New Jersey

Case 3: Wide tip

This patient disliked the bulbous tip. We sculpted the cartilage to refine it in a natural way.

Recovery after rhinoplasty

Following surgery, you can expect some mild congestion, but minimal pain. Patients often do not need strong painkillers. At six days, the splint and stitches are removed. No uncomfortable packing is needed. Most patients return to work in one week. For the best rhinoplasty in NJ, avoidance of strenuous activity for two weeks is advised.


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