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If you're like many men, you might value the appearance of a cut, sculpted mid-section. The so-called "six pack" is definitely in fashion right now, and it's natural that you want to look your best with your shirt off.

Sometimes, it's not enough to eat right and exercise and live healthily. Sometimes, doing everything right isn't enough. In these circumstances, abdominal etching from Associates in Plastic Surgery is an excellent option.

Using safe, proven methods, we can sharply define and contour the appearance of your abdominal muscles, providing you with the sculpted mid-section you desire.

How Does Abdominal Etching Work?

SmartLipo® is a variation on the liposuction procedure that uses precision-engineered medical lasers to liquefy fat cells. This makes their eventual removal much easier, reducing trauma to surrounding tissue and the resulting recovery time.

In the abdominal etching procedure, we use SmartLipo® to liquefy and then remove precisely targeted fat cells in the abdominal region. The belly fat is removed in such a way as to sharply define the contours of your underlying abdominal muscles, thus providing you with the six-pack look you desire.

The etching procedure is fairly simple and takes approximately 90 minutes. It's performed under anesthesia, so you'll need to arrange to have a ride home waiting for you after the procedure.

Recovery from Abdominal Etching

The recovery period after abdominal etching is fairly short- most patients are able to return to work with a day or two of the procedure, though this period might be longer if you work a physically demanding job.

You'll wear a velcro compression garment for approximately two weeks after your procedure. This will reduce swelling and bruising, though you can expect some mild swelling for a couple days afterward.

You can expect the full results to materialize about six months after the procedure, though your appearance will be improving throughout your recovery.

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